Saturday, November 11, 2017

"We'll always be friends, right?"

 Wherein Jack is NaNoing.

 Also I'm thinking of updating this website with a new background. Thoughts?

 I got into a fight with an avocado. I wanted to eat it and it was hard. I lost the fight and now have a deep cut on my finger.


 Dog hates NaNo, I think Winry does too. 

 My tea supply is running low again.

 My chocolate is gone and it is only day 11.

 I was behind but yesterday wrote 3000 words and caught up.

 This is my first NaNo not writing more than 50,000.

 This is also going to be a more serious book.

 That's all I have for now. I shall leave you and get back to writing.


Friday, November 03, 2017

"They're trying to kill you and you're apologizing for living!"

 Wherein Jack is NaNoing.

 Since writing has been so hard for me lately, it seemed important to try and do NaNo this month in spite of my school woes. Therefore, I am slowly plugging away, and while it is only day three, I have been able to keep up on my word count.

 It hasn't been easy to get back into writing. I have written off and on, as everyone knows, and have tried to keep up on editing, but to sit down and finish a book. I've not done that in a while. Not since Brothers-in-Arms. 

 I feel a little overwhelmed at the idea of finishing a novel in a month, even though it used to be a common thing with me. But if all goes well I plan to keep up on my 50,000 words a month and finish my other novels. 

 But for now I am going to take writing one day at a time. And I will see where this new/ not so new/ story takes me.


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

"And this growth on my neck is Cornwall."

 Wherein Jack has lots to do

 One of which includes editing for Finding the Magic. Which means she is also impatient yet again to start on the book and the cover.

  I've also been busy sewing, and cleaning. And all the wildlife needs clean cages and they are not going to let me forget it until they have them. Then there is shopping which must be done.

 But since I am feeling better none of this is too difficult. Just trying to find time for editing though. Which I probably can't get to today since I also have to bake cookies. Which will hopefully turn out and look like pumpkins. *Muffled laughter in the background*

 Indian Summer is here at last and I am now well enough to enjoy it, which is even better. Though the hint of winter we had made me excited and ready for I guess there is just no making me happy.

 I have been working on my newsletter. I know, most people would have it done by now, but between work and school and the fact I am not tech savvy I've had trouble with it. A friend recently helped me find a site where I should be able to set up the newsletter. Soon I hope to have a sample ready to be sent out. In fact I plan to work on it tonight if I am able to get all my emails and letters and homework finished.

 Which I should go and start on.

 Quote is from Quest for Camelot, because I like that movie. 


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

"I didn't realize you were..." "What? Tall? Handsome?"

Long time no post.

Wherein Jack has been a bad blogger.

Why, you might ask? She has no good reason. Except school, which she hates this semester.

And I mean HATES. Never has she hated a class the way she's hated this one. Her teacher is great, but the other students, not so much. And the class in general stinks. She dreads it. Every moment of it. It's not at all fun and she can't wait until it is over.

BUT in other news, a teacher is rumored to have bought her book! This could mean good and amazing things for Franz and Japhet.

Also she is back to talking in the third person. Why? Even she doesn't know.

She spent this weekend bed ridden, doctor's orders, because she had bronchitis. Therefore she wrote. YES! The Author is actually authoring again! About time.

Now she is going to go because she would like to write more before bed, and she has a busy day tomorrow with THE CLASS SHE HATES. And the dentist who is HYDRA in disguise. 


Sunday, October 01, 2017

"You can go ahead and let me drown now."

 What Jack does while sick

 1. Bemoan the fact she is sick and can't go on any adventures as she has been ordered to "Take it easy so she doesn't get herself bedridden..." EVEN THOUGH ITS INDIAN SUMMER OUT AND UNLIKELY TO LAST FOR LONG!

 2. Read Manga

 3. Watch tons of anime like the weirdo she has become

 4. Bemoan the fact she can't read as much as she would like because sickness makes her dyslexia worse

 5. Sign contracts....

 Oh yeah. Contract.

Okay, when I say I signed the contract while sick, that is not accurate. What I did do was go to the library and print it off and now it is all ready to be signed and mailed tomorrow or the day after.

 I am not sure how official I have made this, but my next published work will be a novella called Finding the Magic and it will be released through Dove Publishing, the same company which accepted Brothers-in-Arms.

 I also have great news concerning So Much Owed, but that is for another time. Right now I have to get to bed so I can finish sleeping off this cold.


Thursday, September 28, 2017


Wherein Jack hates colds

 I think I've said this before, but I would rather have a flu then a cold. I was feeling fine most of yesterday, but woke up at one with a killer sore throat. Since then I've been running a fever on and off and have had body aches all day.

 So now I am snuggled in bed with Dog at my feet. I am trying to breathe normally and all that fun stuff which comes with being sick.

 I meant to post more but I'm starting to fall asleep. So this is all, I will be back later with contract news!


Thursday, September 21, 2017

"It'll keep and keep and keep."

 Wherein Jack  is posting because that is what she should be doing, not because it is what she wants to do.

 Ever heard the term frazzled? I think it was used loosely when I was growing up. Because people would say they were frazzled but they never looked it. I, however, have perfected that look. Hair in disarray. Dark rings under my eyes. Or blood shot eyes, whichever you prefer. Nervous twitches. Maniacal laughter. A desire to run into the hills and howl at the moon...oh wait, that's a werewolf.

 What brought all this on, you might ask? Or maybe you didn't. Too bad. Gonna answer anyway.

 School, Check. Book Release, Check. Editing, Check. Writing A New Book, Check. Work, CHECK. (That one is all caps because I am working two jobs, ten hours a day. So it gets a double check.) Trying to take care of my pets, keep my house clean, Check.

 Somehow I need to find time to read and review about four books on top of all this. And all the other activities I got myself into. Oh yes, and relax so I don't get scolded by certain someones. 

 This sounds like a long complaint but I don't mean it to be. It sounds overwhelming when I write it all out, but I have managed to balance it all as well as I can. So even though I look frazzled, I don't always feel it.

 The only thing I really am is IRKED BECAUSE SUDDENLY WINTER! What happened to those nice transition periods in the seasons. This year it has been nothing but SUDDENLIES. 

 That is all. I am going to go hide under my heavy, snug blankets and read.