Monday, October 31, 2011

"This wouldn't have happened if my mother had bought me a red sled when I was little. Why, Max why wouldn't she buy me one?" "I don't know, Siegfierd." "Do you think it was because we lived in Florida?"

 My plans for November.

 In the hopes I don't sound like I am bragging, I've never found it a challenge to do NaNoWriMo. When I am well I can usually finish a book a month, which would be great if I didn't have such a hard time editing them later on. Editing, Bad, bad editing!

 Anyways, back on subject. To make it more of a challenge I would shoot for 200,000 words in November. 50,000 a week. Last year I reached 150,000 but got so worn out I was unable to write in December and this threw me behind with my writing I needed to get done.

 This year I planned to just work on one book and not worry about  word count. To just write for fun. I even had a cool plot. It is called DragonSlayer and you can read about the plot on my NaNo page.

 So, I was really excited this year. I love the plot and the characters...but I ran into a problem. November has caught me in the middle of the World War series. I know if I take a month off from this book and try to pick it back up in December I will not remember what is going on and what I had planned. And that isn't something I can risk. The series is  nearing completion and everything is flowing, to stop now is to loose all that. So, it simply can't be done.

 On top of that, I am in the middle of editing the first book, getting my name out in the world, and looking for an agent. And it has caught me in the middle of a sickness that is making writing next to impossible.

 I am gaining progress on the editing work. At least, on finding Steampunk sites and meeting people. My letter is still choppy and needs a ton of work, but I am slowly making progress on that as well. And, well, you can guess. There is no way I can stop the editing work and get thrown back there. Not if I want to be published.

 Now, all that is to say, that this year I have a challenge. While keeping up on all this work, editing, writing, commenting, stalking, I am going to try my hand at DragonSlayer. I will see how well it works before it crashes down on my head.

 Okay, on things as well. I've updated the Fun Things page. So, if you are curious about the characters, help spread the word 8-D As you can see in the character's list, there are a lot of them to find out about so the more followers the sooner you can learn about them.

 Also, I am closing down my old blog today. As well as getting ready for NaNo. Letters to write, my bed to remake - not that you cared to know that - and a blanket to sew. Now I think I shall go. But first! Who else is doing NaNo? What are your plots? I would love to hear all about them!



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  1. I'm really excited about your new book! It sounds great. :D You can't get behind in Peter's, though. I will make sure of that. His books are some of my all time favorites! :D

    But anyway, good luck on NaNoWriMo! I'm going to have lots of fun cheering you on and not doing it this year! :D :D :D


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