Friday, May 22, 2015

"Brooklyn just makes us a little nervous."

 Wherein Jack learned and did things this last week.

 The mail here hates me

 I so have the bet I made with my best friend won

 The rain came back

 I don't think I hate the rain. I walked in it and got soaked which meant I got to come home and have nice hot tea. But only after I went to work dripping wet

 Proof copies of Brothers-in-Arms arrived which means I get to read through it again

 I'd someday like to meet a fella who will get me two scoops of ice cream on dates

 I found out I'm not horrible when it comes to balancing on wooden fences

 I've been working on the forth book in the Blade series. I had NO idea how painful it would turn out to be. I think most of it is because I've been working on the plot for years so it is hard nearing the end.

 Even though I've been having fun walking in the rain, wielding my umbrella like a sword, and jumping mud puddles I'm ready for summer. Sunshine. Sunburns. Bare feet. Ice cream. 

 If you haven't caught on, I think I'm in the mood for ice cream.

 I need to make a raft this summer, out of logs lashed together with some twine, and float it down a river. I've always wanted to do that.

That's all I did this week.

 Quote is from Newsies



Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"Bill, don't look at me. I'm hideous."


 Oh yes, and greetings to you all and all that lovely stuff.

 It's Wednesday. Which means I'm halfway through my busy week. Friday is the long day but since it is the end of the week I don't think I can complain. Once it is over I get the weekend off to read and sleep and go outside where THE SUN IS SHINNING AT LONG LAST.

 It took it only...nearly all spring before it caught on.

 Yesterday it pretended to come out. It lured me outside with the promise of lovely weather and instead the wind blew and I had to leave on my bombardier jacket as I went up a tree. The tree had nothing to do with life in general, I just happened to be balancing on a fallen branch under it and it just happened to lead me right to the tree and I figured I might as well go up. Which meant I went to work covered in a nice array of sap.

 Since this is the halfway point I'm feeling tired and wish to curl up in the sunshine with a good book and ignore life. Except I have a bet going with my best friend, and if I did that I'd lose the bet. Instead, I dressed like I borrowed my older and taller sister's clothes, threw on an insanely colored pair of tights, and am sneaking in a post before I have to go to work.
 (Hear that, Phil. I'm still on track with the bet!)

 I should have some point to this. But by the time I get to a point I will have to end and put my shoes on. So you will have to do without a point and allow me to go and eat my lunch.

 And sulk because the sun just disappeared behind an army of clouds which felt the need to march down from the mountain. So long as they don't bring more rain I think we can get along fine. Not that I hate rain, I am just suffering cabin fever and...nope. I've got nothing.

 Good bye, I want food.



Sunday, May 17, 2015

"Is no one going to address the fact Cap said language?" "I know, it slipped out."

 I thought it was time I did another Haphazardly Implausible song inspiration.

  This song I first heard while watching the movie, because it is from the movie just in case you couldn't guess. I really liked it when I first heard it, but then I realized it reminded me a lot of Jack and Isidore.

 And...that is about all I have. I'm really busy this week with work...not writing work but other work. Which means I need to double up on writing so I won't get behind. My posts will probably be a bit shorter as a result. (I also need to double up so I can have some time off this summer. I has summer plans and a mini vacation. Because everyone needs one of those in summer.)

 So I am going to go, drink some sage and lavender tea, listen to the audio book of The Horse and his Boy, and steel up enough nerve to make phone calls tomorrow.

 Quote is from Age of Ultron and the running joke they kept up through the whole movie.



Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"Will you stop moving around? It's so frustrating! I think I counted one of you twice."

 Wherein Jack is random

 You have been warned.

 There is a peak point in which to drink tea. Sometimes it is hard to find, it takes years of practice, but when you get there your tea will be perfect. Not too hot. Not too cold.

 It took me weeks to find the right wording for the quote I used for my title. It shouldn't have, I use it all the time, but when I started to try and remember it for a post title I kept forgetting how it went.

 I've discovered that the best way to make friends with little kids is to wear odd socks. Even if little kids still take a while to warm up to me they at least find me interesting as they examine the stripes going up my legs.

 It is a big change going from having nothing but brothers to nothing but sisters. In spite of that I may or may not have gotten into some wrestling matches. (Explanation. I'm living with sisters and they've rather adopted me. Hence the sister thing.)

 I toss apples and oranges from one hand to the other really fast. Adults watch me so when I slip and drop my apple they can laugh and say I bruised it. But when a little kid saw me they threw me a ball because they assumed I was an amazing juggler.

 I was biking home the other day when I passed by a man and my first thought was, "He's old. He must be forty." I didn't mean it to be an insulting thought, it just came up and then it sank in that I am nearly thirty and forty isn't that much older than me. (I mean no insult to anyone forty or older who is reading this post. My problem is is that I don't feel my age, so I have that childish tendency to believe everyone over thirty is so much older than I am.)

 I had some chocolate ice cream this weekend. Do you have any idea how much ice cream improves life? No wonder it was given to the soldiers before they jumped into Normandy.

 I went to get my paycheck today and ran into a man heading in the same direction. When he told me he was out for the same means as I was I froze and awkwardly stood in his way until I realized he was being a gentleman and letting me go first. I scrambled to the desk, all while trying to think of something nice to say. I didn't manage, which isn't all that surprising.

 I've been baking bread. I thought I would be good when I moved out and make my own  bread since I was always told it is cheaper than buying it. I almost became a baker once, when I told my Mercenary Friend he said he could see me as a baker and thought I would be good at it. I took pictures of my bread in case I ever meet up with him again. He will find them amusing. The first few loaves were okay. I thought I was getting the hang of baking, then I made two loaves and charbroiled the tops of them. Last night's attempt fell to pieces when I took it out of the pan and it's as dry the Sahara desert. Time to banish me from the kitchen again.

