Sunday, November 18, 2018

"Do you still have that ring?"

 Wherein Jack is taking part in a running game because she was yelled at and smacked.

 Also known as I've been tagged.

 YOU'RE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *SMACKS!* Pass it on.

 If you were just smacked by me you have to do the tag as well. MAWHAHAHAHAHAHA

 Here we go!

 1. What first sparked the idea for this novel?

 My novel which now as a title and a series in the works?! THAT novel?! (Sorry, I am hyper today.) Yes, yes that novel.

 Well, it came about because I was reading a book which, while I enjoyed, was more of a conspiracy theory book. Now, I don't know how true this is, but it claimed Utah is the most haunted state in the US. (I'm not saying anyone has to be believe in hauntings, or anything like that, just sharing information.)

 That got me thinking, that and my new found interest for old fashioned ghost stories. Not the, let's scare you so bad you can't sleep. More of the Woman in Black kind - the book. I wanted to attempt to write one.
 Then I met Gilbert Baker, this sad little potato who I fell in love with right away. And, TADA!, I had a story.

 2. Share a Blurb

 I stink at these. So I won't be sharing the one on my NaNo site. I keep hoping if I write them over and over I will get one I actually like.

 Gilbert Baker has escaped his old life and plans to never look back. He has fled a childhood full of pain, suffering, and his most shameful memory. Starting a new life, he feels as if he has finally escaped and can begin things new. That is until the evening his past breaks into his apartment in the form of his little sister, Ava.

 Ava comes baring a message from their uncle. Gil is black mailed into returning home of those he is closest to will be harmed. Knowing his uncle is capable of carrying out his threat, Gil returns to the farm in Utah where more than his past and his uncle wait for him.

 Ian Baker is haunted and wants to finally be rid of the ghosts in his home. He calls in specialists only to learn they will need more help to free him from the ghosts - a specialist Ian doesn't want to set foot in his home.

 And yet there is more going on than seems on the surface. Gil's childhood has returned in ways he never expected and he's starting to wonder if he underestimated his bitter, younger sister. Now it is his time to face his demons and save his family.

 3. Where does the story take place? What are some of your favorite aspects about the setting?

 It is set in the frozen farm lands of Utah, a little farming community where everyone knows everyone but also mind their own business.

 I didn't think I'd like this setting but it is perfect for a ghost story. Cold, gray, and rather dim. It's been fun to create a world where part of the area is lifeless and another part is full of life and hope.

 4. Tell us about your protagonist.

 Gilbert Baker is 21. He is short and shy and a sad potato. He frightens easily so you can imagine the effect this setting has on him. 

 Though not brave on all outward appearance, he's' even been known to faint on occasion, Gil has a hidden courage which has kept him going his whole life. He has a devotion to God and a love for his family and friends. And when it comes down to it, he will do anything to protect them.

 5. Who (or what) is the antagonist?

 Ian Baker, Gil and Ava's uncle. I know this is unprofessional and not the best author way to describe him but it is how I feel about him, He's a major jerkface!

 6. What excites you most about this novel?

 Writing a character who is not necessarily the bravest. I feel Gil is more real on how most would act in his situation. Also the story has a darker theme - not in the sense that there's no hope - but just grimmer. It deals more with human emotions and I'm having fun with it.

 7. Is this going to be a series? Standalone? Something else?

 At first I thought it was going to be a standalone, but Mena showed up and turned it into a series. Each book will be from another characters view point. (So for example, this one is from Gil's, the next will be from one of the other characters.) I even have titles for all the upcoming books!

 8. Are you plotting? Pantsing? Plansting?

 As always, I am flying by the seat of my pants. Why plot when the characters are going to change it?

 9. Name a few things that make this story unique.

 The characters. Mostly, as with all my books, it is the characters. My plots aren't all that original I don't think. But my characters have a life of their own.

 10. Share a fun “extra” of the story (a song or full playlist, some aesthetics, a collage, a Pinterest board, a map you’ve made, a special theme you’re going to incorporate, ANYTHING you want to share!). 

Shockingly, I don't have my usual playlist and pintrest board set up yet. *GASP* 


Friday, November 16, 2018

"Don't freeze." "I never freeze."

Wherein Jack has grand and glorious giveaways planned.

I finally have everything picked out which will be in my Christmas themed, Beauty and the Beast giveaway coming December. I need to figure out how to hold it now. Also maybe set up a blog tour for Finding the Magic.

I've been busy trying to come up with new ideas for posts, as well as having plans to catch up on my book reviews. Neither has come together with a surge of inspiration but I'm making better progress than I have in a while.

Marketing has been pretty much non existent for me for a while now and I want to fix that. I've never been good at coming up with marketing plans. I blog and beg for reviews and that's been the most of it. Part of me is scared to market because that requires self promotion and I'm one of those with low self esteem which makes pointing out anything I've done hard.

Not to say I'm not happy with the work I've put into my books. I often, another terrible habit, compare myself to others. Thinking I need to be an author like so and so or I'll never be good. Then when friends do the same to themselves I scold.

