Monday, December 19, 2011

"Great Snakes!"

 Well, somehow I managed to live through another skiing trip. Someday I should learn how to stop on those things. My whole theory of gritting my teeth and speeding down till I hit a flat part is getting a little dangerous. One has to watch out for other skiers, and even if I did see them there would be no way for me to stop, I'd just end up going over them.

 However, this post is not about my inability to stop on skis. This is about the "Tintin" movie. "The Adventures of Tintin, The Secret of the Unicorn."

 The movie is being done it motion capture. I don't really understand all that means but from the interviews I've watched I know it involves wearing tight suits and acting the scenes out with little dots attached to the suits. Sounds embarrassing but hey, if everyone is wearing a suit it can't be all that bad. And at least one of the actors is used to it. It is reported he carries extra dots in his pocket. Bet you can guess who he is. *Smirk*

 The movie is full of famous actors. And yes, I did look every actor up to see what he had been in before. One of the chaps played Westley in "The Princess Bride." But, since he has only a small part, I can't really tell you about him. I think he plays one of the pilots, I can't really remember and my computer is freezing too much for me to look it up, so why don't you go look?

 Now, back on subject.

 Playing Captain Haddock is Andy Serkis. And if you don't know who this man is then you need help, my poor friend. Though I doubt many know what this man actually looks like. I think all of his acting, or most of it, it done in a skin tight suit and the only thing we get to see if him is his spit...(as he put it). As I am sure you all know, Mr. Serkis plays Gollum in "The Lord of the Rings." So he is quite a pro at the green screens. Of course, he has been in other movies. He talked one of the mice in, "Flushed Away." I believe it was the rat who takes over Rondy's house but don't quote me on that, my brain has failed and I'm not dead certain. But, anyhow, pictures.

 Haddock in the books
Haddock in the movie
 And Andy Serkis not in a suit with dots. 
 Second are the Thompsons. They are played by actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Mr. Pegg is playing Thompson and Mr. Frost is playing Thomson. From what I read these two are very good friends, which is kind of clear in their interviews. Mr. Pegg talked Reepiceep in "Voyage of the Dawn Treader." And plays Scotty in the new "Star Trek," for all you Star Trek geeks out there. I would be one but I cannot find the shows online. Mr. Frost was in "Penelope," for a short part. He played the real Max. 
 The Thompsons
 The movie Thompsons exclaiming, "Great Scotland Yard!"
 And the actors. See, I was even able to find a picture of them together. Mr. Frost is on the left and Mr. Pegg on the right. 

 And then there is Snowy. And, I don't think any actor is playing him, not sure who is doing the barking though. I've not really looked up how they are doing him, I just assumed he was one of those round balls on a stick that someone holds at the right level and makes the actors talk to. If I wasn't sick I'd have some strange remark for this but you don't get one. 

 Book Snowy. I admire Herge for putting a dog in his books and keep him in all of them, and not forgetting him. 
 And the movie Snowy. And you don't get an actor picture here. Sorry

 Lastly, again, is Tintin played by Jamie Bell. I first saw Jamie Bell (I don't think I can call him Mr. as I believe I am older then he...) in "Defiance," very cool movie but for all the language. So sad, because it was a REALLY cool story! I mean, WW2, Jewish brothers on the run, people hiding in the forest and fighting the Nazis, can't get a better story. And the ending!! LOVED the ending!!! Best ending I've ever seen in a movie, well, one of the best. SUCH a good ending. *Happy sigh* I need a language bleeper so I can see it again. 

 But, anyhow....I liked Jamie Bell's character in the movie. He played the middle brother, well, sort of. There were four brothers - maybe five and I forgot one - and he played either the middle or second youngest. I think I liked him best and was sad to learn that the brother in real life died in the war. The others lived through it. Okay, moving on. 

 When I first heard of the movie the actor who was going to play Tintin was Thomas Brodie-Sangster. I don't normally call boys cute but this little boy was SOOO cute! He was in "The Last Legion." I was disappointed to find he wasn't going to play Tintin. And then I was even more disappointed because the only pictures I ever saw of Jamie Bell were ones with him not smiling so I thought he must be a very, shall we say grumpy person. I've been proven wrong, but that was my first impression. I only started warming up to the idea after "Defiance."

 Today I was board so I watched a bunch of interviews on the actors. Jamie Bell is really quite funny. He spends most of his interviews laughing, and he has read the Tintin books since he was eight. (Europe kids get all the fun books). He even watched the old TV shows as a kid. That's kind of like David Tennet going into acting because he liked "Doctor Who," and then getting to play the Doctor. 

 And, before pictures, I'll share some odd things I learned today that you might not be interested in but which you get to hear anyhow. Jamie Bell owns a typewriter. The only reason I found this interesting is because I've been looking for one and didn't think anyone actually owned them, I mean besides nuts like me. And now I think I've just insulted some people so...moving on. Second thing is his hair makes a natural cuff...however you spell it. Stands up in the front. Also, he once mentioned on set about 45 being old and everyone went, "45 is not old!" I probably only find that funny because I've done that. Try doing it around a bunch of women, I almost lost my head doing that. Now, pictures.

 You know the routine.

 And this one, because it is cool
 And Jamie Bell. Smiling

Tintin Website
The movie site
The UK site
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Okay, now I shall be off. Join me tomorrow for my final before the movie post!



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