Thursday, October 16, 2014

"Sherman, I absolutely forbid you to fight in the Trojan War." "It's not fair! All my friends are fighting in the Trojan War!"

 Wherein Jack talks about Dean.

 Dean, Hunter's younger brother. Not the Dean from a certain TV show.

 I will be gone for a week. I thought I would still be around and post, but after some orders to rest and relax, and after giving it some thought, I have decided to just take a week off from posts. I plan to get lots of sleep and write. The plan is to finish the third Haphazard book before NaNo. 

 Which is why I'm introducing you to Dean. Because one should know the new characters before NaNo.

 Dean is thirteen. He's spent nearly his whole life in an underground safe house with only his older brother for company. He's been trained on how to fight and survive in the post Steam War world. He knows how to shot and hit a moving target, he can fight, he's a pretty good aim at throwing knives, 

 Like his brother, Dean's hair and eyes are dark brown. He is short though hopes to get a growth spurt soon. 

 Dean is talkative and curious. He is eager to explore the world once the safe house doors open even though there is danger waiting. He is always asking Hunter questions even if there is no chance of Hunter knowing the answers. He is easy to get along with and, if there were other people with them, would likely be the friend of everyone. He likes people and can't wait to find the other survivors. 

 Unlike his brother, Dean doesn't like reading and would much rather spend his time climbing trees or finding something he's never see before. He's nearly always walking into trouble - trouble Hunter gets him out of even though Dean has the ability to get himself out of anything he gets in to. 

 Hunter is kind of like Dean's teacher. He taught him to read and write and do math, though Dean is anything but a good student. Hunter's patience were always tried during school lessons.

 And that is about all I know of him right now. I'm sure I'll learn more as I write.

 For now, I leave you with a quote from Mr. Peabody and Sherman and bid you all a wonderful upcoming week. See you in seven days!



Monday, October 13, 2014

"Let's get out of here before one of those things kills Guy!"

 Half my family went out of town without the other half because the other half - me being with the other half - had to work in town and the half that left had to work out of town. I am now waiting for the half that remained behind to decide if they're going to eat or not, while building up motivation to go and hem a dress. 

 I also need to go and get some writing done. I have a goal of finishing this draft of the third Haphazard book before NaNo.

 Speaking of NaNo, we come to the point of this post. 

 I will be doing a character post with one of the brothers from my NaNo book.

 Then I will be running off because I forgot I need to edit a book still before bed.

 For now....I'd like all of you to meet Hunter.

 Hunter is the older brother in the book. He is sixteen. His hair and eyes are dark brown and he's average in height.

 Hunter has typical older brother traits. He tries to look out for his younger brother even though he knows Dean can take care of himself. They've both been trained to fight, shot, and hunt. They know how to live off the land, and know what plants were safe to eat before the Steam War. Hunter wants to let Dean have a normal boyhood and tries to do normal things with him while they are trying to survive the machines and other side effects of the war. (They have one game they play more than any other, were Dean will run off somewhere and hide and Hunter will try and track him down.)

 On his own, Hunter is quiet and doesn't like to talk much. He hopes to someday become a teacher, if he and Dean can ever find the others who were saved from the war. He especially loves history and reading and would like to teach both. He hopes to build a house by a lake and live in a world without rampaging steam machines.

 Hunter isn't much of a leader, but does what needs to be done when it needs done. However, if there is someone else willing to take the lead he stands back and follows. Unless it involves Dean. If there is a risk to his brother's life he gives the orders to ensure no harm comes to Dean.

 Now, as I said, I have work to do.

 I will leave you. With a quote from Galaxy Quest again. 



Friday, October 10, 2014

"Sure, they're like three-years-old." "Miners not minors!" "You lost me."

 Wherein Jack talks NaNo

 20 days. 

 I'm more than ready to become a NaNo Hermit this year. I've had more doses of reality than I've wanted or felt like I've been able to handle. I need some time alone, with tea and a brand new, shinny idea to write. 

 Originally I had plans to try and write down one of the ideas I've been working on for the last few years. After reading some of my first dystopian books - The Maze Runner - I thought it would be fun to try and write something in that genre. After all, I ventured out into my first Historical Fiction, so why not another new genre? That's what NaNo is all about, right? Leaving your comfort zone.

