Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"That young man, what's his name?" "Him? Everybody knows him. That's Tintin."

 This can't count as a post. I wouldn't even be posting but my stomach is no longer in a tight knot and I can move around a little.

 I had a great day yesterday, walked in a blizzard, drove through a blizzard, and watched Jeeves and Wooster with my friends. I was completely healthy. Then I got home around eight and my stomach ached. I thought I'd go to bed early and sleep it off, but at midnight I woke up and spent the rest of the night in the bathroom. I'm feeling a little more human now but I'm not about to push it. 

 So this isn't a post. This is just to ask...

 If I was to write a Thanksgiving short story for all of you which book would you like it from? You can pick the Haphazard series, the Blade series, I could do the characters from my Finding the Magic story, or I could do one with the POW boys. (Not Brothers-in-Arms though, because I'm mean and I'm not going to let you know if they get happily ever afters yet.)

 Take your pick!

 You can guess the quote. 


Sunday, November 22, 2015

"Ana, because I love you I insist you run."

 Wherein Jack is here.

 I meant to post on Friday. A lot happened on Friday though. It was fine except for a social event which ended badly and has scared me from further social events with certain people for a while.

 I have good news though! I got the first edits back for Brothers-in-Arms! This calls for my Brothers-in-Arms coffee and my green olives as I dive into the pain of my book.

 Readers, if you doubt my love for you I will throw this book at you. All of you are the only reason I'm still working on it.

 Today I am sharing a song from Enya's newest CD. I listened to this song a lot over the week, it's very pretty and soothing and the video is stunning.

 Quote is Olaf from Frozen, because I felt like using one of his lines.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"It's called blood, genus." "Do I need it?"

 Wherein Jack has a thing.

 Or wait, is it did a thing? I have a friend who speaks Fangirl, so I am learning. Not at any great speed, but I give it my best every so often.

 At this moment I am sitting in a short sleeved dress with one slipper on and a towel over my drying hair. I'm waiting for my tea to boil and debating when would be the best time to make my bed and look for a jacket.

 And I have fun things to share with everyone.

 Fun, fun things which I haven't had a chance to reveal until now because of copyright, but which a friend - the one who speaks fangirl - helped me fix.

 What are those fun things I'm putting off showing you?


 There's only one problem. My computer won't let me upload the file I have and youtube hates the video and has the same issues as my computer. 

 So you will have to click a link to see it. Hopefully it is worth it, and worth the extremely long wait as I kept putting it off while trying to upload it. 

 But here is the link. I hope you enjoy!!! Brothers-in-Arms Book Trailer

 Quote is from Bolt, after he jumps from a moving car and injures himself for the first time in his life.


Sunday, November 15, 2015

"How would it be, if you came and had tea with me?"

 Wherein Jack can share things.

 Things which aren't colds, though those are grand to share. (They have to be, everyone is always sharing them. Even little kids, and we all know how hard it is for two-year-olds to share)

 Before I share....a song in honor of the sharing.

For those who might not remember, I have a little baby hedgehog who forces me to write when I don't feel like it. He has a friend named Clara and another named Sammy who happens to be a moose. And together the three of them go on adventures and eat all the cookies in my house. (They keep life interesting and lively and take up a good deal of my imagination which I don't mind sparing.)

 Every once in a while they will write books. 

 And, after a lot of work and things which happened and hindered publishing over the summer, I am pleased to announce....UNDER THE WILLOW is PUBLISHED!

 The book is a fun little story about a hedgehog and two mice siblings who explore their home and have tons of little adventures. It's meant to be a nice, enjoyable story.

 And it can be found for sale HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be on Kindle in a few days, but for now it is on Createspace.

 So you should check it out, as well as John's blog. Just because. Reality is a Lovely Place (but I wouldn't want to live there.)

 And now...I am going to get to bed. Quote is from Narnia, because talking animals and snow.


Friday, November 13, 2015

"I'm a monk. I sleep on hard floors or inside pianos."

 Wherein Jack shares....SNIPPETS!!!

 These are all from my current NaNo book, Second POW Camp to the Right.


 People are less likely to shoot at you if you smile at them
~Mad Jack Churchill

 “POW camp?” he asked.
POW camp,” Halliday repeated. He smiled as if he'd just given Tommy an early Christmas gift.
POW camp,” Tommy murmured even though it made him sound like a broken record

 “Not everyone in German is a Nazi,” he said. He kept his voice mild, dull.
And not everyone from America brags about their home state,” Haines said.
Rudy remembered why he didn't like conversations.

 “What kind of welcome is this?” he asked. “Parker, you're still in bed!”
It's cold out there!” the Canadian whined.
The major groaned. “Good thing you're in here and not on the front lines. We stand a better chance of winning.”

 “And the German? Why did you call him Hook?” he asked.
Harnish smiled. “Because Rudy Fritz is on our side.”
Of course the German guard would be with the allies. Tommy didn't know why he hadn't caught on earlier. It made perfect sense. In the world where a man named Harnish got put in command of a top secret mission in a POW camp the guards were probably all working for the allies.
Jerry Miller laughed. “If it makes you feel any better we have a Jew hidden in the tunnels.”

 “I'm the funniest person I know,” Asher said.

 “Good heavens!” Asher gasped. “We can't have that! He might develop a sense of humor and goodness knows you can't have another one of those people around camp.”
This is why people try and invade your countries,” Rudy grumbled.

 “It's Asher. They look almost identical when Asher wears Parker's uniform. But if you stare like that someone will catch on.”
The Jew. The Jew had left his tunnel to dress as an Air Force pilot. He strode through camp with his head held high, as if he'd always been there – was meant to be there. He even walked like Zack. And suddenly Tommy wondered if they had a lookalike for him somewhere underground.

