Thursday, March 26, 2015

"Anything? A flight to California?"

 I won't be around tomorrow. I need to pack my car and finish my book reviews. I can't stay long today, since I have to clean my car, finish laundry, and work on book reviews. But I did want to leave a link. Another girl has entered my giveaway for copies of Brothers-in-Arms, my WWII historical fiction. Part of the contest is the little sidebar thing over there ------>
But another part is to do something WWII related - such as an outfit, a short story, a picture, or something like that - and send it to me. Raechel wrote a short WWII story and posted it on her blog. Be sure and check it out HERE!!!!!!!!!! (Raechel, I read and loved the story! But I couldn't get my comment to post for some reason, so that's why it isn't there.)

 Have a great weekend. I shall return on Wednesday, if not Tuesday. (Can't on Monday since I'll be driving to my new home.)

 Oh! But before I forget, Alex asked in my last post what kind of motorcycle I own. It's a Kawasaki 750.

 Quote is from Unbroken, when the men are putting on a Cinderella play and the fairy godmother tells Fitzgerald (Cinderella) he can wish for anything.

 Don't forget to enter the giveaway!



Monday, March 23, 2015

"Hair, hair, hair, hair, hair!" "You speak Kraut now?"

 I should be posting something. I can't seem to pick one subject though to go on and on about. I will be leaving home for a new state on Sunday and I'm starting to get nervous. I'm not sure what I'm more nervous about - the packing, saying goodbye, or the fear that I'm going to get really homesick and want to do nothing but cry. (Aw, such a brave little adventurer I'm turning out to be.)

 This week I need to clean the life out of my car and attempt to fit my belongings in it. (Good thing I have a packing expert for a mum.) I also want to get caught up on my book reviews and finish two shorter books. (Reading helps with the goodbyes.)

 That's my plans in a nut shell.

 Okay, this is turning into a horrible post. I'm putting myself to sleep.

 Yesterday I met up with my reading buddy and went rock climbing. I didn't do the stupid, daring stunts I normally do, since it was the first climb of the season and I was shaken up from riding my motorcycle on the interstate for the first time. You pass by a semi-truck when your five foot two and on a two wheeled contraption and you get a whole new look at your own mortality.
 It was really too cold for a climb and a motorcycle ride, but we tough it out in Wyoming because you either shiver through spring or you hide in your house and only get one month of being outside.

 The best part of riding my bike is when I pull up somewhere and I'm in my leather jacket, gloves, and sunglasses. (No one knows I wear all of the above for added protection in the very likely case I fall over.) Of course I ruin the effect when I wobble to a stop and have to stand on my tip toes to get off.

 I think this sprout of randomness is all I have today. Don't forget I'm holding a giveaway for three early drafts of my Historical Fiction book Brothers-in-Arms!!

Quote is from an Unbroken extra scene. They recorded the full Cinderella play. Watch it, it's brilliant.



Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"Kiss me, Hardy. Kiss me QUICK!"

 Phil helped me pick the next Brothers-in-Arms character introduction. I am doing a post on him instead of writing because I'm responsible like that. *Cough*

 Today I am doing Samuel Winters.

 I've mentioned Sam in Jimmy's post. Master Sargent Samuel Winters is Jimmy's copilot when he is flying reconnaissance missions over Germany.

 I never say Sam's age in the book. This is partly because I never settled on his exact age until this resent draft, and even now I shift back and forth sometimes. Now is a good time to decide.

 Sam is Twenty-Nine. He's an Irishman who lived in Ireland until he was seven. After that his family moved to America were his dad changed their last name in an attempt to fit into their new home. Sam is short, maybe five four or five five. He has red hair and green eyes, and something of an American accent, but when he gets scared or upset he sounds a hundred present Irish. Jimmy found this out early on after they met and did all he could to annoy him so Sam would sound Irish.

 Sam lived in New York State before he joined up in the air force. He lived with his parents and grandmother and worked in a little shop in the small town he lived in. Every summer he and his family would go camping, and that was about the extent of their grand adventures. They're a quiet family, like to spend evenings at home, and go on Sunday walks around their town and down country lanes.

 When Pearl Harbor was attacked Sam joined up the next day, as many other men did. He was only ever a copilot. He could have trained to be a pilot but never did, though he would never tell anyone why. (He didn't think he'd make a good pilot and would only crash his plane or get someone else killed.

 Before Jimmy arrived, Sam's pilot was a Colorado native named Chris Johnson. During a flight their plane was hit by anti aircraft guns. Chris was badly wounded but managed to get his plane back. He lost his arm from the shrapnel which hit him and was sent back home, which left Sam without a pilot.

