Thursday, January 19, 2012

"It gets you right here, doesn't it, Spock? Oh wait, in your case it would be right here." "The fact that our anatomy is different pleases me to no end, Doctor."

 I've been making writing progress, which has been great. It is wonderful to write again. However, while I am writing everything seems to be turning out horribly, but in reviewing some of it today it sounds just how I want it to. Thankfully my characters don't need my  brain to tell their story...though I wonder if this should bother me a little bit. After all, I am their creator, so shouldn't they listen to me, sometimes? 

 I am now on chapter eight of the last book in my series. This book has been a struggle to write, not only because it is the last one but because it is more complex then the others - in ways I cannot tell you because of, "SPOILERS!" 

 Also, I'm working on re-writing my query letter, again. Now that I have scribbled out so many I have some idea of what I am doing now. That was until I sat down to write it. The first half went great but when I got to the second half I felt like I had smashed into a wall and when I peeled my face off of it I went, "That sounds horrible!" Something of the same thing happened with my writing today. On opening my book I looked at the new page and went, "I've no idea what is supposed to happen now." 

 I am still editing the first book. I got behind on that but I am nearly done now, about five more chapters to go. It will be a relief to have it done, though after this one is edited I have to move on to the second. 

 So far that is all the updates I have. And now that you know what is going on I shall go away and get back to my writing - a word which here means staring at the blank page in the hopes I will find out what is supposed to happen. 




  1. Hope your writing and letter starts going smoother soon! LOVE YOU!!!

    ~ Your DLS ERRW

  2. Ah, you will succeed! I can feel it... I believe in you!!


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