Monday, October 24, 2011

"How long will you stay with me?" "Forever."

 Today is a very special day. Today you are honored with my first guest post. This is from my sister, whom small be given the nickname of River on here. She is a fashion blogger and here is her site,, which you simply must go visit. And now, without further ado, River. 

Well... I was going to write a post on a Doctor Who character, but I as soon as I thought I had decided on whether or not to do the Doctor or Rose, I would change my mind, so Jack said I could do a post on both of them. (Ain’t she sweet?)

The Doctor and Rose. I would say they are inseparable except the writers were cruel and did separate them - which was one of the saddest things ever to happen in Doctor Who (second only to the 10th Doctor having to regenerate). The reason it was so sad was because they were perfect for each other.

The Doctor is a nine-hundred-something old Time Lord. Actually, he is the last of the Time Lords, and he is lonely. He’s traveled through space and time ever since his planet, Gallifrey was destroyed, but he doesn’t like to travel alone, so he takes companions with him - usually a human girl. The companions however, can never stay with him. They have their own lives and their own families on earth that they want to be with. So he always has to say good bye, and be on his own again until he finds a new companion.

Rose Tyler is an ordinary girl working in a shop in London. She lost her father when she was a baby, and her mother and she don’t always see eye to eye, but they love each other. Rose, however, is bored, and secretly wants to have adventures. But she doesn’t know how to - until she mets the Doctor, that is. He shows her how amazing and exciting life can be. Without even thinking she runs off into the wonderful, big, blue TARDIS and goes off to travel through space and time with him.

But the best thing about the Doctor and Rose is how well they fit together. Rose loves traveling and having adventures just as much as the Doctor does - like when they find out that the royal family are werewolves. Rose is just as excited and giddy as the Doctor is. Or when they accidentally end up in 1952 London instead of at a radio studio in New York City to see Elivis. Rose gleefully goes knocking on random doors with the Doctor to interrogate the residents, call the mean ones name and all around make them look like idiots.

But it’s not just the Doctor changing Rose. She changed him as much as he changed her. He went to Christmas dinner with her, and even let her mother on the TARDIS despite the fact that he had said in the first episode he had made it clear that he didn’t tolerate family. And when someone hurts Rose’s mother, he’s just as concerned as Rose is, and is 100% behind her as she goes to yell at the guy.

The Doctor and Rose - completely and fully supporting each other. Did they always get along? No. the Doctor was very angry when she went back in time and nearly destroyed the world trying to save her father’s life. And she was terribly angry at him when he stood and watched as earth burned up 3,000,000 years in the future. But they always managed to work it out, because they loved each other. And when Rose had to make the decision to leave with the Doctor and never see her family again, or stay with them and never see him again - she chose him, despite his protests. And that’s what made them so cool together- their undying love, devotion, support, and protection of each other.

They’re one of the best couples I’ve ever seen on television before. If you haven’t see it before, I highly suggest you try it.

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