Monday, August 18, 2014

"You're one dynamite gal"

Wherein Jack is only half here

 I've had a fever pretty much non stop for the last four days, so please bare with me. I don't know how coherent this post is going to be, but I have some things that were asked to go up today. So I am going to attempt this.

 First was another tag. 

 1. What am I working on?
 A short story for the Five Enchanted Roses contest called Finding the Magic.

 2. how does my work differ from others of its genre?
 It is a Beauty and the Beast story set in WWII

 3. Why do I write what I do?
 Because I think there should be more friendship stories in the world. 

 4. How does my writing process work?
 Lots of typing and little sleep.

 I believe this tag was given to my by Jaye L. Knight. (Sorry if I have this wrong.) Her blog is HERE!

 I think I am supposed to tag three people. But I can't focus right now. So three people who wish it, you are tagged.

 Second, my dear friend Anne is setting up a wonderful new blog and is having a tour for it!!

Half Baked is a blog dedicated to the art of writing and exploring what goes into a solid story. The blog operates on the principal that most stories are like cake, delicious and scrumptious and all the other cake words that are out there. But just like cake, a story can come out gooey and shaky in the middle, half baked. This blog is meant to help turn awesome ideas into solid, fully baked novels. Stop by on September first to join in the release party. There will be contests and a giveaway and of course virtual cake. 

 You will want to check this out as Anne always has some wonderful writing advice. 

 That is all for now. Once my tooth is out and my fever breaks I will be back with an update on my writing.

 Quote is from Wreck-it Ralph 



Thursday, August 14, 2014

"If I loved you less I might be able to talk about it more."

 Wherein Jack shares a world shattering secret

 Make sure you're sitting down. I don't think many of you are prepared for the kind of world shattering this is going to do to your world.

 I've never really had problems with my teeth. Aside from the fact they are insanely crooked and I have buck teeth. Out of all my siblings I was the one who never got cavities. (I have one now but I'm in denial.) I never ever got tooth aches. Therefore, the night Frozen came out and I was hit with one which left me in tears on the floor, I wasn't sure what to make of this new found pain. I hurt so much I almost didn't go to the movie with my family, but the throbbing pain subsided enough for me to make it through.

 My tooth hurt for three or four days after that, but nothing like the first night. I thought it might be my wisdom tooth, but when the pain stopped all together I happily assumed I was wrong and went on with life, though I wasn't able to chew sweets on the left side of my mouth.

 "Cavity," I thought. "Serves me right, been eating too many cookies." I ignored it though. It wasn't bad, I could still eat, just not sweets and it isn't like I HAD to eat sweets. I could give up cookies if it meant getting to avoid the Dentist just a little longer.

 Life continued once more until two or three weeks ago when the agonizing pain returned.

 Panic set in.

 I refused to believe it could even be close to being my wisdom tooth until the pain refused to leave. I had no other choice but to finally give in and go to the Dentist. And this is where I shatter the world.

 One might be lead to the belief that Dentists are our friends. Like doctors. They take care of us, and help us. I have NEVER fallen for this belief, however. Part of this stemmed from younger days when a Dentist thought it would be great fun to pull one of my teeth with - what I felt like at the time - no warning whatsoever. I was happy one moment and sobbing in pain the next.

 Since that time I have gone out of my way to avoid them, even living with my array of crooked teeth because it meant not getting braces. Then I had to get a check up a year ago and was told my wisdom teeth would have to come out and my jaw broken to do so.



 Lovely thing to tell someone who is already scared of Dentist drills and needles and who knows what other torture devices they have. Because, let's be honest here, anyone who sticks a drill in your mouth is NOT to be trusted.

 Doubt my word?

 Ever seen some of their equipment? No? Well, here is a good idea of what it looks like - and I made sure to double check this theory today while I was having fingers poke and prod my already agonizing tooth.

 Aw look, and there is Bucky to show how the machines work.

