Sunday, April 23, 2017

"I had a dream once."

 Wherein Jack had a dream

 I don't have nice dreams. Even when I don't have horrible dreams they still aren't pleasant. It's just how things are right now.

 Therefore, when I had a dream which I couldn't get off my mind I kind of rejected it. Nothing good ever seems to come from my dreams, so why go with this new idea which had been planted in my mind.

 It wouldn't go away though, as much as I tried to make it. So, I have since given in and toyed around with the idea, and in the blink of an eye it shaped itself into a new story.

 Yes, I have a brand new story in the works. Complete with title, characters, back stories, everything, all thanks to my dream.

 Am I excited? know....a little. *CoughLOTcough*. 

 Curious yet? Good. Means you gotta come back for details. MAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....HA.

 Okay, I can be nice and at least tell you what the dream, and basic plot, is about. Mind, since it did come from a dream it needs some kinks worked out. 

 In the dream there were two brothers. They were best buddies even though they were different. The older wanted to be a doctor, the younger a soldier. The younger ended up joining the army and before he got sent off the brothers went to a movie. When they were leaving they ran into a man who picked a fight with the younger brother, so the older brother punched him.

 Turns out the man was the younger brother's commanding officer. (Working on details about why he wasn't in uniform and so forth,). 

 The commanding officer holds a grudge against the younger brother and makes his life miserable in boot camp. Then when they are sent to fight he makes sure the younger brother is given dangerous missions, which in the end gets him captured by the enemy.

 Determined to save his brother, the older one joins the army and goes over seas to find him and bring him home.

 And that was the basic dream. Now I am working on research can learn more about that later.


Thursday, April 20, 2017

"And don't worry the Lieutenant!"

Wherein Jack did things

 Things like going to the DMV. Writing emails and letters. Emailing songs to be printed. Read. Write. Put a bed frame together - with a LOT of help. I am even blogging, if you can believe it. All I managed to not do today was clean my cabin, though I cleaned most of it last night when my mattress was finally off my floor.

 Why I was so productive today, you ask? Well, for one the sun was out and I felt happy. I LOVE THE SUN.
 Two, it was nice to have a FLOOR back. Three, I have plans to go Dragon hunting over the weekend and didn't want a list of chores to muddle that up. So now here I am, snuggled in bed, listening to music, and wishing DMV's didn't exist.

 I was so sad I had to go, and that I wasn't able to get everything there done in one go, that I went and got myself chocolate as a reward for my bravery. Now I have to try and get back sometime in the very near future.

 Such is how life works. But I don't mind too much because SUMMER IS COMING!

 And that is kind of all I have. I used all my brain juices being productive today and now I would like to get back to reading and writing. So....FAREWELL


Sunday, April 16, 2017

"Sand. I like sand."

 Wherein Jack had a post but it got deleted.

 Wherein Jack is sleeping on a mattress on the floor because her bed frame broke.

 Wherein Jack has no floor because her house is so small the mattress takes up most of it.

 Wherein it isn't common for sand to be in water pipes.....and Jack is just now learning this and should get it fixed and stop pretending she's a POW.

 Wherein Jack wishes Dog would stop trying to eat Chang.

 Wherein Jack found a spider in her drain board.

 Wherein Jack has broken wind whippers which have become the running joke at work.

 Wherein Jack is going to bed.

 Good night.


Thursday, April 06, 2017

"I just called myself a tiny pipsqueak!"

 Wherein Jack is a tired duck.

 A tired duck with no clothes because I've not been able to do laundry in about a....month. *Whistles innocently.*

 A quick update on life.

 School is over for the summer. YAY!

 The snow has nearly all melted.

 I've finally had time to clean my house and breathe a little.

 I've started writing again, and making good progress in one of my books.


 I got a hamster named Chang who only likes to run at night.

 My roses met an untimely end but my poppy is somehow still hanging on even though it lives in the cold window.

 I ate dinner. (I know, should be a given, but for me lately this is an accomplishment worth bragging about.)

 I found both my glasses AND my wrist brace!

 Tomorrow I am going to do fabulous things since I don't have to work in the morning. Like clean and do my laundry, and get my hip but back into place and buy apples.

 Then Saturday I am going Dragon hunting with John, Clara, and Sammy.

 And that is all I have.

 Well, except for watching Fullmetal Alchemist. But that's another story for another time.

 You can take guesses as to where I got the quote.


Sunday, March 19, 2017

"I just have to pass for a normal bloke."

 Wherein Jack didn't mean to go AWOL.

 I have been really tired and worn out and haven't wanted to post and whine about how tired I have been. So I went AWOL, like the good little soldier I'm not. I've also been trying to work on a review, which is more of a gushing post over a character I love, but meant to sound as a review. I just haven't gotten to it yet thanks to my history essay I have to write for school.

 I will be less busy in two weeks when school ends. I've been ordered to not take classes in the spring like I had planned. Something about taking a break and getting rest, taking care of myself. It sometimes feels as if the whole town has decided I need mothering and has ganged up on me. *Coughcough* I might need a bit of bossing around and orders to take better care of myself....but if that is the case I probably am unlikely to ever admit to it.

 But, my whining presented, I shall now go off and bemoan the fact I left my essay at work and therefore can't work on it. 

 Quote is from Doctor Who


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"After you, lout."

 Wherein Jack has a sprained wrist.

 Because Dog can be a brat sometimes. Thankfully not often.

 Jack also has to do her history so she can't stay long.

 And sometimes she talks in the third person for no reason.

 Jack has also been watching the remake of Voltron, because she is that sort of geek. She can't even blame this one on her baby hedgehog, even though he enjoys it as well.

 That is all. Jack needs to finish her history so she can go to bed. Because she likes bed.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"I say Vol, you say...?" "Vol...tron?"

 Wherein Jack lost her wrist brace but found her glasses.

 Because it's the little things in life which make a difference. Therefore, I have something to be happy about and something to be less happy about....

 I have also been listening to a song on repeat non stop for about three days now. (It's a pretty song, what can I say?)

 What else shall I regale you with? I can't stay long. I need to take a shower. Like you wanted to know that. I also can't stay long because without my brace it is hard to type for long. Maybe I will padlock it to my bed next time.

 Hmmm.....I am so tired I am having trouble coming up with ideas to chatter about. Weeeeeeeeeeeell....I do have one thing I could chatter about but I am not willing to admit to that yet and will be sharing that new bit of information in a review once I finish the series. I have to prepare myself to owning up to what I have done and that takes time.

 For now, have a lovely holiday. Eat some chocolate and listen to this song I keep putting on repeat.