Tuesday, June 21, 2016

"Stop the planet, I want to get off!"

 This is me

 No, really. You want to take someone, keep them running around for ten hours a day, studying and writing for five, and then attempting to sleep for six..(that doesn't make 24 but give me a break), when in reality they only get about two or three good hours of sleep on a good night. Do that, and you get me these last two months.

 I hate to complain about having bad days, weeks, but especially months. But May and June were just that. There were nice bits. Beaches, reading, book shopping...tiny bits of relaxing between the running around and almost falling over from lack of sleep.

 Basically, I'm kind of done with life right now and I refuse to let my summer pass like the spring. 

 Summer is too short and fabulous and I MUST do summer things. Dig in the sand, swim, mountain bike, pet wild bears...sit outside in the evening in my little garden.

 I just need a long holiday. I plan to start it in July. All I have to do in July is play with little kids and go and get my eyes checked. I can handle that. No more tests, no more applications - I am praying - no more rushing across town for interviews. Just me, my insane pets, sunshine, and good books. (BECAUSE STEFAN BUCHMANN'S NEWEST BOOK IS MINE AND IT IS GOOD!)

 I am not going to just vanish from the blogging world. But I do need to relax. At the moment I am a coil of on edge nerves and am more jittery than a cat. I need to find a way to start sleeping, to get some time to myself, to unwind, and to stop stressing about all the things which were piled up on my head. I plan to do just that this week. Thanks to my best friend I have good books to read now, pretty chimes to listen to, and just snug little homely things which make me feel I'm not just staying in my flat over the winter.

 Because of how hard life hit, among other things, I got behind on a special blog award tour I am taking part in. I am sharing with you all the lovely and fun information and hope you will like joining in! It is going to be a ton of fun, and it is all about Tolkien, so even better.

 Welcome to the first ever Silmarillion Awards!

The Silmarillion Awards have been created by DJ Edwardson and Jenelle Schmidt as a way to honor J.R.R. Tolkien as the Father of Modern Fantasy, open up a discussion about some of our other favorite fantasy works, and to have a ton of fun this summer.

When we started thinking about creating a sort of “Fantasy Oscars,” we found it difficult to fathom any award that wouldn’t be won by a character or item from The Lord of the Rings... so, to make things a bit more interesting, we decided to call them “The Silmarillion Awards” and have characters from LOTR and The Hobbit present the awards as examples of the ultimate standard for each award. Hopefully that will even the playing field a bit.

Joining our team are eight other bloggers and authors who will each be hosting one of these awards, called Silmarils, on their blogs towards the end of July.

But before we get there, we need YOUR help! Starting today, June 20th and proceeding through July 1st, the nomination period for each award will be open. Please visit the participating bloggers (found in the list below), read the descriptions of the awards and make your nominations!

Nominate characters in the comments of each blog post. If someone has already nominated the character you would have nominated, you may either second that nomination, open a new nomination, or do both. We will be picking the 5 characters with the most “seconds” for the final voting period that will take place between July 4th - 13th, so you may also “third,” “fourth,” “fifth,” etc any nominations you particularly like.

Fine print:
  1. Please do not nominate anything from one of your OWN books!
  2. You may nominate a character AND second, third, fourth a character... but please only vote once. You can nominate and/or second as many characters as you would like in each award (i.e. You cannot nominate a character and then also second that same character)
  3. Please share about the Silmarillion Awards on social media to spread the excitement far and wide across Middle Earth. Use the hashtag: #silmawards2016 wherever possible!
  4. Don’t nominate a Tolkien character for the awards, as the characters presenting the awards are already the standard for each award
  5. Don’t stress if a character you nominate doesn’t win this year. We are hoping to make this an annual tradition, and these awards are LIFETIME AWARDS, meaning that they cannot be won by the same character more than once!