 Still don't believe me? I had to stick my head in one of those...head Right in. So I could be zapped with radiation.

 Yes, radiation. The Dentists even fessed up to using it. They sent my mum out of the room and put a lead apron on me. Not on my head, because, you know - it's just my head. Who cares about radiation to the brain? (Alright, so they said it is not much radiation and that is all safety precautions to make people feel better, but this is a person with HYDRA like torture far can you trust them?)

 (Side note. My wisdom teeth have to come out but this new Dentist can do it without breaking my jaw, so I have no idea what the first one was talking about.)

 I have now discovered what I always thought to be true. After HYDRA went into hiding they became Dentists. This gives them a chance to torture unsuspecting suffers to their heart's content. (They had a hay day with me because I had the flu today so I was already miserable - not to mention the tooth ache and not being able to eat much besides rice for the last two or three weeks. They knew I was a SHIELD agent, I have a suspicion they saw my card.)

 It is all there. The same type of machines used on Bucky. Drills and needles and medical scissors. Radiation. They experiment on people to try and create more super soldiers. It won't work on me though. I don't have the personality for it. I am going to turn into another kind of Hulk. Sweet and unassuming when left on my own, quick tempered and violent when thrown in with hordes of people who shoot things at me. So when you hear in the news of someone turning green and smashing walls, very likely it was me and the radiation experiments. 

 So far I have been able to keep one step ahead of HYDRA, but next week they get to sedate me and stick things into my mouth and who knows what else while I am too far out of it to fight them off. So if I vanish and there is a new assassin in the news, you now know the reason why and I'd be grateful if you'd call the Avengers and have them avenge me.

 Naturally, I'd not even be thinking of going within ten feet of HYDRA unless it was to kick them in the shins. But I'm hungry - normally, not right now. Right now I am running a fever and don't want to think of food. When the flu is over, however, I'll be hungry and to eat the tooth has to come out. So unless I can make someone REALLY mad and punch it out over the weekend, I shall be returning to HYDRA.

 I'm working hard on making someone angry enough to punch me.

 It should be easier then it has been.

 If there are volunteers I won't turn them away.

 That is all. You've been warned. I have a short story to work on. (I'm going to enter the Beauty and the Beast contest. I finally have a plot, but more on that later.)

 Quote is from Emma, the Emma with Mr. Knightly. I've been watching Emma Approved. Which is where I heard the line. Because I can't find the version of Emma I am looking for. And I like Emma Approved.



Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"You have a gift."

 Wherein Jack gets caught up

 With my tour offically over I can now get caught up on some back posts, namely one. I was tagged in the Writing Process Blog Tour! I was tagged by Kelly over at MY COUNTLESS LIVES.

 So, to begin.

 1. What am I working on?

 Aside from the one book I am brainstorming and the two I am trying to get some plot problems smoothed out with, my biggest project is my first Historical Fiction, Brothers-in-Arms. My WWII story about a Nazi and a Jew who are best friends. (Still working on how to explain it without it sounding like a ten-year-old talking about her favourite book.)

 2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
 It is purely a friendship story. No romance. Also, I think I deal more with the war and how it impacted the people living in it. I could be wrong because I tend not to read modern Historical Fiction since most of them seem to have the same plot and focus on romance and not the history aspect, but I think I focus more on how the war affected those living in it.

 3. Why do I write what I do?
 Because characters kidnap me and hold me at sword point and don't feed me till I do. That and I got tired of not being able to find new books at my library. All of them felt kind of the same, and there were no really good friendship stories after a while. I think friendships are just as important as true love, and I want to write about them. 

 4. How does my writing process work?
 I sit at my desk...I skim through books I am reading, I watch youtube clips, I market on facebook and twitter and pintrest, I comment on blogs, I edit, and somehow I write and books come out. (That is only with second drafts. First drafts I forget the world and just write.)