 For a few weeks I had it down to where I was just reading one book at a time. That didn't last long and I'm back to reading four at once. I think this is one habit I will never break, not that I'm too worried about it.

 I think I will always be sad that Eugene Roe, the Band of Brothers' medic, didn't write down his story as some of the other men did. I do understand though. One of my uncles was a medic in the Vietnam war and he refuses to talk about it. He will talk and joke about anything else but not that.

 I need to consider moving to a place where there is an actual spring. I like the cold, but I prefer it in winter, when it is meant to be cold. I'm constantly having to pull a jacket on after days where I've done nothing but wear short sleeves and lose my shoes.

 The Last Goodbye from The Battle of the Five Armies is an incredibly painful song.

 I dress myself like a five-year-old. You know the ones, you see them all the time. They wear poke a dot pants, stripped shirts, tutus, and spiderman jackets. Their mothers blush and say, "She wanted to dress herself this morning," so you know the mom had nothing to do with it. I realized today I do the same thing. I go to my closet, stick my head in, and go, "This looks nice, and this, and I've not worn this jacket in forever." I throw it all on and head out. Sometimes I get an okay outfit from it, usually I look like the five-year-old who dressed herself for the first time.

 My dog tags almost came off again. I don't know if I explained them, so I will do so now to explain why them coming off us such a big deal. For my best buddy's birthday I made us dog tag with our nicknames on them. Friendship necklaces for our nerdy side.
 I did a post a month or so back about our theory behind why the soldiers in Band of Brothers never lost their dog tags even when they rolled around on the ground and dove into lakes. When I sent my buddy hers one of the first things she said is we would now have to prove our theory. If our tags fell off it would prove the soldiers only kept theirs because they were so dashing the tags never would have dreamed of leaving them.
 A couple weeks ago I got into a wrestling match with my roommate and they almost came off. The other day I was hanging upside down over the back seat of her car and again they almost slipped over my head.
 If I was a Myth Buster I'd have proven the myth true.

 Now I need to stop being random. I have a book to edit.

 Quote is from Robots, as I already said. It is the last battle, when they go in out numbered and..brilliant. I just forgot his name and I don't feel like looking. The brother. He is trying to count to see how badly they are outnumbered.

 There. Now I'm going for real.



Sunday, May 10, 2015

"We scared those Rebs right out of their boots!"

 I did this song not too long ago. I should pick a new song, but Josh Groban released his newest CD, Stages, and this song was on it. I had to do it again, because his voice makes the song sadder and it fits even better with Brothers-in-Arms.

 So, Music Monday is a repeat, of sorts.


 Before I go, my hedgehog, you all remember him, right? John, my pet baby hedgehog who writes books? He has an announcement HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Quote is from the book Iron Scouts of the Confederacy, the book which I took my middle name Lewis from. (Not my real life middle name.)

 That is all.



Friday, May 08, 2015

*Blank stare* "He's fast and she's weird."

 I should have posted Wednesday. I even had a post ready to go, but then we watched a movie and my computer kept glitching. By the time we finished the two hour movie at least three hours had past and I ran out of time.

 I am posting today though, because today is the 8th and I had a promised post which has to go up today.

 For those who need a bit of a refresher...I say that but it is just me saying I don't know how to continue this post without saying I am revealing the release date and cover for my short Beauty and the Beast retelling.

 First, the blurb.

Belle's father has always taught her to see the magic in the world around her, but when war comes it suddenly becomes harder to find. During the bombings of London, Belle is sent to live with Adam Prince, a bitter gentleman who has lost much and has therefore locked himself away in his mansion. When Belle meets Mr. Prince she decides she will show him the magic her dad told her not to forget, but it isn't as easy as she thought it would be.
 Aided by her new friend, Belle begins to break down Mr. Prince's wall. But, just as she is helping him find laughter again sorrow strikes too close to home and Belle herself begins to lose hope.

And now for all the fun bits.

 This novella will be releasing to the world on July 17th. I'll be publishing it in both paperback form and ebook.

The Cover

 Random little story behind this cover. Usually when I get my covers they involve standing out in the middle of streets armed with an array of weapons. I have the cameraman at one in, the model at the other, and two posts to keep an eye out for cars so everyone can get to the sidewalk before they are crushed.

 For this cover I really wanted a rose and some snow, but sadly all the snow had melted and the weather had been fairly nice. Also I was having trouble finding somewhere I could buy a single rose. I didn't want a whole dozen.

 Right before I moved someone gave my mum a rose. I don't even remember why now - I was packing and slightly preoccupied. The next day it dumped a lovely covering of snow everywhere. I asked my mum if I could borrow her rose, then went to the college with my camera where I sprawled out in a snow bank in my trench coat and ignored the college students who passed me.

 In spite of it being cold, it was one of the safer covers I've ever done.

 I hope all of you like it, and even more I hope you will enjoy the story when it is released.

 Quote is from Age of Ultron, a conversation between Hill and Rogers.



Sunday, May 03, 2015

"No one would know. Last I saw him Ultron was sitting on him. Terrible loss. I miss him already."

 Wherein Jack is not being a responsible Author.

I have a song for today, but it has no connection to my books. (Unless you make a Brothers-in-Arms connection somehow which someone did. I didn't see the connection but obliviously one reader did.)

 I'm just doing this song because this man's voice is amazing and I love the song and the musical and I love this fella's, put all that together and I think it's pretty fantastic!


  If you can't tell from the quote, I saw Age of Ultron. And if you didn't know that it means you need to go and see it. The quote is Hawkeye, after Quicksilver leaves him behind in his dust. Because few things are better than Hawkeye complaining to himself.