Official Schedule:
Phase 1 - June 20-July 1: Award nominations open
Phase 2 - July 4: the final nominees will be announced and voting will open and last through July 14th
Phase 3 - July 16-28: Presentation of the awards, 1 per day, each award will be hosted on a different blog each day
Phase 4 - Celebration! July 29th was the official publication date of the Lord of the Rings back in 1954. We invite you all to celebrate with us the 62nd birthday of this masterpiece of Fantasy Fiction. Congratulate the winners, take and post a photo of yourselves with LOTR paraphernalia, write a blog post about your favorite LOTR moment, scene, character, quote, or memory... get creative and have fun!

List of Participating Blogs:

 And now for me. I have with me Eomer....YES! Horse Master. Nephew of King Theoden, brother to Eowyn. He stayed for tea...be envious. He will be presenting the award for Best Fantasy Mount. 

 *Stands up, peers at the microphone, frowns, clears throat, removes helmet, looks fabulous.*

The Best Fantasy Mount Silmaril should go to a creature who is loyal, steadfast, noble, and fleet of foot or wing. This steed should be something special and play an important role in his or her story. 

Let the voting begin!!


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

"Old, alone, done for!"

 The longer I do adult things the more I realize...I'm just not cut out for this. 


 Medical insurance?

 Job applications?


 Trying to get into government buildings for things you can get into trouble for not doing but not sure how you will get in since they are only open during the hours you work?

 Not. Fun.

 That is why I am not going to adult anymore than I have to. If you need me the rest of this week you can find me in my hammock, drinking strawberry milk, and eating frosted animal cookies. Oooooo, and I will be adding a nap in there somewhere, because if I am going to not grow up let's go all out. Naps, lots of snacks, and some cartoons. Maybe I'll make a blanket fort, except Nat would probably tear it down because she is a twerp.

 Other than the adult stuff I've been up to, I have also been writing again. Slowly, because I am usually really, REALLY sleepy....(Happens when you wake up, wide away between three and four in the morning.) I am trying to write first drafts in notebooks, just to see if a different writing form can help me start up again.

 I was very brave and called the nearby Bucky and Donna's (Barnes and Noble for those who haven't caught on yet) if I can come and do a book signing. ADMIRE MY COURAGE BECAUSE I FREAKED OUT MAKING THE CALL AND THEY SAID I COULD DO ONE WHICH MEANS TALKING TO PEOPLE ABOUT MY BOOK! *Packs more snacks into the blanket fort.*

 I started to study Morse Code so I can randomly tap out messages when I am in public. Anyone who knows it has permission from your Evil Overlord to tap out replies, so long as you pardon the fact I seem to get M and A mixed up....

 I DO know how to do the SOS signal though finally! I am so happy. One never knows when one will be kidnapped and strapped with bombs and forced to pretend to be your best friend's arch enemy. Comes in handy during times like that.

 Other than all of that. I am again behind on emails, I am taking part in a blog party this month which I am still trying to get the hang of, and this weekend I am running away from home to eat all of my best friend's cookies.

 I leave you with another Peter Pan quote...why? Who knows. Just enjoy it.


Sunday, June 12, 2016

"I always want to be a boy and have fun."

 Wherein Jack didn't get a cuddly kitten.

 The last cat I had was sweet. She had her moments, but mostly she liked to sit on my lap and snuggle with me. This led me to the mistake of believing that was how all cats behaved. So when I got Nat I expected I would have a nice, inside pet I could cuddle with in the evenings.

 If Nat could talk our conversations would be as follows.

 Me: I had a long day. I think I'll just sit down and read for a little while. 

 Nat: Peasant.

 Me: Want me to pet you?

 Nat: Peasant.

 Me: You can sit on my lap.

 Nat: Peasant.

 Me: *Picks her up to cuddle.*


 When I'm asleep, Nat: *Lays on my face.* This is not cuddling.

 Me: I can't breathe.

 Nat: Unfortunate.

 And that is why one should never name their kitten after a tiny, Russian assassin.

 Today I share this song, because this man is fabulous and he made this with his wife which is extra cute.

 Quote is from Peter Pan.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

"It's been an emotional roller coaster for everyone."

 I'm going to attempt to post, since I haven't all week.

 Can't promise how it will turn out - after all, it is Saturday - my day off - it was raining so I snuggled in my flat wit a fuzzy blanket, and now the sun is out. Sort of. It comes and goes, depending how much time I take between writing post lines.