 There is about ten years difference between Sam and Jimmy, but in spite of that Sam never felt older than Jimmy. (Sam never really felt his age. There is a boyishness about him and even though he is one of the older reconnaissance men all the others tend to look after him.) The pilots all look up to Sam and admire him even if they won't admit it. When Jimmy asks them about Sam they calm there is no man better than Sam Winters.

 When they are shot down and kept in a basement for two years it is Sam who forces Jimmy to keep most of his sanity. I have a feeling if Sam hadn't been there Jimmy would have jumped out the little window and got into a fist fight with some of the Nazis.

 Even though Sam is used to being the one who was always looked after he takes it on himself to look after Japhet and bandage him up when he comes back from his missions.

 Sam's biggest wish is to get out of the war in one piece and get back home to his family. He worries because after two years of missing in action without a word his family will have been sent news that he died. His plan is to get back to base and write his mom a "Not Dead" letter.

 Now...I think I will just leave. Maybe go and put some socks on before my toes freeze and fall off.

 Quote is from the book Code Name Verity. It's probably the single most painful line I've ever read in a book.



Monday, March 16, 2015

"I'm all right...stop looking at me like that!"

 Wherein Jack is happy

 I am pleased to announce that my COMPUTER IS BACK! Also, Phil helped me rename my computer doctor, since Not Roe just doesn't work. He is now the Quack. (For those who haven't read the book and should have by now, the Quack was the batty "doctor" in Unbroken who liked to experiment on the POWs.) Only best friends give incriminating nicknames to your computer doctor.

 I'm now downloading the updated Itunes thing so I can watch Phil tell Mac he's going to run away with Cecy and hide where no one can find them. (Bet you didn't guess that was first thing on my to do list when I got my laptop back...)

I now have two weeks before I move. I'm all packed aside from those annoying last minute things you have to throw in. Like my tooth brush. And my cloak. I also have to wash my car, take it in for a check up - no, it is not going to a Quack - and say goodbye to the town I've lived my whole life in.

 I'm also going to get back on top of the Brothers-in-Arms giveaway! You still have two weeks to enter!! (Hint, hint)

 That's about all I have right now. Okay, to be honest, I could say more, but PHIL RUNNING AWAY WITH CECY. See? Priorities my friends.

 One last thing. Emily Ann wrote a short story as part of the giveaway! Be sure and check it out HERE!!!

 Quote is from Band of Brothers, after Nix is shot in the head - well, helmet - and Winters panics because he saw the whole thing.



Thursday, March 12, 2015

"It was kind of daring"

 Remember I said I might not be around much this month? Well that didn`t count me falling off the face of the planet without a word.

 Here`s what happened...

 My computer got a virus. It is being doctored. The doctor is not Eugene Roe. The doctor doesn`t understand I need to get my hands on the digital copy of Unbroken and watch Phil being adorable in the deleted scenes. The doctor is putting my limited patience to the test.

 Shall I emerged victorous? Shall I come out of this a better person with a better character and a strong dose of parience? 

 Could be....

 More likely I will start going raving mad, go down, and beg my doctor on my hands and knees to hurry.

 Sadly, I doubt said computer doctor understands the importance of movie Phil telling movie Mac about how he has plans to run away and hide with movie Cecy.

 This is why computer doctors who are not Roe need to get out more. (Says the person who spends her weekends holed up in her room crying over dead WWII guys.)

 Moving on.

 That`s why I went AWOL

 That`s why my project got postponed.

 That`s why I`m not writing a humorous book.



 I should be posting more. Computer or not. I can borrow my mum`s Ipad (as I am doing tonight) or go to the library and be all spyish and not let it slip the girl everyone knows in town is the not so famous Jack Lewis Baillot, the insane Author.

 Life has been feeling insane. My room is a mess from packing. My room is my safe hidey hole, when it is messy I feel like the world has invaded my sanctuary and I don`t handle that well. I`ve been coping by listening to audiobooks and reading more WWII books and ranting about the fact I can`t stand Catch-22. It could have been such a good book, but it had faults I can`t overlook in books.

 Typing on this bity keyboard takes a talent I don`t have, just in case anyone was wondering.

 Aw, before I forget. Two posts ago one of my readers who does not have a blog asked if they could join in the giveaway. I didn`t catch the comment until last night, but if you`re reading this then yes, you can enter. Just email me, or leave your entry in the comments and I will add your name.

