Friday, August 17, 2018

"I have a lot ot loose. Just saying."

 Wherein Jack forgets how to spell her real name

 Ha, did you think I was about to reveal my real name? Got ya.

 I need to get some stuff done around the flat but for now I am sprawled out, listening to painful music, hoping against hope the rumor in Voltron is just the writers being twerps.

 Oh yeah, dinner should have been mentioned somewhere in that line. *Ponders what to eat now that the tomatoes are gone.* WHY ARE THE TOMATOES GONE?!

 Life has continued to go on in spite of changes. I am slowly getting back into the swing of writing and have written more this last month than all last year. I am going to do more marketing too, and by that I mean actual marketing, not just posting my randomness on Instagram and Facebook. Somewhere in the midst of all that I hope to squeeze in Voltron, if I can get my Netflix to work.

 Most of the changes, probably all but I don't like all of them, have been good for me. The rest which I don't think have been good for me have most likely been good for me in the, "I hate adulting," sort of way.

 I'm trying to be the best sport I can be about everything which has happened, but sometimes it is hard and I sulk for a good while and bake bread.

 But mostly I am being a good sport.



Wednesday, August 08, 2018


 Wherein Jack is pleased

 Don't get me wrong, I love the cover for Brothers-in-Arms. I think it is simple and captures the idea of the book so well.

 Which is one reason I love the cover for Finding the Magic so much, and am so eager to show you all! It fits the book perfectly and I LOVE it. This cover is just so pretty and I am still in awe that my publisher made it for me.

 So here you go! The brand new, shinny cover for Finding the Magic!!


Monday, August 06, 2018

"You're my brother!"

 Wherein Jack can't screen shot....AT ALL.

 COVER REVEAL COMING WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I can get the cover to my fabulous minions. 

 This is a short post. I have to go figure out screen shooting.

 Not gonna tell you what the quote is from. SPOILERS.


Saturday, August 04, 2018

"James Bond is hititng on Lucy and she's digging it."

 Wherein Jack is writing again.

 War stories, because that is what Jack does. Do we know why, no, no we don't.

 She is also watching the new Voltron, because SOMEONE JUST DID SOMETHING REALLY RUDE!

 She is also reading more. She plans to get caught up and finish all the many books she started and got distracted on because she has so many shiny new books. Her house might be spilling over with books. Not that she cares enough to stop buying books. Dog might mind but we do not ask her.

 Lifes changes have settled down finally and now she can write in earnest, read, and eat ice cream. All the important things in life. Especially ice cream. 

 And maybe a shower should be somewhere in that list. Because showers after cleaning all morning is kinda a good idea.

 That is all. The ice cream calls.


Saturday, July 28, 2018

"He looks funny. People throw rocks at him."

 In which Jack has returned.

 And I come bearing exciting news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE THE COVER FOR FINDING THE MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it is so pretty! I can't wait to share it with all of you.

 And, naturally, I will be holding a cover reveal. So if anyone is interested in joining in please let me know. 


Monday, July 16, 2018

"You're embarassing me in front of wizards."

 The AWOL Jack

 Wherein changes sometimes stink

 Mostly this time because they've left me no time to edit or blog.

 Okay, correction, I have time for both but I have no internet. I am borrowing it tonight.

 And it is late and I have a ton going on so I am keeping this short.

 I will not be posting, unless something changes, through the rest of July. Way too much I have to get done, including editing Finding the Magic for the publishers. 

 But I SHALL RETURN!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, June 25, 2018

"I didn't realize you are..." "What? Tall? Handsome?" "Blind."

 In which Jack forgot the milk for her cereal so is blogging. 

 Yesterday I pulled out my typewriter and did some work on my newest war story. I am doing lots of research for it as it is on a war I know next to nothing about. (That's your hint.)

 Besides that, this week begins my edits for Finding the Magic. Once these edits are done it goes back to my publisher for formatting and cover. Exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Other than all of that exciting news there have been new changes for me, which I think I will keep in the dark for the time being because I am Jack and I do things like that. I've also been enjoying summer. It isn't the best time to write for me, as I tend to be outside with Dog and any sister I can drag out on adventures with me. 

 But these new changes, while scary, should give me more time to blog and write so that is exciting.

 And now I should find something for breakfast and get ready for work.