Monday, December 05, 2011

"Max, don't worry about folding up the carriage, we don't have car anymore to put it into."

 The Trouble with Cars.

 If you follow me on Twitter you will already know I've been car hunting. And while this has nothing to do with writing, it has things to do with life, which inspires writing and therefore may be interesting.

 My dad and brothers work on cars. His brother is restoring an old car. All of my uncles kids like cars. My aunt got a car for a birthday present. We are a car family. And then there is me. I got my permit at fifteen, the only one out of all us kids. And, I always said I wanted a truck. Well, my dad found a fifties truck. It was cool but I never liked it a WHOLE lot, never really cared. *Whispers* I don't care all that much about cars. But for almost ten years I have been trying to save up for this truck. You can see how much I wanted it, right? $500.

 Well, my dad and brothers started working on a car for this guy. It is called a Karmann Ghia. It is German. And it's the cutest car you've ever laid eyes on. Don't believe me? Check out that link.

 These cars are rare and cost a ton of money, and I wanted one. But I knew I could never by one. Then, out of town, hidden among other cars, was a little Ghia getting all rusted up. My oldest brother found it. And he showed it to me. And I fell in love. I called the owner and he said he would sell it for a $1000. I almost flipped. But there was a draw back, he had no title. When I looked into getting a title I saw they cost a ton of money.

 I started to look around for other cars. I had now decided I wanted a small car, like a spy car. Something like Maxwell Smart's. But once again I didn't care. Then I saw a car sitting at a used car place. It had a square shape with cute, rounded head lights. So, I dragged my younger brother to look at it with me. It is a  1971 Mercedes-Benz.

 And, here is a picture of it.

 It is also a $1000. It has no title but the man can get it. It has a blown up engine but my dad has one to put in it. And it needs no inside work like the poor Ghia. I mean, the inside is great. Only draw back is leather seats but I can get a seat cover. 

 Oh, and I forgot to mention. I can also get a newer Camero. My dad has one he was going to let me buy from him. And yes, I turned it down for a German car. *Smirk* But there you have it, now you can droll over my cars. Especially the Benz as I am certain that is the one I am going to end up going with. AND if I decided later on, I could sell it for a lot and buy my poor Ghia AND fix it up. Because, honestly, that little Ghia needs a nice home. 

 I suppose I should give a writing update. I've been able to write again. I finished NaNo. And I am almost done with the third book in my series which means one more to go 8-(

 And now...



  1. :) That is a cute car. You like small cars - I like big cars. Except our Jetta - that car is fun to drive. :D I like the breaks on it. And now I'm rambling...

    Love you!!!

  2. Oh what a gorgeous car! I love old cars, they have such personality. I hope it works out for you to get it.

    Also, I love your blog background. So cool. I found some interesting steampunk art on


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