 And there is the end of it! I do have a series of questions from the CLEVER BUNNY SISTERS

 1. If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?
 A worm

 2. Do you ever read more then one book at once?
 I never read less then three at a time.

 3. Who is your favourite superhero?
 Captain America

 4. If you do daily devotions, do you prefer to do them in the morning, or before bed?
 Morning, though sometimes I have to before bed

 5. What is your favourite day of the week, and why?
 Thursday. I don't have to work and can work on my books all day

 6. Smoothies or milkshakes?
 Milkshakes. Unhealthy of course.

 7. What is your favourite summer activity?
 Playing in the river and bike riding. 

 8. If you could spend a day with a fictional character, who would you spent it with and what would you do together?
 Can I pick two? Three? I would have to pick three, I can't pick one. 
 Jaron, Nightly, and Sab...five, because I can't have Nightly without Dimitri and Seb without Nat. And we would go on a picnic and play tag.

 9. Skirts or shorts?
 Skirts, unless I am feeling adventurous and on my bike. 

 10. Do you have a nickname?
 No, my parents named me Jack

 11. What would you name a black baby rabbit?
 The Black Knight. 

 I tag Bella, because she needs to talk about her book. And Anna. For the same reason. You both have to do the writing process tour. I also am going to pass it on to, I am drawing blanks. Sorry. I want to tag you all who write, because I'd love to learn more about your current projects!

Quote is from Sky Captain. If you don't get it watch the movie



Monday, August 11, 2014

"Ignore the man behind the curtain."

 Today is the last day of A Test of Loyalty's book release celebration! Unlike what I have done during the past interviews, I will only be posting the first question in the interview to Golon given by Ninja captain Alex. To read the rest just follow the link to Alex's blog. (Come now, follow orders like good subjects. You know you want to do as your Evil Over Lord commands. That and this interview was a lot of fun, 8-D) CLICK HERE

 Are you any relation to Gimli?
 Who is Gimli? Is this some kind of trick question? Is it because our names are kind of the same? I have a feeling this is something I should understand and my Author is laughing at me for not doing so. She laughs at me a lot though, so it is hard to tell the cause of it.

Quote is from The Wizard of Oz.



Saturday, August 09, 2014

"She is my carer. She cares so I don't have to."

 Wherein Jack shares talent.

 Since writing, and publishing - since publishing - I have been receiving all kinds of fun little pictures and other things in my email box. It has really brightened up my writing experience and made me feel officially like an Author. I have gotten permission from everyone who has sent these in and therefore thought it would be fun to share all of them with you.

 These are kind of all scattered because getting them into order is something my lack of blog talent cannot manage. Also, I have never done a post like this before so bare with me while I try and figure out how something like this is done.

All of the above pictures were done by TRESKIE and were inspired by my book Brothers-in-Arms. (She was one of my beta readers.)

 This one was drawn by CLAIR and is a scene from Haphazardly Implausible. She redid it when she did the pictures for the book but this is the original. 

Another from Treskie and was inspired by the Haphazard Books.

This were sent to me by ANNA. She was another Brothers-in-Arms beta reader.

This is from ABBEY and she sent it to me after reading the end of Abolished Impracticality. It was the only nice email I got from that book

Done by BELLA. It is a line from Abolished Impracticality. 

 And lastly, this is my ship. I am very proud of my ship. Abbey sent it to me to console me on the realization that readers shipping my characters did not mean I got an actual ship. I'm still trying to come up with a good name for her.

 Now I am going to go and enjoy my tea.

 Quote is from the new Doctor Who trailer. Clip...whatever they call it. It was really neither of both, but the line is funny anyways.



Thursday, August 07, 2014

"I had friends and home, your Honorable Strawness."

 Wherein Jack lists things she has learned over the past month

 I don't think I mentioned where I was actually going during most of July. It was kind of a last minute trip, something which was supposed to be a bit of a holiday and turned out to be anything but. Not that I am complaining, I was planning on being a little busy, which is why I worked so hard getting all the beta reading done before I left.

