Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Heavens! I've been skewered!"

 Some of you may already know this, but I sent my book into author William Greenleaf to have an evaluation done. He has been working on it for the past two weeks and this morning, I got his response. I am so happy.

 First off, I must just say, if you are ever looking for an editor I would strongly suggest Mr. Greenleaf. Not only is he an author and has helped many get their books published, but he is very nice to work with. From the moment I emailed him with my questions he has been most helpful, patient, and clear on everything he has written back in response. Also, he took the time to email me and tell me he got behind working on my book and would be delayed. That in itself won me over.

 So, that said, I have found it a most enjoyable time working with him. He has offered me a lot of hope about my writing. And this evaluation was the best investments I've ever made.

 As some of you know my book, Haphazardly Implausible, is set in a Victorian time period with a world war on the edge of starting. Now, I knew there was some faults with this but I never addressed them as it is a Steampunk book and I didn't think it mattered. Clearly it does 8-D. I suppose it is like all writing, you have to stick to time periods for the story to be clearer. No matter what you write, there has to be a time, a date, something to give the story foundation. I am already working at fixing this.

 Another thing was one of the characters in the story. Isidore Thaddeus Reichmann is the greatest detective in the world, and he gets sidetracked and lost on his case because of Jack, a British girl who wanders the streets. I knew there was some faults in this as well but again I didn't address them. While writing and trying to keep the story working, I got two things mixed up. What needs to happen to Isidore and his case. Mr. Greenleaf pointed this out and offered suggestions on how to get it back on track.

 Also, when telling the story I jump from one character's  point of view to another, and then to mine. I knew this needed fixed as well but again I just kept writing. So now my little book is going back into the editing room to get some more work done on it, but this time I feel much better about it as I have a clear focus on what needs to be done, and a list to keep me on track.

 The best news I had from his email is that the opening scene was good. I detest writing opening scenes. They have to draw the reader in from the first word, and that is so hard for me to do. Such a relief that I don't have to re-write that part like I did with some of my other books.

 On top of all this I am still working on my letter. This is proving to be a battle. This plot isn't the easiest one to just sit down and say, "This is what it is about." This is why I have such a hard time with pitches. The story has two subplots that tie in with it, but weaving these together is a challenge. And then to have to sit down and write a short, gripping letter on which the story is about. Well, go read the book page and you will see one of my attempts. There are two major elements I want in the letter, namely how Peter is having to trust his enemies while learning he cannot trust his friends and how some unknown orphan is suddenly the most important man on the planet. Putting them together in a way that would attract an agent hasn't been easy. I had another go at it last night, so I am going to re-read it today and see what happens now.

 Also, I am working on book three. It is going slower then book two because I have been sick. Still trying to find out what it causing it so we can fix it, but so far nothing has worked. Also, something happens in the third book, something I am not looking forward to writing. And it is going to happen soon, so I am dragging my feet.

 But for now I need to be off. I have a book to edit and one to write, books to read, blogs to comment on, twitter to haunt, and other books to read the plotlines on. Oh yes, and agents to hunt down.

 Oh, and lastly, my dear sister made my signature! Very cool, no? She's extremely talented.

 And now, for real,


  1. Great job!! I'm SOOO happy for you, Jack!! :D

    I know Haphazardly Implausible is going to do really well! :D

  2. How wonderful! I'm so glad that you found someone so great to work with. I hope that happens to me sometime in the future...

    Still praying for ya! :)


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