 Except, I'm not much of a dystopian person. I tried to read The Hunger Games and failed. There were others on my list that didn't last for more than a week. Something about the government in complete control and the future crumbling doesn't appeal to me. I'm more of the Fantasy, Steampunk person.

 My NaNo Buddy and I were talking about this. By the time I mentioned a possible dystopian book to her I already had the spark of an idea for a plot, which I kind of liked. But I still couldn't get over the fact I'm not the type of person to write dystopian. Finally, after a few hours of brainstorming, a solution was discovered.

 I will be attempting a dystopian, Steampunk novel. (Though I'm not even sure how dystopian it is anymore. More like the End of the World, Steampunk.)

 And after all that, I give to you my basic plot.

 It has finally happened. Years of the government trying to prevent it has failed, and the world's supply of coal has run out. (MIGHT not be coal. Details need worked out.) The world begins to crumble and leaders gather together their greatest scientists to find a solution to the problem. With options short, the scientists attempt to bring back steam power. Their plans fail when the machines they make turn on them. Leaders blame other governments for sabotage and the world falls to war, while the machines continue their rampage of destruction.
 Hoping to save the human race, it is decided that certain children - mostly those of the scientists or those who can afford to pay - will be locked in safe houses to wait out the machines and the nuclear poisoning caused by the bombings. The doors of the underground safe houses are set to remain closed until it is deemed safe in the outside world.
 Two of the children selected are brothers, Hunter and Dean. While waiting in their fortress the brothers prepare themselves for the day they will have to leave, face the world, and try and find the other children who have survived the disaster.
 But when the doors finally open they realize all of their training wasn't able to prepare them for the world waiting them. They are soon facing a fight between life and death, because the doors opened too early, and the machines are still working.

 Like I said, it needs work. It also needs a title. I hate not having a title...I'm weird like that.

 That is for later though. Right now I have work I need to get done.

 But before I go, it is your turn now. What are you going to be writing for NaNo? (All those taking part this year) Also, I changed my NaNo page. I am HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now. So add me, all you lovely NaNoers...because I don't remember how to find you all now that I deleted my old account.

 Quote is from Galaxy Quest



Wednesday, October 08, 2014

"I'm attracting small children. Shoo it away, will you?"

 It's been a while since I did a world building post. I am hoping to start some of these up again, but it won't be regular until a couple weeks.

 To read back posts about the world of Nightshade - which will be the subject of today's post - you can go HERE!

 I will be doing the Giants today. (Thanks to the help of a friend who picked for me since I couldn't decide)

 The Giants live in the mountains of Nightshade, in the north. (The same area as the Dragons. I now have a map made and will be revealing it as soon as I've discovered how to upload it.)

 The Giants are an ancient race. They aren't the oldest race living in Nightshade as the Elves have been there much longer, and the Dragons even longer than both. The Giants moved to the mountains when the Dragons were still roaming free over every part of Nightshade. They lived in caves for years but later built fortresses out of the rocks. They have one castle located deep in the mountains with small mansion type homes scattered elsewhere.

 In the beginning the Giants were peaceful. They kept to themselves, building things out of stone. They're not really miners, preferring to stay above ground than go below. All of this changed when the Dragons left the lower lands and moved up into the mountains. The Giants felt threatened and there were battles fought between them and the Dragons. In the end, boarders were drawn up and neither crosses them. 

 Since the war with the Dragons - the Giants call it a war though it never really was one. It was more of skirmishes, but one doesn't argue with Giants. After the war, the Giants became violent. They lock themselves up in their homes and tend to kill strangers on sight. (Not that they meet many strangers since few travel into the mountains. Mostly they just meet a wayward Dwarf when he leaves his mines.)

 Not only do the Giants attack other races, they attack different tribes. It isn't uncommon for battles to start between Giant families. They usually fight by throwing rocks and using catapults they've made. Because of this, their battles tend to sound like thunderstorms to anyone living below the mountain.

 Giants dress in crudely made cloth. It is woven in their looms, but because they are so big it is hard for them to find enough of anything to weave. Therefore, they weave in grass and hay with their wool and cotton. Their outfits are simple, more like shifts. The women's are longer than the men's.

 As a general rule, Giants eat a lot of meat, mostly deer. They have gardens but don't care much for veggies. And, contrary to the rumors, they do not eat Humans. disregard anything BenArgon may tell you on this subject.

 And that is all. 

