Thursday, December 13, 2018

"Don't call me ma'am." "Ma'am."

Wherein the spiders need to stop.

Another took up residence in my shower. Time to vacuum him up too.

Yesterday morning I discovered the rewrite of Haphazard I'd started so reread the whole thing so I can work on it along with the Blade books. I think my 2019 goals will be to finish the rough drafts of these two series. I miss Peter so much.

For those who don't know, Haphazard is my steampunk series I self published before I knew what I was doing. My plan is to rewrite them and submit them to my publisher with an editor.

The series is set in an alternate world where Italy has planning on conquring the world. They are one of the leading countries in New inventions and want to take England which is kind of like the head country at the time.

Into this world I've thrown my cast of characters. Peter Jones the pilot who is mixed up with Air Pirates after his commander tried to kill him.

Isidore Thaddeus Reichmann, the famous German detective who is trying to run away from his grief.

Singur, the genus inventor who has been betrayed to the point he hides his real name and doesn't know who he can trust.

There are others as well. Darcy Steed, Nellie OMalley. Shamus Steed. Hogan. Kirk. To name a few.

I adore these books. They're very dear to me and I fell in love with the characters so fast. They will always hold a special place in my heart.

I think I might start character introductions for them and the Blade Boys since I have new readers who don't yet know them.


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

"I don't think you would accept my help since I'm only waiting up here to kill you."

 In which it has returned

 I shared the story a long while back about the cricket. Let me summarize for those who don't remember or weren't here.

 Briefly, I was babysitting a frog and when I went to feed it one of the biggest crickets got out and disappeared into my house. It started screeching the night my best friend spent the night so we tore the house apart and chased it down with my fencing swords and I think we scared it to death.

 All was silent until she came over another night, and we heard it again. The ghost of the cricket.

 I've kind of forgotten about this story and the cricket and the creepy frog I left behind at my old job. But that was until the last couple nights when I've heard a mellow cricket chirping in my bedroom wall.

 I think the ghost cricket is back. And has followed me to my new place.

 I wonder what a ghost cricket does for revenge? Other than sing me to sleep from the wall....

 I also have a fear my wreath blew off in the storm which is blowing in. I am afraid to go check. It would be sad if it has tumbled off to Kansas or Oz or somewhere without me.

 I also finished my bread baking yesterday. The big loaf doubled in the oven and is the biggest loaf I've ever had come out of my kitchen. I will have to take a picture on Instagram for proof.

 That's all. If anyone knows how to get rid of ghost crickets whom are after revenge after they've been killed let me know.


Tuesday, December 11, 2018

"Ah, she's tuckered out, little ankle bitter."

 In which Jack plans to bake bread and other mishaps.

 Because when food and I are involved it always turns into a mishap.

 I am behind on The Broken Blade, but I haven't been writing every day. I am still writing, it is just when I come home from work now I spend time finishing up the one or two gifts I have left to finish. So I plan to finish The Broken Blade in January instead. ALSO I am going to begin and finish the rewrite of Haphazard! So excited for that one.

 Today after work I hope to make some bread and drop by the library. I don't really like the library in my new home. It is loud and bright and too white. So I mostly just swing in and pick up the book I want and leave. I browse my old library when I feel like visiting a snug and safe library.

 I got rather behind on my reading list as well. I got side tracked with the creepy anime, Another, and finishing the final Ghost Hunt manga. I really wish that whole series was translated into English. I have this dream of one day learning Japanese so I can always have my hands on good stories, but with my dyslexia that dream is going to be a long time coming and I'm impatient. I want good stories NOW.

 If you haven't gathered from my quotes, I am in the mood to watch Rise of the Guardians again. And read the final book. I. Want. That. Book so much!!!!

 That's all. Dog is telling me I should go and take her on a walk in`the cold and dark. Or feed her. Or pet her. Or all of the above all at once.


Monday, December 10, 2018

"Snow day!"

Wherein Jack sometimes doesn't make her bed

Usually it's my first morning chore. Wake up and make the bed. Tidy up while drinking coffee and head to work. Not that I'm ocd by any means. I just like a tidy place which is easy to accomplish since I live alone and Dog isn't messy.

But some mornings I turn off my alarm and snuggle under the blankets for a few minutes of dozing. Why? Because it's SOOOOOOOOOO warm. And Dog lays on my feet and I wouldn't want Dog to feel I don't love her.

That was this morning. So I'll do my chores when I'm home from work. Post about the giveaway. Hide under a blanket and read. The usual things I do to pass an evening. (Watch a creepy anime before it gets too dark out.)