Like most I have different expectations for myself and different ones for friends. So while I scold said friends I don't take the time to scold myself for doing the same thing.

I might not become famous through my writing. Win any awards. Get movies made after my books. Any of that. I might always have my few faithful readers and I'm completely okay with that. I write for you guys and because I enjoy it. But that doesn't change the fact that as an author I should also market my books and stop fearing the thoughts of other people.

I have been using Instagram more as a promotion platform and I've found it a lot of fun to do so. It's fun to bombard my friends feeds with an assortment of random pictures and my favorite books.

I hope to continue down this marketing road, which therefore means all of you will be seeing me more often of all goes as planned.

Until then...bye

Thursday, November 15, 2018

"You deserve this. You're a bad guy. Bye Mr. Criminal."

Wherein Jacks content of her almost completed post was just deleted.

Also known as why she doesn't like to write posts on her persnickety phone.

Let me explain. No, it'll take to long. Let me sum up.

I'm hosting a very Christmasy giveaway in December!! I'll be sharing details soon once I've ironed out some solid ideas. All I know right now is that it has to be Christmas themed.

I at last have a title for my almost completed NaNo book! I will be turning said book into a series and using cryptic nursery rhymes, the first being Four and Twenty Blackbirds. If you don't think it creepy enough for an old fashioned ghost story go look up the original rhyme.
My NaNo book this year is, indeed, a ghost story. I don't typically do books on the thriller side but I've had this idea for over a year and finally had a cast of characters and a subplot for it. And have I been enjoying writing it. The main theme is still a ghost story but it's also become more of a sibling, family story with a hint of what I think are cute romances. Mostly because one of the couples are awkwardly adorable. In future posts I will be talking more about this book, characters, where the ideas came from, and series.

Lastly is the book I submitted to my publisher. Its been a super secret project which needs to now be announced. I will be holding a title reveal things month and would love for help spreading the word. If you're interested in joining in comment below and I'll send out at email this weekend.

That is about all the news I have writing related. I'll be using marvel quotes for the next few posts in honor of Stan Lee.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

"I'm not a girl I'm a boy! I mean a man!"

 Wherein Jack just can't keep her pens.

 They just up and vanish all the time. It's the trolls. They exist! They steal your pens, but only the left ones, what's with that?

 Today I have the honor to write a review for a wonderful site which was shown to me. The site is Literary Book Gifts and offers a number of wonders tee shirts and book bags. 

 She has used classic book designs to make the prints on the shirts and bags. Maybe it's just because I live in a hobbit hole but it seems hard to find book bags about these days. Could just be I don't know where to look. Not that I don't own one, thanks to the best adopted big brother ever. I have come to rely heavily on it and go few places without it. I don't know how I made it so long without one. Basically this site has the best combination for book nerds. Also has great gift ideas. 

 I was given a code all my blog readers can use to get 20 percent off purchases. It is howeverimprobable20. 

 Go check it out. It's a fun site to look around! 


Monday, November 12, 2018

"I have one better, why is Gamora?"

 Wherein Jack has two big posts coming this week. 

 I'd do them today but I'm having trouble keeping my eyes opened and I want to do them right. 

 This is just a shirt post. I'm back on the hunt for beta readers for my next historical fiction novel. If youre interested let me know and I'll email details.


Thursday, November 08, 2018

"Don't worry, Batty didn't drown."

 Wherein Jack didn't see the title coming, then it suddenly hit her.

 Just kidding, it still hasn't hit me yet.

 I had a request for a summary of my NaNo book. So. You asked for it. (And if you want to meet the characters I've been posting introductions on Instagram. If you don't follow me there, can't find me, or don't have one and would like to meet them here let me know and I will post on here too.)

 Gilbert Baker has run far from his past and started life over. He has tucked himself away in the last place his old life should have been able to find him, but then one Christmas Eve it sneaks into his apartment in the form of his little sister Ava. Ava brings a message from their uncle, one Gil can't ignore.

 Unable to fight the blackmail, Gil returns to his childhood home along to face a lifetime of painful memories and abuse. Everything he's come to fear awaits him, along with the stories of ghosts and a haunted farm house. Gil has no choice but to face his demons, and pray he can win against the monsters which have stalked him for so long.


 This and the last two quotes have been from the Penderwick books, which I've been rereading, which is why I've been using them so much 8-D


Wednesday, November 07, 2018

"Is it Batty's Bug-Man?"

 Wherein Jack and the DMV don't see eye to eye.

 And it's not just because I'm so short I have to stand on tip toes to see over the counters.

 I just want my plates.

 Besides that I've been busy with NaNo. I. Am. WRITING. Really writing again. And it feels wonderful.

 If anyone is interested I would be willing to share some of my NaNo story, which doesn't have a title yet. That is weird for me, I always title my books before I begin to write. But it will come to me, I hope.

 Anyway, I am off. Writing calls.