Thursday, December 22, 2011

"The land of thirst. The land of thirst." "Will you stop saying that? There are worse things then sobering up, Captain."


 WeeEEeeeEEeell, I did it! I got to see Tintin on the opening night. We went to the nine o clock showing. The only time I was able to drag anyone to opening night was to "Prince Caspian," and we went to the nine showing then as well. All the best movies are worth a late showing if it means going on the first day. Now, you are probably all wondering what I thought about the movie....

 I think I got my years mixed up. I believe I've known about Tintin for three years. After reading some of the books I looked up online to see if there would be a movie so, basically, I've been waiting for this movie for three years. I've followed it for that long, when it was really nothing more then a rumor and I watched the first preview enough to memorize it. So, as you can tell, I've been very excited for it for years. 

 I must admit, I was SLIGHTLY wary about seeing it. The line, "A treasure was lost that can change history," worried me. (I might have quoted that wrong, remember, I'm sleepy *Smirk*). Had they changed Red Rackham's treasure? Was it some kind of magic now? But still, this wasn't enough to stop me wanting to see it. I mean, come on! I haunted ALL the actors in it to see if they had been in other movies I had seen. I grinned wide enough to have my teeth fall out when I saw Moffat was writing it. I was GOING to see this movie. 

 Now I will shut up and give my review, starting at the beginning. For some reason I love those 20 style movies. You know the kind, mysteries, dark allies, screaming women when someone is shot, tommy guns and gangsters. And the opening scene made me flip. I was giggling through the whole thing. What a cleaver idea! Having a black shadow of Tintin running about, chasing the bad guys with the Thompsons blundering about around him was great! And I love his theme song all the more now, I think it fits him well. All mysterious sounding and fun and exciting. 

 Then there was the bit when we first see Tintin getting his picture painted by Herge himself with pictures of the other characters in the background and Herge asking, "Have I ever painted you before?" Of course, I was the only one in my family who got it so my brothers wondered why I was giggling so hard, but they already think I'm batty so oh well. 

 The next scenes show Tintin finding the model ship of the Unicorn and taking it back to his flat where Snowy chases a cat and breaks it, knocking out the scroll which Tintin doesn't see roll under the chest of drawers. He then goes to the library to search for more clues. (I loved that library. I want one that big where I live. Imagine all the books in there.) It is there he learns of the "curse" on the Haddock family. While he reads someone is sneaking about behind him but Tintin never sees who he is. I didn't get a clear look at him but now that I think of it I believe it was Mr. Barnaby who met him in the market after he bought the ship and told him to get rid of it while he still had the chance. 

 Anyways, after reading about the Haddock's Tintin returns home to find his flat has been ransacked, and it is then that Snowy shows him where the scroll is. And it is then that Mr. Barnaby shows up on his front step and is shot. I loved the line after that, when Tintin yells to his land lady, "Someone's been shot on our front step! Call the ambulance!" To which she shouts back, "Again?!" Poor lady, having Tintin as a tenant must be as dangerous as having Sherlock Holmes as one. After this the Thompsons show up, the next morning, to talk with Tintin and it is in this part they exclaim, "Great Scotland Yard! Bowler hats are half off!" "Great Scotland Yard! So are walking sticks!" I love that line, Soooo funny! And then when one of them trips over the cat and falls downstairs. At least I can safely say my whole family liked them. 

 Now, the next bits I have out of order I'm sure. I need to go see it like, ten more times before it goes out of the theatre. But in the next few scenes Tintin gets his wallet stolen by the pickpocket Mr. Silk, who isn't really a pickpocket but loves wallets 8-D I loved that scene and the chase down the street after him when the Thompsons crash into things and into each other and Tintin is almost run over by five or so different cars and saved by the Thompsons. The crashing bits was so funny and the part where Tintin is almost flattened is very exciting. 

 The other scene is when he goes to Marlinspike Hall to find his stolen ship and runs into the Rottweiler who chases him through the grounds and who Snowy befriends when he barks at him. Does this mean Haddock will have a pet dog AND cat when he buys Marlinspike? And then Tintin breaks into the house and meets Mr. Sakharine again. 

 Now, when doing my characters I left this man out, who was played by Daniel Cragg.  In the books Sakharine looked evil but he turned out to be really nice, a ship collector who wanted to buy Tintin's model ship because it looked like one he already had. However, in the movie he is evil who wants the ships because he knows there are scrolls in them. So, I wasn't really sure what I thought. I mean, Sakharine looks MUCH more evil then the original bad guys, the Bird brothers, but he was SO nice I didn't know if I would like him bad or not. So, I kind of ignored him during my character posts. And now, I can safely say I love him both bad and good. I don't think they could have picked a better bad guy for this movie and the twist they added! Just grand!