Said creepy anime is creeeeeepy. Another old fashioned type ghost story. Just slightly creepier than Lockwood.

Anyway. I have no point to this post. Except maybe to remind the world to be wary of elevators. Had another dream about one deflating. Don't trust those things. You never know when one will fail and the door will come off and shoot down the hall.

And that's all I have for you. Happy Monday

Saturday, December 08, 2018

"Buckle up. Funny."

Wherein Jack has the chills.

So I'm murdering them with tea.

Besides the chills it's been a pleasant weekend. At least today. I finished up all but two gifts and wrapped all but said to. Can't wrap them if they're not done. I also took an extremely long nap because I've not felt well.

It's been foggy here for the past three days. I. Miss. The. Sun. It would be nicer if the fog was thicker and I could go stalking in it.

I got all my shopping done yesterday. And when I say all I mean all. I was out of everything. So o bought a store worth of food and household supplies. Being an adult, I realized, is like playing house. Have I accepted being an adult yet, pssh no. But it is fun playing house.

I went to a tree lot for my Christmas tree. Sadly they cost a small fortune there. Instead I settled for a darling fake one. It's very small but it's grown on me and when I get a real one next year for the living room I'll keep this bitty one for my bedroom.

I really have little of excitement to share tonight. I mean other than buying the store and the weirdest looks I got. As If everyone who saw me knew I lived alone and thought I had too much food. I like to stock up though so I only have to shop every other week. Unless my milk turns into a science experiment but then I just nip down to the little store a block from home.

The giveaway ends next week!! Leave a comment for a chance to win! 

Farewell dear readers

Friday, December 07, 2018

"Am I right, Sandy?"

 Wherein Jack is excited.

 I don't really get excited for shopping, unless it is going to Bucky and Donna's. But today, after work, I get to go buy my tree. I also get to pick up some Christmas gifts, coming home and decorate, and spend all afternoon baking bread, listening to Christmas music, and finishing up the last little gifts I am making. I cannot wait to be off work!

 Today I am also sharing a title from a book I usually only talk about on another blog I have set up. This book has been the hardest for me to write, and one I've not wanted to talk of more than I had to. But I feel called to share it so I submitted it to my publisher and am now waiting to hear back from them. I am also editing it and seeking out reviews, so if you are interested let me know.

 Some of you know about the book as you follow me on my other blog, You also know some of my past story. You can find more information on there, but it is time I stop hiding I think. I wrote this book to help me heal, and in the hopes that those who read it might find healing as well.

 So, here I go. Here is the summary followed by the title.

 Adam Clark has just returned from the war in Iraq. He has come home to a family which has rejected him and wants nothing to do with him. He feels all he has left is the house his grandpa left him and the God he put his trust in. Dealing with PTSD because of what he experienced in the war, Adam sometimes wonders how he will get through each day.

 India Lee struggles with PTSD for different reasons. Suffering trauma from her past, India is often scared to leave her house. Depressed and lonely, her only companion is her older brother Jared and her only occupation her little flower garden. She doesn't trust her new neighbor anymore than she trusts anyone.

Then comes the day when Adam steps outside his own shell to help India. A small act of kindness changes their lives and sets them on a path which could bring them healing if only they are willing to open up and face their broken pasts and their present pain. Their battles are long and frightening, but both believe God can bring them through the darkness until they see the light face to face.


 Again, let me know if you are interested in getting an early copy in exchange for a review on Goodreads and wherever else you would like to share. I will be putting the book on Goodreads today, before or after work, depending on when I get the time.

 Have a lovely day all of you! And thank you for being my readers!


Thursday, December 06, 2018

"I feel my belly."

Wherein Jack could do with going back to bed.

Usually I'm fine but today would be a lovely day to not go into work. Oh well. Afterward I get to visit friends and tomorrow I get paid which means I get to buy my tree!!

For now...well I'm slowly getting work done on The Broken Blade. I remember now why I always took December off writing. Most of my day after work is spent doing Christmas things. So I might not get this book done end of December. But I'm still writing so that's a good thing.

That and the fact I feel no stress over the coming holiday. I have one more gift to make but I have never seen the point in stressing over Christmas. It takes all the joy from it. And there is a lot of joy involved at least for me. Christmas is my favorite holiday after all. I can't help it. I love the meaning behind it, the lights and warmth, and the fact it feels so magical.

This year I'm doing extra preparations. I've been celebrating advent and even have a little advent devotional I'm going though. It's a reminder even more of keeping my focus on Jesus and His birth.

Now it's your turn. What's your favorite holiday and why?