Thursday, July 24, 2014

"It seems to run on some form of electricity."

 Wherein Jack is back

 Ha, I rhymed.

 I made it back home last night. I had a seven and a half hour flight - because we are always happy to let people leave Wyoming but letting them back in, not so much. Even if they were born and raised here. It was an interesting flight home. I couldn't sleep because I was too excited so I got horrible air sickness because we took off and landed six times. Then when I thought I could sleep I was next to a lady who kept flipping her hair into my face. I came close to grabbing it a couple times and braiding it.
 I got home at one thirty last night and woke up at six. So I got about four and a half hours sleep, not a huge difference from my usual six, but if I get any less then six I have a tendency to stare off into space and laugh at everything .That is how I have been all morning. When I wasn't doing all the laundry because I had an insane amount of energy for a little while.

 I did want to explain my book release party.

 From the 31st of July to the 7th of August (and one on the 11th since he was unable to do it before that) I will be hosting interview for some of the Loyalty characters. The links to when each interview will be and who will be doing it is on my sidebar along with dates. Each interviewer can post the questions on their blogs and on the same day I will have them up on mine. (As you can see, not everyone has been claimed and there are still dates open. If anyone is interested in joining in, please email me or leave a comment.)
 I am hoping this turns out to be a lot of fun and gives everyone a chance to get to know all the characters better.

 That said, I now come to the next big announcement of the day before I curl up on MY BED (which I am very happy to have back) and attempt to sleep for an hour. 

 A Test of Loyalty, after all the trouble it has been given me, IS OUT TODAY!!!!!

 I am very excited, mostly because it was such a pain trying to get it published, so far the worst I've done, but now it is OUT!!!!
 You can buy it HERE in paperback form. I am hoping to have it on Kindle and Nook by this weekend but it might be the beginning of next week since I have a lot going on this weekend again.

 Quote is from The Avengers 



Sunday, July 20, 2014

"Public displays of affection make people uncomfortable." "Yes they do!"

 Last day of the challenge

 This is going to be my last post until Thursday. (Which is when I should have A Test of Loyalty published.) I  know I said I would have some details about the party thing up on Monday but I am too tired to even try and think of it right now. I've been getting massive headaches off and on all last week and they have gotten worse over the weekend. I am hoping if I just take a couple days off writing and trying to get my brain to function it might help. I will be back on Thursday, which is when I get back home, and will hopefully have gotten enough sleep between now and then that I can make sense of any posts I attempt.
 Right now everything has just shut down and I crashed this weekend.

 So, sorry to go AWOL again. I miss you all, and this isn't me trying to run away screaming from you. (Well, not too much. Some of you are pretty insane...) I'll be back to my normal, bazaar self when I get back home and then I will start up on reading all of your wonderful blogs again.

 Today is Favourite Hero, which is NOT going to be easy. At. All.

 TV Show:
 Okay, this one isn't AS hard.
 The Doctor. Because who can't help but love an Alien hero with two hearts, a sassy personality - most of the time - and a sonic screw driver?

 This is impossible. I have a long list. It goes from Peter in the Chronicles of Narnia to Klaus in A Series of Unfortunate Events to Steve in the Captain America movies. And everyone in between. I guess I will just say Joe from Sky Captain, because no one else is likely to pick him and I don't want him feeling unloved.

 Pick one? Really? That is impossible. I can give my top favourites though.
 Travis and Ross
 Mr. Jeilliby
 Nat and Seb
 The fellas in a book I am editing

 To name a few. All of these books have been reviewed - all but Narnia, Nat and Seb's, and the one with all the brilliant fellas - have been reviewed and you can find them on my recommended reading list to find out more about them.

 That is all. I'll see you all again on Thursday.



Saturday, July 19, 2014

"At this point I don't think anything would surprise me." "Ten bucks says you're wrong."

 Wherein Jack emerges from editing.

 *Waves aside smoke covering. Blinks and looks around. Feels lost and confused.*

 Who are you people and why are you staring at me?

 Okay, so anyways. I spent 12 hours yesterday editing and finished around nine last night. I slept in this morning, after going to bed earlier then usually last night, and am starting to feel a little more human then I have all week. A little. Not completely. Reading a nearly 600 page book in a week was probably the dumbest idea I've had to date.

 But now you know why I got behind on the challenge. I wanted to finish it this week so I could fall over and do nothing for most of next week. When I get back home I really need to sit down and figure some plots out.

 More on that when my head isn't aching.

 Today I am going to do the three days of the challenge I got behind on. 

 First is my least favourite paring.