 Getting dropped in the South when I am definitely a Western countrygirl has been a little hard to get used to and I've learned some interesting lessons, though unlikely life altering and helpful. I thought I would share them, because I have nothing else to write about right now.

 Ants in the South are vicious. I am so tired of them. They are tiny, so you are lead into a false sense of security around them because you think they will not care to do anything to you. Then if you step too close to them they swarm your feet in the blink of an eye and chew on your toes and legs. Give me my Western ants who don't care about people any day.

 Southern accents are a myth. I have met SO many Southerns this trip and only about five of them have had accents. (Those with accents do say Y'all which I was hoping was true) But overall, the whole Southern accent thing, it is made up. I am convinced of it. Put into movies so everyone in the South will appear more British as they sip their lemonade. (That is also a myth. Hardly anyone drinks ice cold lemonade while sitting on their porches.)

 Jude Law is British. I kind of learned this before I left, but it was re-enstated when I watched Sky Captain again. I've seen him in a good many movies. Not a ton, but enough where I should have caught on because he did a lot of talking in them. (Sherlock Holmes. A Series of Unfortunate Events. Sky Captain.) He's not a quiet actor who only gets three lines like Sebastian Stan. But it didn't hit me till I was watching Sky Captain with my friend that in all the movies he's in, he has a British accent. The things you learn.

 Possible reasons I am still single
 Painting. I noticed, while I was joining in the fine art of painting, the other girls I was with got dabs of paint in cute places - like on their cheeks or freckle splatters on their arms. They somehow kept their clothes clean on top of that. Me? I dropped paint in my hair and backed into a wall. (I won't go into details, but leave you to assume where I got paint backing into a wall and how awkward that turned out to be.)
 Dirt. This is my like painting. The the girls I was with were nicely dusted in dirt until they looked like they'd gotten a nice tan. Their faces turned a pretty shade of red and wisps of hair escaped their pony tails. (Like adventure girls in the movies.) I, on the other had got dirt raccoon eyes, a sweaty - bright red face, and two layers of dirt covering every inch of my body till I looked like I'd joined the seven-year-old playing in the mud.
 Having MASSIVE red bites all up and down my legs probably didn't help things either. I don't know why no one else was getting the life chewed out of their legs.
 Added to that is the time I stabbed myself in the lip with my pocket knife while licking peanut butter off of it.
 (All of this is said in joking. I spent most of my time playing in the dirt and trying not to get eaten alive to worry about how Western and wild I likely appeared to the Southern men.)

 Southerns really consider people from the West as Yankees and have trouble grasping what the West really is.
 I tell people I am from Wyoming and there is this moment of panic in their eyes which I snicker at. You can see the wheels turning as they fly over the States, trying to remember where exactly Wyoming is before the time is up where they have to speak.
 "Wyoming. Right. How's the weather there?"
 I should give them credit for at least trying, but the evil side of me is not all that nice.
 "Fine. We had a blizzard on Mother's Day."
 *Gasping look of horror and I have just succeeded in making sure we are never invaded by Southerns.*
 The whole Yankee thing is what gets me though. The history nerd side of me blisters.
 "Yankees fought on the side of the North during the Civil War. I am from the West. Wyoming was a territory at the time, do your research!" I am starting to believe that when it comes to any history past the Civil War the South just kind of slept. (Wait...I just insulted Southerns. That came out wrong. Really, I think most of it has to do with Wyoming itself. No one KNOWS where it is. They have this general location but no one can ever really place it. Mostly I end up by Montana. So those jokes I make about being from a State no one knows about, they aren't really jokes.)

 Dorm rooms
 I don't even know what to say about that. Except that I don't think dorm room living is for me. I need time alone to recover from people, and dorm rooms don't offer that. I did get a top bunk though so I felt like Hawkeye.

 Nipping from one State to the other is no problem
 In the west everything is spread out and huge. Going to another State can take days. Down south everything just calmly drives to neighboring States in a matter of hours. I am still in awe over that.

