Monday, August 22, 2016

"Dumb bunny." "Sly fox."

 Wherein the M&M's almost didn't make it.

 You know how Shawn and Gus get into problems? Like sitting on a bomb and not being able to reach their food? Things like that.

 I have a friend like that. My Ben.

 I have been feeling sad lately so she took me on a picnic - with cookies and trail mix, an apple we split, and M&M's which I begged and whined for. We found a rock to sit on and I balanced the M&M's and cookies on a crack in the rock because I am a dope.

 Ben grabbed the cookies.

 And our beautiful bag of M&M's fell down into the crack where they securely wedged themselves.

 Panic ensued.

 We tried to reach the bag and scratched up our hands and arms. Finally, after we broke many sticks to try and save them, we ran back to my flat for my sword. One of my many swords.

 Shockingly no one questioned us as we took the sword back and managed to save our yummy candies.

 That is all for now. I have some things to do. Mostly thinking things, but you get the idea.


Sunday, August 14, 2016

"Watch out, the boss says he's a handful."

 Wherein Jack got the job she needed.

 Talk about spoilers right there. Oh well.

 For the last year I've been struggling to find a second job so I could keep my flat. Now....I HAVE ONE THANKS TO GOD!

 I am going to be one of those coffee people who serves you nice coffees and asks you if you want cream to tickle your nose. Come try and find me. It's a big country so you better start now.

 I don't have much to say today. I have been relaxing and reading and so forth.

 Have a song. I am off.

  Quote is from Tintin.


Friday, August 12, 2016

Red Tails

 A deeper introduction of the characters!

 But first.

 Over Germany

Gene! Answer me, Gene! How bad are you hit?”
The plane shook and sometimes the tail dipped. Gene clung to the controls while he listened to Phil's voice shouting at him over the radio. He tried to focus, tried to clear his muddled mind and answer, but couldn't. Something had gone horribly wrong, he just couldn't remember what, no more than he could register the pain.
Come on, idiot! Hang in there.” Phil said. Gene wanted to tell him to shut up.
Stay with me. Talk to me, Gene!”
Gene struggled to form words. He tried to take stock of his surroundings. Everything blurred. His head didn't feel right, and there were black spots closing in on him.
Tell me about your mom. About all the kids you beat up...”
Something flashed in front of Gene's eyes and for a few seconds he couldn't hear Phil's voice. When it passed, Gene realized he could no longer see his controls – or anything else. Panic hit him at the same time he found his voice.
Phil,” he said heavily, “I'm flying blind.”

 There, have a sneak peak.

 Now to the characters.

 Eugene Wade, who goes by Gene, is the only child of a widowed mother. He grew up in the deep south where he faced all kinds of bullying and discrimination. He and his mom had the chance to leave but never did because they didn't want to leave the home Gene's dad made for them.
 Gene is a loner who has no friends and doesn't want them. He has his mom and that's enough for him.
 Smart, Gene entered college early. When the war started he joined the Tuskegee Airmen because he saw it as a challenge and wanted to prove blacks could fly as well as whites. Gene passes training and is sent to training where he is given the same barracks as a man rumored to be insane and a medic.
 Gene has a sullen personality. He is withdrawn, grouchy, but loyal to a fault.

 Phillip Nixon, known as Phil.
 Phil grew up on Wyoming on a ranch. He has an older brother and a youngest sister, and knows nothing of the prejudice in the south since his dad's boss on the ranch happened to be white and treated them like family.
 Phil learned to fly on the ranch and therefore when the Airmen took recruits he shipped out to Alabama to join up.
 Although he talks non stop Phil is nervous meeting people and misses the ranch. He has only two close friends and he relies on them for his sanity through the war.

 Charles Harris. Charlie. 
 Charlie is a medic, but not a normal medic. To prove there shouldn't be segregation he joins the Airmen, even though he is white. Charlie grew up in Texas. He is the oldest of four with two younger sisters and one younger brother. He plays the guitar, hopes more accidents happen on base so he has something to do, and tries his best not to stick out.
 Charlie is sweet plain and simple. He gets along, or tries to, with everyone. He is kind, gentle, and has a hidden since of humor. But also a  hidden secret. 

 And there they are, my Tuskegee boys. I am very fond of them.

 Now I am going to get ready for bed and tea.


Tuesday, August 09, 2016

"Then you can teach me Dragon's Breath."

 I want to paint my flat like Rapunzel. Guess it only works for a tower locked princess and not a renting tenant. Anyone want a pretend princess with a paint brush?

 Wait, you didn't come to look for princesses? Sadness.

 I still want to paint something though.

 Okay, let's get this done then. The blurb for my newest book, So Much Owed.

 Eugene, Gene, Wade knows what it's like to face struggles in life. As a black boy growing up in the deep south, he has learned how to fight and how to rely only on himself and his mom. But when WWII breaks out Gene finds himself given an impossible chance, to become a pilot.

 One of the new founded Tuskegee Airmen, Gene heads to Alabama where he finds himself in the company of two army misfits, Phillip Nixon and Charles Harris. Gene doesn't want friends, but he especially doesn't want to be friends with Phil and Charlie - as Phil is rumored to have killed a man and Charlie happens to be the only man on base who is white.

 For all three of them life changes when they are shipped overseas, and slowly discover just how important friendship can be.

 I am not much for blurb writing, but there is the basic outline of the story!

 Friday you get to briefly meet Gene, Phil, and Charlie.

 Quote is from Inkheart.


Sunday, August 07, 2016

"This is exciting!"

 I sometimes feel like running away and finding a Hobbit hole to live in with my books and Dog. This happens on days when Nat has stolen my fountain pen, life gets complicated, and I start to run low on tea.

 For now I shall be responsible. I'll whine silently about my tea and tear my flat apart for my pen....BECAUSE I NEED THAT PEN, NATASHA!

 Oh, and I will also reveal.....

 Being worked on as we speak.....

 My next book to face publication....

 So Much Owed.

 The title was taken from a quote by Churchill during the Blitz.

Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.
Winston Churchill

 And no, my book is not about the Blitz, but I liked the quote and the title fit the book.

 Now you can guess until Wednesday...continue guessing I should say....what the book is about. An overview will appear here on Wednesday.

 Quote is from Psych.



Saturday, August 06, 2016

"This doesn't make us friends."

 Sometimes life is hard.

 Sometimes life stinks.

 Sometimes life is full of sleepless nights, long days, and the need for naps which can't be had.

 Sometimes this certain Jack needs to be a hermit.

 And tea. Fairy lights. WWII mysteries. A fuzzy blanket. Book sales. Books. Cookies.

 Basically I haven't had a nice few months. But I am going to try and be brave. And starting Monday....


 Quote is from Inkheart.

 And now, good night.


Monday, August 01, 2016

"With his yelling and your blasting everything it's a wonder the whole station doesn't know we're here."

 Today I leave you with a Brothers-in-Arms song, and a request. I need to get my revews on Amazon higher. I only have a few and I have plans for them. So if anyone could possibly post a review there I would be so grateful. Of course, Goodreads and Barnes and Noble are an added plus, but I badly need some on Amazon.

 And now the song. I found it at long last. THIS is Japhet's song!

 TTFN. Quote is from Star Wars.