   That`s about it. Aside from the Phil pain I can`t watch life has been dull and nerve wracking. (I`m not the best mover in the world. I`m a bit too much like a Hobbit. I love my hole and am concerned I will leave behind my pocket handkercheif.)

 That`s all. This Ipad hates me and is being wonky. I`d best end this before I blow something up.

 I hope to return soon. Till then...ENTER MY GIVEAWAY 8-D

 That is all.

 Quote is from the Unbroken book when Phil talks about flying past first story windows in his B-24 bomber.



Friday, March 06, 2015

"Well, there was this big fella and then this older woman who was, how would you describe her?" "Scary beyond all reason."

 I'm feeling quite clever at the moment. Okay, not really. But I think I found a way to make the giveaway easier on everyone!! I have one of those entry things on my sidebar, as you may observe ----->

 I'm not sure how correct it is, since it is my first try, but will give it a shot.

 If anyone still wants to take part in the entry ideas I listed in my last post,, it would be great! I'd love to see what you all come up with, and as you can see, these entries still count on the little sidebar thing.

 Also, if anyone wants to post the giveaway thing on their blogs - which would be lovely - this is the link. <a class="rcptr" href="" rel="nofollow" data-raflid="6064ea571" data-theme="classic" data-template="" id="rcwidget_7tjwoovk">a Rafflecopter giveaway</a>
<script src="//"></script>

 I think that is all. I should go and pack up some of my books now, 

 Quote is from The Emperor's New Groove



Wednesday, March 04, 2015

"The only hope you have is to accept the fact that you're already dead."

 I forgot I have a gran giveaway planned!! Forgetfulness is going to be a thing this month I fear. Bare with me. (Bear? Whichever it might be.)

 That aside, GIVEAWAY!!

 As I said, I have three copies of Brothers-in-Arms in paperback sitting around my room doing nothing. I will note here, NONE of these copies are completed. I am still working on the book, therefore, each of them has a different set of editing mistakes. I'm not asking everyone who reads the book to write a review, but if you would it would be lovely and help me and the book out so much. And if you do review, I don't ask for a favorable one, but an honest one, so even if you hate it I won't hold it against the reader. I suppose what I'm saying is just asking to bare in mind that it is still being edited.

 Now that we have that out of the way, I will tell you about the rules. Rules. Because I'm an Evil Overlord and must have evil rules.


 Since my book is WWII I think the giveaway should be WWII themed, but I hate to just pick one point. (Such as having you all writing a short WWII story, because not everyone writes, or likes to write short stories.) We therefore must expand. 

 Send me anything related to WWII. 

 Let me explain that.

 For the rest of the month - because I don't think I can draw winners and mail things while trying to pack and working on a surprise project and spend time with my family - you can send me anything that has to do with WWII. Following is a list of ideas to get you started.

 Short stories

 Artwork. (Must be something you've drawn)

 Outfits. (They must have a WWII theme. Might be fun to see who can come up with the best uniform look alike.)

 Posts on WWII heroes.

 I'd even accept WWII humor. (Examples as follows.)

This isn't made by someone, so this wouldn't count, but I needed something to smile about and Phil sent me this, and I am sharing it, so there.

 The idea is to post your creations on your own blogs and link back to me. (For those doing something related to pictures, if you wold like you can send me what you come up with - outfits, art, or like the one above - I would love to share them on my blog so everyone else can see as well.)

 If you would help spread the word about my giveaway, through facebook, your blogs, or twitter I would be delighted.

 To enter to win in the contest all posts must be linked back to me or I won't know who entered.

 I will be putting all names on slips of paper and drawing three winners at the end of the month. You may enter more than once, but each entry needs to be in a separate post and linked to me separately so I know.

 If you could link back to my blog with your entries I would be grateful.

 Because I have been printing the books to test formatting they are in three various stages of editing, and are used copies. None of the copies are exactly the same since I've been editing between printing. Therefore, I will do it this way.
 The first name I draw will receive the newest edition, and then on down the line. The story is the same, just different things have been added in the newest one.

 As I said, reviews aren't required as part of the giveaway, but I would be really grateful for them. Especially if you wouldn't mind posting them in Goodreads and your blogs.

 I think that covers it. I'm off for now then, but please comment if you have questions and concerns. The more entries, the more the word is spread, the better chance Brothers-in-Arms have in the world, so anything would be a big help to me and this book.

Quote is from Band of Brothers, when Speirs gives a motivational talk to one of the soldiers.