Sunday, July 16, 2017

"Look, stairs!"

 I may not have a chance to post this week, just a heads up.

 I have a bad cough so don't feel like posting anything else. All my wit, what little I have, has been coughed up.



Friday, July 14, 2017

"Wohoo! Who's up for round two!....oh, tell the kid to be more careful."

 Wherein Jack did a thing

 Several things let's not do that. Because if I start with a first I will have to do a second and third and usually I get off track before I reach second.

 I don't know where to begin. 

 Writing is picking up. I am working on several projects at the moment, just having trouble starting an editing project. I want to polish up So Much Owed and send it off to my publisher, but I have this block in front of me. A fear, or....naw, it's a fear. I really admire the Tuskegee Airmen and fear I am ruining my story of them. 

 To keep myself motivated, and challenged, I am writing with different methods. I am writing today's Title Reveal entirely on my typewriter. Another new project will, for the most part, be written with quill and ink. And a third project will be written the un-creative way, on my computer.

 Okay, now that I got your attention to listen to that update of sorts.....ARE YOU READY?



 POP....oh wait, wrong readiness.

 Here, I shall be nice.

 Blurb:  Growing up they never played Cowboys and Indians but Soldiers and Doctors.

 Hunter and Colt West grew up in the back hills of the Ozarks, hearing stories of a war far away in a place called Vietnam. Though different from each other, the brothers are as close as brothers can get and spend all their time together.

 Hunter works to become a doctor while Dean spends his days dreaming of the day he can join the army like his dad and uncle did. Colt's only fear, that the war will be over by the time he is old enough to join. It comes as no surprise to Hunter that on Colt's 18th birthday he signs up to fight in Vietnam.

 Though they've never been apart, the brothers prepare for an overseas separation. During their farewell things go terribly wrong and Hunter's rash actions make Colt an enemy of his commanding officer. When Colt makes it to basic the officer makes his life a living nightmare, a nightmare which follows him all the way to Vietnam and the nightmare which is called the war there.

 Skilled as a sniper, Colt's missions are already dangerous. But when his officer seeks revenge Colt is taken prisoner, where chances of survival are slim.

 Back home, when Hunter learns of his brother's capture there is only one option for him. Leaving behind his own little office, he joins the army as a medic and ships overseas with one mission in mind. To find his little brother and bring him home alive.


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"You'll have to let me go on being an idiot a little while longer."

 Meet the wildlife...also known as Jack lives IN a farm

 Dog: Dog is my dearest pet, don't tell the others. She shares my secret identity and adventures. She is my constant companion. She goes on hikes with me and would even go to work with me were it allowed. Sadly, it is not.

 Chang: The hamster. Named after Tintin's best friend, he is fat and nocturnal, but like his namesake is very sweet...except when he feels the need to randomly nybble my fingers.

 Basla: A beta fish. Small, ladylike, but as far as fish go with a good sense of exploration. She was named after a book/ anime character. a lady warrior who is also very sweet and caring.

 Winry: Last on my list is the bird. The bird everyone cringed at me getting. She also takes after her namesake - Winry Rockwell from Fullmetal. She loves to be loud and make everyone know she is around. She loves to sing, but only with the Piano Guys and Lindsey Stirling. She's not all that fond of Owl City, something we are working on.

 Sadly, the kitten Nat is no longer a part of the wildlife as I wasn't allowed to keep her. Hence the smaller pets who live in cages. I would add a snake to this farm but SOMEONE forbade me from getting one.

 The End. 

 Quote is from Pandora Hearts


Monday, July 10, 2017

Wednesday, July 05, 2017


 Because the Forth was yesterday.

 Also, I am working on setting up a newsletter! Once I can figure out how it works I will pass on more information about it.

 Quote is from Despicable Me.


Saturday, July 01, 2017

"You should know this is the strangest thing I've ever done!"

 Wherein Jack does weird things

 She blogs in the third person sometimes

 She doesn't step on cracks as much as possible, you can guess why

 When she goes barefoot she walks toe to heel, not heel to toe so she can walk like the Indians did.

 She eats cold beans from the can 

 She sometimes whines like a toddler

 She randomly salutes people

 She was once known for sardines

 When she is stressed she buys pets

 She names her pets after book and anime characters

 She's been ordered not to get anymore pets

 She laughs at her own jokes because no one else will

 She kills plants, not on purpose

 And lastly, she loves her bed.

 If you don't know where the quote is from I disown you.


Monday, June 19, 2017

"He's a friend from work!"

 Wherein it is summer


 Tonight I am going to the lake with my adopted sisters. So before then I am trying to post and take care of my wildlife and study.

 Since I am trying to get back into everything I will do a Music Monday song for you. 

 Quote is from Thor, the movie that isn't out yet.