 TV Show:
 Merlin and Morgana.
 No, I haven't finished the show yet. Yes, I know they aren't an actual paring. I know everything that happens in that show. I also know a lot of people pare them up in spite of her going completely insane and wanting to kill everyone and forgetting how to brush her hair.  So this is more my least favourite paring which as never actual a paring. Because, really, Merlin with an insane girl who sits and grins evilly every chance she gets? I don't think that would work out too well.

 Buttercup and Humperdink from The Princess Bride. (I know, but come on, I don't watch a lot of romantic movies. My paring options are kind of limited here.)
 I don't think they count either because everyone was paring her with Westley, unless it was Max and he just wanted a sandwich, but I think everyone else in the movie wanted her to end up with Westley. So it is obvious her time pared with Humperdink was a bad call all around.

 Peter and...I forget her name, the main girl though...from Peter's Angel.
 I think they belonged together, but I just didn't care for them. 

 Second challenge question is My Favourite Friendship

 I am taking a cue from my friend with this one. I have so many friendships I love I am going with the newest ones because trying to pick one out of all of them would be impossible.

 TV Show:
 Nick and Monroe from Grimm.
 I love these two. Ever since Monroe first tried to kill Nick and I knew they were going to have some kind of insane and fun friendship. They are one of the main reasons I watch the show. I've loved watching their friendship change from tolerance because Nick just really needed help learning how to be a Grimm to a willingness to die for each other. 

 Bucky and Steve. (Shocker, right?)
 I think this is the best movie friendship I've ever seen. It got even better in The Winter Soldier, because we got to see Steve and Bucky taken out of everything they had ever known and forced to go through changes they can never turn back from. And still, after all that, they somehow managed to save their friendship, even if it did take Bucky almost killing Steve for that to happen.

 Okay, this one is hard so I am doing three.
 The first is a little older and it is Jaron, Tobias, and Roden. Like the other friendships I listed, theirs is more complex and not the typical sort, but by the end of the series it is obvious they all three would be willing to do anything for each other.
 The newest one though is from my friend Bella's book - which I have the extreme honour of getting to help edit. I have two favourite pairs from her book.
 Tyson and Michael
 Peregrine and Dimitri.
 And I want to go on and on about how fantastic these fellas are but Bella has been trying to avoid spoilers so I don't think she'd like me spilling them all. But just take my word for it, they're amazing and if she ever publishes you will want to get this book.

 Third day - today's challenge - is Favourite Villain 

 TV Show:
 The Daleks. Because they are annoying, they look like salt and pepper shakers, they refuse to die, and they are still evil enough that every time they show up you can't help but feel sorry for the Doctor.

 Alexander Pierce from The Winter Soldier
 I could go into lots of details, but I think I will skip. Those of you who have seen the movie probably already know all the details I could go into. Those who don't....go and see the movie.

 James Moriarty.
 I really have no good reason why, but the first time I read about him, I knew he would always be my favourite. Someday I will have a good explanation as to why...someday.
 WAIT! I have a new one too. There is someone in Bella's book who makes me so mad I can't even say his name. I had to nick name him so I could talk about him. HE might not be my favourite villain, but he is my favourite to slam doors over.

 I am working out details of my Loyalty release party and will have them up for sure on Monday.

 For now, I am going to pretend the world has stopped and there is nothing for me to do the rest of the weekend. Except banish my headache.

 Quote is from The Avengers.



Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"My grandmother has more life in her rest her soul."

 Wherein Jack is half way through

 I am actually more then half way through editing right now. Just in case there was anyone DYING to know that. I had a really slow day today and only just now got done. So I am not anywhere close to being fully awake at the moment. Don't ask for coherent thoughts from me right now, I don't have any I can spare.

 I meant to do something clever to go with the challenge today but I can barely keep my eyes opened and therefore I don't think I should try it. Don't worry though, a few more days and I will be back home and done with this massive editing project, so there will be something posted then. Don't ask me what that something will be, it will just be something.

 Today the challenge is my favourite paring. I assume this means romantic parings. Thankfully, I kind of have romantic thoughts bouncing around in my head right now, so this might be easy.

 TV Show:
 Parker and Hardison from Leverage. They are just really cute, and both accept each other's extreme weirdness and try and make the best of their abnormalness to make their relationship work. And Hardison encourages Parker not to stab people...

 Penelope and Johnny from Penelope.
 This is the one chick flick I can watch over and over. It is adorable.

 I can't pick, so I am just going to rattle off names.
 Serephina and Kiggs.
 Peregrine and Annemarie
 Tobias and the princess
 Ransom and Annabeth
 Brant and the girl he loves whos name I can't remember right now

 I can't think of more right now. There is someone I am missing, so sorry to that pairing.



Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"We are going to win this war because we have the best men...and they are only going to get better."

 Wherein Jack looks suspicious.

