Thursday, December 15, 2011

"How silly they are! They've forgotten Uncle Cuthburt's brand new brolly!"

One of the most beloved characters in the "Tintin" adventures is Snowy, Tintin's faith dog.

 Besides Tintin, Snowy is the only one to appear in all the books. He never leaves Tintin's side, if he can help it, and gets him out of as many scraps as he gets him into.

 I suppose there isn't really a lot you can say on a dog, but Snowy is no ordinary dog. With Tintin as a owner he cannot be.

 Before Haddock came along it was Snowy who had to make sure Tintin didn't get into too much trouble. Of course, he never succeeded at this, always following after him and thinking things like, "When will we stop for dinner?"

 If there is anything that can distract Snowy it is a good bone. More then once his love for bones gets him and Tintin in trouble. In one book he steals a bone from a dinosaur skeleton at a museum. Another time he looses a rescue note Tintin has written when he stops to chew on a bone. And, when he is sniffing out a bad guy's trail he changes course to find a bone, which gets him into a lot of trouble with Tintin. But, in the end, Tintin knows he can rely on Snowy to save him, even if there is a bone in the way.

 Next to Tintin, I think the person Snowy loves most is Professor Calculus. In the book, "The Calculus Affair," it is Snowy who carries his umbrella all about the country after finding it in a bucket and thinking, "How silly they are! They've forgotten Uncle Cuthburt's brand new brolly!" Of course, he looses it when he runs into a hay pile but he ends up finding it later, tearing a part a lost and found to do so.

 And now, I think I will close. Join me tomorrow to meet the last character before my special post. Tintin himself!



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  1. Snowy sounds fun - reminds me of Max. :D Great post. :D Thanks for sharing. :D


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