 The giant bug
 Or small mouse.
 I really don't know and I am scared to ask. But I saw something creeping across the floor while watching a movie. It looked too big to be a bug but too small to be a mouse. I considered going after it to see, but I am really fond of my toes...being on my feet. I opted in the end for hiding up on the couch and hoping some man would come by and get rid of whatever it was. (Not that it stayed around to be found. It vanished and I've been concerned about my toes ever since.)

 And there it is, my Southern Adventures.
 I am now going to stop writing. I feel off a rock yesterday and badly skinned my knuckles, therefore, writing and moving my fingers hurts. And I am going to stop because I am a wimp when it comes to pain.

 Come back on Saturday, I have a surprise!

 Quote is from the book The Tin Woodman of Oz.



Tuesday, August 05, 2014

"As you wish."

 Wherein Jack speaks her mind.

 Yes, that should probably worry you

 But first, the last day of my Book Release Celebration will be the 11th, so be sure and come back for that!

 While I was away, visiting the land of evil ants and wet air, I came across people who - like most people I come across - were not used to me and my...oddness and prolonged silence. I was continually being asked if I was okay and what I was thinking. Both answers always turned out the same. "Good." And "Nothing." These, I realized while there, have become my default answers. I never intended them to be lies, but maybe they had become. Or maybe it is the only explanation for what continually goes on inside my head.

 For some reason, while there, I took time to consider both the questions and my answers, and I realized why I cannot simply put into words how I am feeling and what I am thinking. I believe this is something all creative people will understand, though maybe they too cannot put words to them.

 The thing is, I am never - at one time - thinking or feeling just one thing. I see the world different then most people. (Again, creative people probably see what I do.) While someone might walk through the park and see children playing and trees blocking the sun, I see possible different lives. I can look at a person and see a hundred possibilities of what their life might be like. What they are suffering, what they love, why they are looking the way they are. I walk under trees and see a billion stories hidden in the bark. I watch the sun play tag and whisper secrets to the leaves. I lay in the grass and watch the clouds make up their own stories to tell the flowers. I sit by rivers and listen to past adventures the water has had and ones they plan on having.

 All of that sounds fantastical I know, but I don't think I can rightly call myself an Author and not have a fantastical, whimsical, childish side of me. I wouldn't be able to make up new worlds and lives if I didn't see the worlds hidden in our own. If I didn't see things that no one else pays attention to I wouldn't be able to write about them.

 This can apply to the answer of how I am feeling. The same way I am seeing a billion things at once I am feeling them too. I feel all of my characters all the time, all at once. Every emotion I pour into them follows me each and every day. Somedays I might be giddy and mischievous. Others I can be melancholy and withdrawn. All because of the lives I spin with letters on white pages of paper. They are as real to me as the person standing in front of me, as the one who lays a hand on my back, who hugs me, as the friend who greets me in passing. The only difference is these lives are always there, always with me.

 So when someone comes up to me and asks me how I am doing and what I am thinking, it is impossible for me to take everything and put them into words. Therefore when I say I am well and thinking nothing, there is so much more behind those words. There are things I cannot express and saying nothing is just because it would be strange to say everything.

 And as sentimental and sappy as this post sounds, it is me attempting a reminder for those who don't see and feel so much so often. If you do ask someone those two questions, and you get those two answers in reply, just keep in mind they aren't trying to block you out or keep you at bay - they just aren't sure how to let you into their worlds.

 If you don't know the quote you need to move out from under your rock.

 Brothers-in-Arms got its first review!!! Find it HERE!!!!!!!!!! (And tell her hi while you're there. She is my very dear friend and she is fantastic.) (If anyone else has done reviews for my books, if you want to send me the link I would love to post it here as well! Also, I'd love to read reviews of how you all like - hopefully like, liking makes me happy, but if you don't like them I won't hate you - my books.)