 Things have happened this week. A lot of things. Overwhelming things. Big changes. Some not so big changes. Summer things. Goals. And I took my book to the local library as a donation, so there is that too.

 Basically, it was one of those weeks I spent in a mad dash to try and keep ahead of things I didn't want to face and ended up having to face them anyways.

 It's over now. I made it through and it went better than I feared it would. I still have a ton to deal with, but it doesn't seem as impossible anymore.

 So today, to celebrate the fact that the week ended, I got a doughnut for breakfast and then spent the afternoon with my friends. We went to the beach, because it has been HOT all week....and of course today was cloudy and cooler. But we still had a marvelous time.

 I know this probably all sounds very vague. I just don't feel like going into details.

 Just wanted to stop by and say I am doing okay now and I am taking part in a fun blog party coming up really soon!!!!

 Quote is from Oscar. 


Sunday, June 05, 2016

"My peanut butter has the same expatriation date as my jelly. I can't help but think it is some kind of twisted love story."

 I almost didn't post because I couldn't find my wrist brace and for some reason my hand has decided tonight that it doesn't want to work. But I found it, so you get words of wisdom from me. Or possibly ramblings from Nat as she runs across my keyboard. (She and Dog are starting to chum up, and now I feel bad for giving Dog such a sad nickname. I am open for new nickname suggestions. Because in real life she has a brilliant name. Or, I could nickname Nat Kitty on here. So, vote away with suggestions. Because nicknames are a thing on this blog I guess.)

 As you know, I was gone most of last week. I needed some time alone so I took off work and pretended to run away from home. It was rather nice and I need to do it properly later this summer. I also came home to a Nat who was convinced Dog and I were never returning and had left her an orphan. 

 I don't really know what song to do for today. I could do more Brothers-in-Arms songs but I'm feeling daunted by being an actual published Author and am not sure what to do now that my book has been released. (Except hide in my flat and not come out since people I know in person are planning to read it.)

 So here, have a Doctor Who song and go eat some jammy dodgers.

 I leave you with an Iron Man quote. There might be a misspelling in it, but I can't be sure. 


Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"They hadn't always been friends."

 THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!

 First, a recap of the book tour. You can revisit all the posts with the links below. 

 Second, I would like to thank everyone who took part in the tour. I had a lot of fun invading blogs!

 Third, and not related, someone besides me needs to tell Nat she can't have coffee. For some reason when I say it it comes out sounding like, "Sure, Nat, have some coffee. It's not like you don't have enough energy already.)


 I had two prizes, one is a signed copy of Brothers-in-Arms and the other is a dog tag necklace stamped with the winners name or nick name, their choice.

 For the necklace the winner is Hannah V! (I will be emailing you for your address.)

 And the signed copy is Jenelle!

 And finally, I leave you with a final song and the link for my book! (It can also be found on Barnes and Noble and Amazon.)

Abbey 9th: Author Interview

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Jenelle 27th: Jimmy Interview


Sunday, May 29, 2016

"We haven't met yet. I'm Clint." "I don't care."

 This is happening!!!

 One day to go!!!!

 I can't believe it is happening!

 May has been a crazy month for me. It flashed by while dragging at the same time. I can't believe it is gone, and the 31st is here. With my book releasing onto the world.

 Today I have the last of the book tour posts. I will do a post on the 31st to celebrate the release, but after that for the rest of the week I will not be online. I need some time alone, as June is going to be hard. (This month has already gotten hard but I've been able to keep busy.) I plan to do as much as I can the first of June to rest a little.

 Today I am at MJ's blog, HERE!!!!!!! with a final character post.

 For the 31st I am trying to think of something extra fun to do, but if there is anything all of you would like let me know in the comments. (Have a question you want answered? Want to know a spoiler (hahahaha)? Want some of the special ice cream I bought? Let me know and I will try and fulfill your wish.)

 Now if you will pardon me, Nat seems to think she is a parrot so I must go and help her learn a new cat skill so she will keep off my shoulder.