 Quote is from Seraphina



Monday, October 06, 2014

"Someone's gotta tell him."

 Today I am very pleased to be taking part in Jennifer Frietag's book Plenilune!

JENNIFER FREITAG lives with her husband in a house they call Clickitting, with their two cats Minnow and Aquila, and their own fox kit due to be born in early December. Jennifer writes in no particular genre because she never learned how, she is make of sparks like Boys of Blur, and if she could grasp the elements, she would bend them like lightning. Until then, she sets words on fire.
Living with her must be excruciating.

 Book Blurb:
 The fate of Plenilune hangs on the election of the Overlord, for which Rupert de la Mare and his brother are the only contenders, but when Rupert’s unwilling bride-to-be uncovers his plot to murder his brother, the conflict explodes into civil war.

To assure the minds of the lord-electors of Plenilune that he has some capacity for humanity, Rupert de la Mare has been asked to woo and win a lady before he can become the Overlord, and he will do it—even if he has to kidnap her.

En route to Naples to catch a suitor, Margaret Coventry was not expecting a suitor to catch her.

 And now for the amazing cover!!

Isn't it great?! I'm really excited for it. 

 And now some links.

A link to my explanation on planetary fantasy

 Quote is from Frozen

 And now I must be off.



Friday, October 03, 2014

"I'm gonna tell him." "Don't you dare!"

 I thought it was time I introduced another character. I haven't done so in a while.

 I've been working a lot on the Blade books while I work on the third Haphazard book - which is making good progress. So those who went through the cliff hanger, hopefully it can be redeemed soon.

 Since I've been spending so much time with the Blade Boys I've decided to take a moment to introduce you all to another one.

 (If you would like a peak who have already had their turn you can find them HERE!)

Today I present to you Fagan.

 Fagan is the village blacksmith's son. He is seventeen and his father planned for him to become a full time apprentice at the blacksmith shop as soon as he finished school.

 Fagan has a short fused temper. He hardly ever smiles and his main form of communication is to snap or grumble. He keeps to himself and is something of an outcast in the village because no one wants to risk him punching or yelling at them. In spite of this, for some reason, Fagan looks out for Ryder-Adair - a younger boy who is constantly being bullied. Fagan and Ryder-Adair aren't exactly friends, but they get along better with each other than most everyone in the village gets along with them.

 Things aren't easy on Fagan, especially between him and his parents. This is part of the reason he is mad so much of the time. This makes him protective of others, though he never realizes it. In the later books other things come up and he goes through even bigger struggles.

 There isn't a lot of detail I can go into with Fagan without giving spoilers away. But I will say little kids are drawn to him. They sense his protective side and feel safe when around him. Also he is a skilled fighter, though maybe not as much as some of the other boys. 

 I have a picture of him, like the other boys, but because of computer difficulties I don't have them right at this moment. When I find them I will share his.

 That is all. I should go and write like a good Author.

 If you don't know where the quote is from you must be a hermit, so I'm not going to unhermit you by explaining it.



Wednesday, October 01, 2014

"Dying must agree with you or something."

 I've been trying to think up a post since yesterday. I've been having trouble concentrating and focusing on things like posts and blog readings.

 I don't handle changes well. I like things to stay the same, familiar and safe. But a lot is changing in my life right now and I'm not taking it with good graces. (I tend to stare off into space, ignore people when they talk to me - though I don't mean to do it) and cry more than is normal. 

 It isn't exactly horrible. I have a lot of support and I know if I trust God He will direct me and show me where I'm supposed to go in this upcoming year, but it is still hard.

 Part of the new changes have to do with my writing. Spending more time on the third Haphazard and Loyalty books has given me time to consider publishing options and new marketing ideas. I want to try some things out, but I have to figure out how they will work first.

 The biggest thing is a possible move next summer. Not just a move across town but States. I've lived in Wyoming my whole life, same town. I am excited to try something new, but terrified at the same time. 

 On top of all that I've seemed busier now more than before. Not so much writing busy, but other jobs. Also, my summer threw me off so I am trying to get back into things. I am getting there, slowly. 

 I will keep this short. I have emails to answer. I thought a bit of an explanation might be helpful though. I'm not ready for details yet, but maybe soon. Just, prayers are really welcome right now 8-)

 Things to do!

 Quote is from Charmed Life by Diana Wynne Jones.