 But, back to my report. After one of these scenes Tintin goes back to his flat where he is kidnapped and stuffed in a crate, then smuggled on board Karaboudjan. That word is fun to say now that I know how. While there Sakharine goes down to see him, looking for the scroll, which Tintin doesn't have of course. He tells Tintin, "I will find it, with or without your help." And then when he leaves Snowy appears and frees him, giving him a chance to beam Haddock in the back of the head with a board while he tries to climb from one window to the other. And then there is the part with Allan and Tom blowing the door opened and getting shot by champagne corks. That part was great! I loved the whole scene. Also loved the part where Haddock accuses Tintin of trying to kill him and they sword fight with those sticks while running about his small cabin and jumping on things. 

 I also loved the line where Haddock is telling Tintin, "They've locked me in here with nothing to sustain my mortal soul but whiskey." Then Tintin walks over and opens the door, looking back at him and kind of rolling his eyes. Haddock shrugs it off and says, "Well, I assumed it was locked." I also liked the line where Tintin calls the ship a tub and runs out the door, leaving Haddock behind getting upset saying, "Tub? Tub?!" He then opens the door to find Tintin being beaten up by one of his crew members so he knocks the man out and he and Tintin introduce themselves. They then escape together with Haddock telling Tintin they have to reach a locked door. Tintin and Snowy break every hammock in the sailor's sleeping quarters and get buried under a pile of sailors to get the key only to find out the locked door is containing bottles of whiskey. Of course, Tintin gets annoyed but says nothing, leading the way out onto the deck where he sees one of the crew. He takes one of Haddock's bottles and tries to beam the man with it, only to have the bottle snatched by Haddock at the last minute so that he ends up beaming the guy with his own hand. For some reason I liked that part, not only was it funny but it shows how Haddock changes later. At first he is willing to do anything for his whiskey but later he lets bottles get smashed if it means saving Tintin's life. 

 After this part is another fun chase over the decks while Tintin is being shot at. They then get into one of the boats and get away, where Haddock then knocks Tintin and Snowy out with the oars, finds a bottle of whiskey, and makes Gollum noises in his throat. I loved the Gollum noises, I wonder if Mr. Serkis does them all the time now, like he just goes about making Gollum noises. He wakes Tintin up to show him his fire, then realizes what he has done and tries to put it out, by pouring the rum onto it and making an explosion. Then there is the sea plane which tries to shoot them down, and Tintin telling Haddock, "I have bad news, we only have one bullet." "And the good news?" "We have one bullet."

 Another line I liked was the line when they are in the aeroplane and Tintin is flipping through the manual with Haddock standing behind him saying, "You do know what you're doing, eh?" "More or less?" "Which is it, more or less?" "Relax, I interviewed a pilot once."

 And the aeroplane crash was exciting and unbelievable and adventurous, the best kind of crashes there are. In the book the two pilots whom Tintin ties up stay in the aeroplane through the whole crash, in the movie they untie themselves and jump out yelling, which was really funny. After the crash Tintin gets knocked out and is almost chopped up by the propeller but Haddock saves his life, I loved that part, and then the part after it when Haddock, Snowy, and the propeller all fall off the aeroplane and Tintin is staring at them wondering what is going on. 

 After this they cross the desert where Haddock has nothing to drink and gets sobered up which helps him remember parts of the story of his ancestor who was on the Unicorn. In the book he found the story in his ancestor's journal but in the movie the story was told him by his grandfather right before he died. Upset, Haddock drank and forgot the story so he has no idea why Sakharine wants him alive and has taken over his ship. But, as I said he starts to remember. He remembers the whole battle, which was a COOL battle. In the preview the pirate ships suddenly seems to fly, passing over the Unicorn but what really happens is the masts get tangled together and the Unicorn, which is taller, lifts the pirate ship out of the water. 

 The pirate ship goes down but before the men have a chance to think they have one the pirate captain appears - Red Rackham himself. And then Haddock faints from the heat saying he feels all weird and Tintin tells him, "Just think, all it took was a day in the Sahara. Congratulations, Captain, you're sober." They are later found by the Arabs and taken to a fort where Haddock wakes up with no memory of Tintin or the plane crash or anything, that is until Snowy sneaks him some rum. Then they leaps about the room, jumping on things and fighting an imaginary Rackham as he remembers the rest of the story. And it is then he remembers that Sakharine is related to Rackham, and wants revenge on Haddock. This is the part where Haddock pulls Tintin out of a window and they crash into a wagon of hay, then agree to get to the palace where the last ship is and find the scroll before Sakharine. 

 As I have said before I LOVE friendship stories and the next scene was one of the best. Sakharine hires Castafoire to sing for the people of the palace and thus shatter the bullet proof glass that the last Unicorn is in. Tintin finds out what he is planning and he and Haddock sneak into the palace, but before this Tintin gives Haddock the one scroll they have, telling him to keep it safe. More or less saying, "I think you are as brave as your ancestor and I trust you." Haddock is clearly nervous about keeping the scroll but honored Tintin trusts him so much and puts it in his pocket. 