 I need to sit down and explain what is going on with my writing lately, because it has been taking all kinds of weird turns and I am not able to keep up - well, not most of the time. I attempt it, and all of my running and stumbling gives my characters something to laugh at.

 I have a week left till I am back home though, so I think I will just wait till then - when I am out of stick, wet air and can breathing and function properly again. I AM NOT USED TO THIS CONSTANT HUMIDITY! How do people survive down here? If any of you are Southerns you have my admiration.

 I have just reached the half way mark in reading through Brothers-in-Arms and making some plot adjustments so I can send it out to some editors. Right now I will probably just send it to one editor and then some others when she is done with it.
 If that made no sense then don't try and figure it out. I'm still not in the making sense state of mind right now.

 Brothers-in-Arms is taking much more of my time then I ever planned to give it, at least right now. I feel like those sayings...."I didn't sign up for this!"

 Enough of that though. Back to the challenge. There are six days left, counting today, then I will try and explain what has been going on with my writing. I should be done reading by then and maybe can make some kind of sense in a post.

 Today is the character who has the best arc.

 TV Show:
 Nick from Grimm.
 I guess he doesn't have a huge one, compared to other characters, but it is there. At the beginning of the show he is kind of quieter, sticks to the rules, and tries to keep his Grimm works separate from his police work. In later episodes, he is a little harder, sterner, and struggling to keep his two lives apart.

 I am going to do someone who has a backwards character arc, because I can.
 Bucky Barnes
 He starts out as cheerful, wanting to help his friend, and just make it through the war unchanged and alive. Then, some brain washing and torture later, he is almost a cold-blooded assassin who has no control over his own actions. (You know, for the most part.)

 This one is hard - as usual - because I have so many options.
 But, I have to go with Roden from The False Prince.
 In book one Roden is selfish and angry, by the end of the series....(I can't say. Spoilers. JUST READ THE BOOKS! That is all.)
 Oh....I could do Mr. Jelliby too from The Peculiar and The Whatnot. He has a big arc. So does Bartholomew - I loved his.  His was cool and sad all at once.
 Tintin has a pretty big one too. 

 Okay, I'm going before I make my list too long.

 Besides, I have to figure out how a scene I don't remember writing ended up in my book.

 Captain America quote. 



Monday, July 14, 2014

"This isn't pay back, is it?" "Now why would I do that?"

 I finally got struck for an idea for my book release party! Took me long enough, right?
 I have a headache tonight, so I am going to keep this short. I will be sending out emails though with detail.
 What I am looking for is bloggers who would like to interview some of the characters from the Loyalty books. I might email some people to see if they are interested, but if anyone here would like to please email me! Or comment.

 At the bottom of this post I will leave a list of the characters so you can pick which one you would like to interview. 

 The party will run through the first week or two of July. I will put up a list of everyone who is taking part and what day I will be posting their interview. 

 Right now though, I plan to see if I can kill my headache. But first!

 Today for the character challenge I get to talk about a character no one else notices.

 TV Show:
 Mickey Smith from Doctor Who.
 He is more noticed at the end of the Rose era, but for the most part poor Mickey is stuck in the background, the blunt of jokes and forgotten. He was annoying in the first one, I won't deny that, but as time goes on he gets cooler and cooler.

 American Fitz from The Winter Soldier.

  Because he is cool, and he is American Fitz.

 Travis and Ross Hamilton from Never. 
 That is one book which is sorely underrated. It is an amazing story and they are two of the coolest brothers ever and they need more attention.

 Now, before I go, the list. Please let me know in the comment or emails which you would like to interview.

 Any of the three princes or all at once

 That is all. I have a scene I need to go untangle.



Sunday, July 13, 2014

"Remember that time I made you ride the cyclone at Cony Island?" "Yeah, and I threw up?"

 Wherein Jack is editing 

 Editing a lot. So like always, I am not completely functional. But you are likely used to that now. I will just continue the challenge and pretend....I don't know. I can't pretend I am normal because I don't even know how to pretend.

 Not that it matters. Today is a character who drives me crazy

 TV Show:
 Guias, from Merlin. 
 I don't know what it is about him. I know he's the father figure to Merlin, but he is always just kind of annoyed me. I also find him a little creepy. I think it's his hair. And, because now I picture him as a Goblin, and face it - he played a Goblin a little TOO well. Makes you wonder...

 I really have no stellar reason for being annoyed by him. I just do. (Puppet Yoda, not CGI Yoda. See, Hardison? I'm on your side)

 The two main characters from a book I read called Peter's Angel. I haven't even wanted to review the book they annoyed me so much - and I didn't want to end up ranting in the review over them, so I opted not to write one.

 And that is all you get. Short and Sweet...or Short and Annoying. Whatever. Just be glad I showed up.