Monday, December 26, 2011

"You do know what you're doing, right?" "More or less." "Which is it, more or less?" "Relax, I interviewed a pilot once."

 Merry day after Christmas to everyone! I hope it was blessed and filled with grand memories and that it was a reminder of Jesus. 

 I figured now is a good time for a book update, now that my Tintin posts are complete. My sickness is still hanging on but we've found a doctor if we can only get in now. Yes, I speak in the plural. No idea why. Of course, things are still going slow with my writing because of this, but I have made some progress which is nice. 

 Book three has been completed. I am pleased with the ending but fear the editing. Today I was looking over the start of book four - the last book - and cringed. My spelling in that one is horrid and sentences are choppy. I knew my brain was too muddled while I was writing it, but i like the context. Sadly, my explosion didn't work, which is the only spoiler you are getting. 

 As for agents, I got another rejection email so I'm making progress. I have to re-write the letter again but haven't had the brain power to do it yet. 

 In less book news I was given some money for Christmas and set out to hunt down a typewriter. I found a lovely one that was used in 1917. It was a little more then what I was given but I couldn't pass it up. Not often you find a 1900's typewriter online that doesn't cost a thousand. I also found a little lap desk, those things are hard to find! It was only 20 and since I was owed some money I got it as well. It has a painting of an Amish boy and girl on it and is a cute picture but I'm not sure if I will leave it or not. I might sand over it and redo the finish as it looks a bit faded and I have finish. While I'm at it I'm thinking of building a little shelf for my room with some wood I have. 

 This week my brothers have birthdays. One will be 21 and the other 22. I always take them out for their birthdays and my youngest brother has asked to go to see Tintin at the IMax in Denver. We are getting him a camera for his birthday so if he gets cool pictures of the day I shall get his permission to post some. He is a wonderful photographer. My other brother is getting his first laptop. 

 Progress on my car is going well, I hope to have it in a few more months. I'm really hoping to have it before my DLS comes to visit as I wish to go about and do things with her without having to worry about my mum needing our car - we share one. 

 And for now, that is all I have to say. I'm going to try and start writing again this week. I need to get my youngest brother to help me with the battles - and I should give them names so it will be less confusing when I speak of them on here. I could use their real names but that wouldn't be very mysterious, would it? *Smirk* But if I use their nicknames we use at home they would kill me so I shall have to think of other ones. 

 As for now, I believe that is it. I might have an interesting change at the first of the year but it may not work so I don't wish to speak of it yet - change in my family, not my blog or writing. But now you at least know how things stand with my books. 

 Now I shall be off. I want to go to sleep *Smirk*




  1. Good luck on that car. Gotta say I really Have been wanting to get one myself.

    If ya want I can help some with battles. They are my specialty in writing, and I know a few tips and tricks to making them believable and real. Btw, NAMEING them is VERY hard. Battle names are some of the hardest things to do as many people remember a battle or event by an odd detail.

    Hope all goes well with your writing. Wish It was going well with mine.
    Adam Out.

  2. Battles are hard to write... I always have trouble with them.
    Whoa, that is SO cool that you got a typewriter! I've always wanted to try one of those (another thing I've always wanted to try is a harpsichord!).
    Good luck with your writing and I hope you feel better soon. =)
    P.S. I answered your comment on my blog post =)


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