 While Castafoire starts singing Haddock starts getting all jumpy, unable to stand her voice. He then declares, "Every man for himself!" and runs into the garden, leaving Tintin alone with Snowy who is whimpering under his chair. Meanwhile, Haddock reaches into his pocket and pulls out a bottle of rum, not to drink though. When he does the scroll flies out and he grabs it, stuffing it back in his pocket only to be jumped from behind by Allan who smashes him with the rum. Then Castafoire hits her high note and shatters all the glass at the same time Sakharine sees Tintin and yells, "He's come to steal the ship!"

 Snowy and Sakhaine's hawk race to get to the ship first while Tintin and Haddock are surrounded and have to fight their way out of the palace. During this time the hawk grabs the scroll and Haddock tells Tintin, "It's worse, Allan took the one we had. he got me from behind with a bottle of whiskey. I wasn't drinking it though."

 Tintin doesn't believe him, telling him he can smell it on him, then jumps on a motorcycle to chase after Sakharine, telling Haddock he is going after him alone. Haddock jumps into the side car anyways and they chase Sakharine and his hawk all through the city, snatching the scrolls from each other. This is one of the coolest chase scenes I've seen and the part where Tintin's motorcycle becomes a unicicyle and then the wheel breaks off and he slides down a cable on the handle bars chasing the hawk. In the end he catches the hawk but Sakharine has Haddock and pushes him into the ocean so that Tintin is forced to let the hawk go or allow Haddock to die. I think that whole part was my favorite in the movie. I loved the chase and I loved the parts where Haddock knows Tintin is disappointed in him and is very sad about it, and then how Tintin is willing to give up the scrolls and the answer to the mystery to save Haddock. And the part after that, where he gets discouraged and Haddock tells him never to call himself a failure was just wonderful. 

 And now the ending. The whole ending was amazing. Sakharine and Haddock end up having a sword fight with cranes, which reminds me of something Jamie Bell told his interviewer when asked who would win in a fight between Jackson and Spielberg. He said they would have this grand fight with cutlasses and would be jumping off the masts and ratlines and then in the end would sit down tired and say, "Let's go make a movie." Well, if those two ever had a fight it would be with cranes and there would be tins of crab falling down on everyone below and metal getting all smashed up. 

 After the crane fight, Haddock and Sakharine have a fight with swords at the end of which Sakharine threatens to burn the scrolls, telling Haddock he will never get anything his ancestor left him. He offers him a bottle of rum, saying it is all he has left. But then Tintin swings down and grabs the scrolls and Haddock shoves Sakharine into the water, kicking the bottle in after him. I. LOVED. THAT. PART!!! You have NO idea how much I LOVED that part!! Okay, breath...

 The ending has them returning to Marlinspike Hall where they are met by Nestor and end up finding some of the treasure and Tintin finds a map which will lead them to the rest of the treasure that went down with the ship. 

 So, I'm not sure if this is a good movie review - I've never really done one - but in short I loved this movie. I loved seeing the typewriters in Tintin's flat and still wonder if it had something to do with Jamie Bell who owns one and says it is Tintin's gadget. I loved Mr. Silk - and the scene where the Thompsons catch him and find their wallets and Tintin's. I loved the part where Haddock yells, "Geronimo!" And still wonder if Moffat had to sneak at least one Doctor Who line in. And I loved the Thompsons, they were SO funny. But best of all I loved the wild adventure and the friendship. I think Herge was right, only Spielberg could bring Tintin to the big screen. He captured everything the stories are about in wonderful ways. The characters run from one danger to another, Tintin is konked in the head so much you wonder that he isn't the one suffering from memory loss. And how Haddock changed in the story, THAT. WAS. AMAZING! Starting to believe there was some of his ancestor's courage in him and that his life wasn't a complete failure. And I just love slap stick comedy. 

 So, this is by far one of my top favorite movies of all time. I loved every part of it, even the ridiculous parts - rather, unbelievable bits. Because, everyone who has read the book knows that Tintin's whole life is unbelievable. Only he could live through an aeroplane crash like that, or stay on a motorcycle that suddenly only has one wheel. But the best part was how they brought his and Haddock's friendship to life. I think Herge would be pleased at how it was all done. And the ending, wrapping it all up but leaving enough hanging for a second. Calculus anyone? 

 And now, I think I will go as this post is quite long enough. 



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  1. I have been really interested in this movie. Quite a rediculous looking one, but harkens back to much more simple and enjoyable flicks.

    I like older movies too, but mostly mystery movies. or twilight zone. People in 20s-40s just really understood how to tell a good mystery.

    (btw have you seen the new muppets movie yet? it's downright awesome. I'm torn between it and Sherlock holmes as being the best bang for your buck in the theater right now.)


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