Sunday, March 19, 2017

"I just have to pass for a normal bloke."

 Wherein Jack didn't mean to go AWOL.

 I have been really tired and worn out and haven't wanted to post and whine about how tired I have been. So I went AWOL, like the good little soldier I'm not. I've also been trying to work on a review, which is more of a gushing post over a character I love, but meant to sound as a review. I just haven't gotten to it yet thanks to my history essay I have to write for school.

 I will be less busy in two weeks when school ends. I've been ordered to not take classes in the spring like I had planned. Something about taking a break and getting rest, taking care of myself. It sometimes feels as if the whole town has decided I need mothering and has ganged up on me. *Coughcough* I might need a bit of bossing around and orders to take better care of myself....but if that is the case I probably am unlikely to ever admit to it.

 But, my whining presented, I shall now go off and bemoan the fact I left my essay at work and therefore can't work on it. 

 Quote is from Doctor Who


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"After you, lout."

 Wherein Jack has a sprained wrist.

 Because Dog can be a brat sometimes. Thankfully not often.

 Jack also has to do her history so she can't stay long.

 And sometimes she talks in the third person for no reason.

 Jack has also been watching the remake of Voltron, because she is that sort of geek. She can't even blame this one on her baby hedgehog, even though he enjoys it as well.

 That is all. Jack needs to finish her history so she can go to bed. Because she likes bed.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"I say Vol, you say...?" "Vol...tron?"

 Wherein Jack lost her wrist brace but found her glasses.

 Because it's the little things in life which make a difference. Therefore, I have something to be happy about and something to be less happy about....

 I have also been listening to a song on repeat non stop for about three days now. (It's a pretty song, what can I say?)

 What else shall I regale you with? I can't stay long. I need to take a shower. Like you wanted to know that. I also can't stay long because without my brace it is hard to type for long. Maybe I will padlock it to my bed next time.

 Hmmm.....I am so tired I am having trouble coming up with ideas to chatter about. Weeeeeeeeeeeell....I do have one thing I could chatter about but I am not willing to admit to that yet and will be sharing that new bit of information in a review once I finish the series. I have to prepare myself to owning up to what I have done and that takes time.

 For now, have a lovely holiday. Eat some chocolate and listen to this song I keep putting on repeat. 


Monday, February 06, 2017

"Life is pain, princess. Anyone who tells you differently is trying to sale something."

 Wherein Jack is sick and can't think to post.

 So here, have a song. A fun song because life needs more of them.


Thursday, February 02, 2017

"Will someone get this walking carpet out of my way?"

 Wherein Jack has a series of unfortunate events

 It started with the snow storms. The snow weighed down the tree branches....which were above my car. One was weak. And it decided to give up the ghost. And fall down. Point first. Right on the driver side of my front window.

 Of course, this meant I couldn't drive it. Because not even I would drive a car with a smashed front window. *Whistles innocently.* I had to call around for a window repair man who was willing to drive up the hill and to my house to fix it. Meanwhile I found out I had to open at the coffee shop, which meant if I was to walk I had to be up by five. (Thankfully I have kind friends who gave me rides.)

 I finally got a hold of a man willing to come up in spite of the cruddy roads, but he could only come during the weekday and I couldn't get off work to meet him. (Again, my friends came to my rescue.) 

 About this time I got sick. And I got behind on shoveling because of it. Therefore, a little hill of snow formed behind my car. Then it got nice and melted. Then it got cold and iced over. By the time I was feeling well-ish I had an ice hill behind me. Then I got sick again and wasn't able to shovel it again. (I'm still sick.)

 Then my music player fell on the floor and the screen shattered. At least it still works.

 I found out I couldn't take one of my classes on Monday and because of the class - which I asked time off for but found out on Monday I couldn't take - I have to work Saturday. 

 BUT it hasn't all been bad. My window is fixed, the hill is not so large now, I have a way to get rid of it on Saturday, I have amazing friends, I got a ton done this week, and next week doesn't look as bad. I am just glad that set of mishaps is over. Now I have a breather before the next round comes, because mishaps love me.  


Sunday, January 22, 2017

"Asssssss youuuuuuu wishhhhhhhhhh."

 Posting lately has been so hard and I am not completely sure why. Every time I sit down to write I can't seem to think of anything to say. It doesn't help I lost my wrist brace yet again which makes typing hard.

 Life in general has just been rather rough lately I suppose. I know it will get better soon enough, but that doesn't make it easy right now while all of it is going on. And it isn't as if anything huge or drastic has been happening. I wake up, go to work after I shovel, come home, do school, and go to bed.

 Maybe that in itself is the problem though.

 I'm a very restless person. I like to be out and do things, but I haven't seemed to have time for it lately. Or maybe I am just feeling too anti social after the holidays. I did do a ton of socializing, and I am an introverted person.

 I want to hide in my Hobbit hole and not come out for at least a month. Just write and read and listen to music.

 But I know that wouldn't be good for me, so I am doing things. Or doing my best to do them.

 Anyways, I can't think up a song for today, so what if you guys leave suggestions? Tell me your favorite song 8-D

 Quote is from Princess Bride, Westley rolling down the hill.  


Sunday, January 15, 2017

"It's a good day to die!" "Not on my watch, rodent."

 Here, have a song. This is a new one a friend just sent me, so I am passing it along. 

 Quote is from Bolt.