Thursday, September 21, 2017

"It'll keep and keep and keep."

 Wherein Jack  is posting because that is what she should be doing, not because it is what she wants to do.

 Ever heard the term frazzled? I think it was used loosely when I was growing up. Because people would say they were frazzled but they never looked it. I, however, have perfected that look. Hair in disarray. Dark rings under my eyes. Or blood shot eyes, whichever you prefer. Nervous twitches. Maniacal laughter. A desire to run into the hills and howl at the moon...oh wait, that's a werewolf.

 What brought all this on, you might ask? Or maybe you didn't. Too bad. Gonna answer anyway.

 School, Check. Book Release, Check. Editing, Check. Writing A New Book, Check. Work, CHECK. (That one is all caps because I am working two jobs, ten hours a day. So it gets a double check.) Trying to take care of my pets, keep my house clean, Check.

 Somehow I need to find time to read and review about four books on top of all this. And all the other activities I got myself into. Oh yes, and relax so I don't get scolded by certain someones. 

 This sounds like a long complaint but I don't mean it to be. It sounds overwhelming when I write it all out, but I have managed to balance it all as well as I can. So even though I look frazzled, I don't always feel it.

 The only thing I really am is IRKED BECAUSE SUDDENLY WINTER! What happened to those nice transition periods in the seasons. This year it has been nothing but SUDDENLIES. 

 That is all. I am going to go hide under my heavy, snug blankets and read.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

"What if we covered his nose and mouth?" "That's called murder."

 Wherein Jack has forgotten how to life

 Things I need to do. 1. Pay for my website name. 2. Answer emails. 3. Read a beta read book, or three rather. 4. Maybe I should add lunch to this list.

 Things I am not doing. 1. Any of the above.

 Things I am doing. 1. Worrying about Winry who hurt her leg. 2. Working. 3. Trying to share my exciting news. 4. Look for willing reviewers.


 Wanna hear the good news?



 If you insist


 Dove has accepted a novella I wrote 8-D

 It is that I would like to send out for reads and reviews. So if you are interested please let me know!


Friday, September 08, 2017

"Well, I hope you're here to apologize."

 Wherein it rained

 Rather poured. September hit and SUDDENLY FALL! Not that I mind. I like Autumn. It means I can have tea again. Not that I couldn't before, it is just, you know, tea in the heat.

 Autumn means more time to write. It also means college. And hints of snow when you live in the mountains. Which means more and more tea and plotted snowball fights.

 Also means I should be able to do a better job of blogging. *Snickersnort*

 But I have news next week! So be sure and come back!


Sunday, August 06, 2017

"You're useless in the rain."

 I finally did it, I finished So Much Owed and sent it out to get feed back. I'm nervous about sharing this story. I have loved the Tuskegee Airmen since I first heard them mentioned in school, the brave men who fought against injustices just so they could fight for their country. What's not to love?

 When I undertook to tell their story I knew it wouldn't be easy. Part of the reason being because I want everyone to see them the way I do and love them the way I do. And I know I can't do their story justice. 

 The story isn't exactly exciting. It is slower than Brothers-in-Arms. There are less battles. Less action. It is definitely a character driven story. 

 The feed back so far has been promising, but I'm still wary sending my boys out into the world. So I ask this cautiously. Anyone interested in being a beta reader for So Much Owed?


Tuesday, August 01, 2017

"The game is on."

  Ben and Jack VS. the Crickets

 My life is filled with sword wielding adventures and ninja jumps on my bed. Need examples? Okay.

 Ben sometimes comes to spend the night. We have tea and read and write and sometimes watch Anime and then sleep. Then sometimes we chase down crickets.

 The first one was my fault. I allowed the school frog to spend the weekend with me and one of his crickets escaped while Ben was here. We managed to pin it under a cup, with a pile of books on top, where it stayed until it died.

 She came back the other night, Ben that is. We talked and read and were having a nice evening. Then, as we were getting ready for bed we heard a pleasant chirp. We thought it was Winry, my bird, at first. Then the chirping got louder and louder and we realized it was a cricket loose in the cabin.

Before we could decide what to do the cricket began to screech as if it were having a heart attack. A screeching cricket is a creepy sound and Ben and I, who had ventured off the bed, both leaped back on to safety. We hid on the bed until the screeching got out of hand and we realized we wouldn't be able to sleep so long as it kept up.

 Bravely we left the bed, turned on all the lights, and tip toed across the floor. I grabbed a sword and Ben a bowl, and we proceeded to tear the flat apart looking for the panicked cricket. 

 We didn't find it. Between the swords falling over and flinging a picture off the wall, we thought it was coming from behind the picture, we scared it into silence. Hoping we had caused it to go outside and be eaten by the owl, or die of fright, we managed to get to sleep.

 Two nights later I heard the chirping again. And since then it has sang itself to sleep every night in my house. The hunt is still on.


Sunday, July 23, 2017

"Um, I've been turned into a cow. Can I go home?"

 I hate catching illnesses I don't know how to spell. They are fun to say but terrible to spell and make my dyslexic brain hurt. Let's see if spell check will fix it for me. I have bronchitis. Aw, look at that. Thank you, Spell Check.

 In other news, am I the only one who feels like DC is jumping up and down beside Marvel yelling, "Pay attention to me!"

 I finished a book last night, not reading though I did do a lot of that yesterday, but writing. HURRAY! When is it coming out? I don't know, there's a reason for this I don't want to get into right now.

 I realized I leave my clothes out on the floor every night because if Peter Pan comes by I want them easy to get to so I don't have to go to Neverland in my jammies.

 I am MAD about the new Doctor. And SAD. I am SAD AND MAD.

 I should be strong enough to deck anyone who ever tries to mug me because of all the weight lifting I get in from all the books I carry with me.

 I am SO CLOSE to having an ending for So Much Owed but something is stopping me. Mainly, GETTING the last chapter to work out for the ending. I think I just need to nab a fellow Author and brain storm.

 Newsletter....that's coming. Once I can figure out how it works. There has to be an easier way for my non tech savvy brain. Anyone know any suggestions?

 I went to a book sale with my sisters yesterday and we were SO GOOD and restrained ourselves and didn't buy out every book there like last year. Be proud.

 I realized I like writing historical fiction war books.....

 And now for the song!

 What can I say, I love Owl City and this song is my new favorite. Also the musical is brilliant.


Sunday, July 16, 2017

"Look, stairs!"

 I may not have a chance to post this week, just a heads up.

 I have a bad cough so don't feel like posting anything else. All my wit, what little I have, has been coughed up.