 “I'm afraid you're a little slow. I've already accepted a marriage proposal.”
Who is he?” Zack had asked when she'd told him.
I can't tell you his name,” she'd said, “it might put him in danger.”
Well, what's he like? Fat, lazy, has a bright red nose?” Zack didn't make it his life's goal to go around and insult husbands-to-be but when they had proposed to someone as adorable as Penelope he didn't have as many issues with it.
He's handsome and sweet,” Penelope said with a laugh.
Sounds like a fop. I bet he isn't even Canadian.”
No, he isn't, but I like him anyways.” And then Penelope had kissed Zack's cheek for his efforts and he'd spent the rest of the week floating on a cloud.

 “Close one, eh?” he said loudly. “Almost lost my blinking hat, mate!”
Rudy saw his life and Asher's life pass in front of his eyes. Since he didn't know anything about Asher's early life he shocked himself by seeing an image of baby Asher setting fire to a neighbor's barn while laughing like a mad man. For some reason the vision seemed completely logical.
That's not how Parker speaks!” Rudy hissed when he came up next to Asher

I don't fraternize, Rudy thought to himself, I only play cards with them on Saturday nights.

 “Oh! You mean Max!” Harnish slapped his forehead. “You know what, that kid is so quiet I sometimes forget him.”
Well, where is he? Or did he quietly vanish into thin air?”

 “You know that bed bug saying?” Zack asked. He stood up and peered at his mattress. “I think they might actually be in here. I can see the blanket moving.”

 “What did you do?” Tommy asked as he took the wallet and flipped through it. His jaw dropped when he saw the identification card. “This is Himmler's!”
He brushed past me on the way out. I didn't have a knife so I thought I'd nip his wallet.”
Tommy stared, and then stuffed the wallet back in Zack's pockets before anyone could see.
You stole Himmler's wallet!”
Right from under his Hitler want to be mustache.”

 “Did you have nightmares about the big, bad SS soldier in the tunnel?” he asked.
Don't talk to me,” Tommy grumbled.

 “We be first POWs with POW.”


 There you go. I now have to go and write some. Quote is from Vango, from his monk friend whom I loved.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"I'm sorry to bother you, I'm looking for somebody." The man held out a spade.

 Wherein Jack is done with the week.

 Or as my friend puts it, "Why is this week a thing?"

 It started early, so it isn't as if I hit Monday and decided I couldn't take anymore of the week. The doneness of this week started on Saturday, so I thought it would only last for the end of last week, since Saturday is the end of the week. But instead, Saturday lumped into the new week and I'm ready for it all to be over with.

 I can't even put into so many words why I'm done with the week. It might be the fact my boots leak, so I've had cold feet all week because - me being me - I've decided to go for walks in the melting snow.

 It might be that with job applications I've gotten behind on NaNo. It might be because I still have trouble writing sometimes.

 It might be from the HTML job I've been working so hard at getting. It isn't exactly an HTML job, but to prove I want the job I have to work with that. Throw HTML codes at someone with dyslexia and watch them start to twitch. I'm sure it's amusing. If I didn't need the job I'd have given up on the stupid code already. The actual job will be fun, I'm just ready to shove the cold outside and watch it freeze.

 Then, because if this are going to go bad things go bad all at once because why not? My car decided it has had enough with life and is slowly giving up the ghost. Why? Don't ask me. I'm fond of my car. I treat it well. I take it to the doctor. I take it on adventures. It might not be flashy or impressive, but it's been dependable since I bought it and I've never held anything against it for being a typical looking car because I know what it's like deep down.
 And now it is dying. It makes me sad. I might have to get a new car and I hate the idea. I got so desperate today I almost drove it to a mechanic, parked it, and begged them to save it's life.

 Not sure what else to say. I should be writing. I need to get my count for today. But I'm tired and can't concentrate even though Tommy, Rudy, and Zack amuse me and are fun to write with. IN FACT! I think I will share snippets on Friday to make up for this post. So there, how is that? Brilliant. Yes, I know. 

 Do I have anything else to tell you dear little peoples? Noooooooooope. Why? Because lately Jack's life has been dull and insane and filled with applications and all that boring stuff. Applications are a form of torture, trust me. I just need someone to take pity on me and hire me. They need to take one look at me, decide I am a fabulous Overlord, and let me sweep floors for them. Or run the government of their small town. I'm good with either. 

 I'll be good and go now. I'll spend some time with Tommy and see if between us we can get 1667 words. 

 Don't be too shocked, but quote is from Vango. When Vango goes to a grave site to try and find the headstone of a girl who died...and the grounds keeper gives him a shovel.

 Come back Friday for snippets, your Overlord commands it.


Sunday, November 08, 2015

"If you can't sleep, my name's Vango." And if I can sleep, will he still be called Vango?

Wherein Jack is speechless

 I really have no idea what to talk about today.

 I do have some exciting news!!! I got cover drafts for Brothers-in-Arms!!! These are just, outlines I guess you could call them. Ideas of what layouts could look like. I have to pick my favourite of the four and then let my publisher know so they can start work on it. So.....EXCITING! One step closer to it being published!!!

 I'm still having trouble accepting the fact I'm actually getting a book published by a PUBLISHER! It still doesn't feel as real as it probably should by this point.

 Other than that I really don't have much to say. I'm even short on song ideas. Unless you'd like a Brothers-in-Arms one? Of course you would. Right? Okay, here you go.

 I think it's meant to be about a girl, but it just fits my book. So I have it on the playlist.

 Another Vango quote. Get used to them, I still have a few to go.