Thursday, January 05, 2012

"The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord."

 My two brothers had their birthdays last week. This post is late but I've not had the energy to do it till now. First off I will do a post on my Older Younger Brother, or as I shall call him my OYB. (I'm older then both my brothers but he has always acted older then me and in many ways he has always seemed like an older brother.)

 My OYB is amazing, that is the only word for him. He's a lot like me and my dad, quiet, not very excitable, seemingly gloomy on first appearance. He is laid back and probably thought of as dull by many, but I have the honor of knowing what he is REALLY like. 

 Because of his quietness he is ignored by many people. Everyone takes to my younger brother because he is outgoing and funny. Rarely do they give my OYB a chance. I suppose this happens with all quiet people. So, he only has one really good friend, well, two. My two cousins. And me and my younger brother of course. But no one else really gives him a chance at friendship. But does he complain or become bitter over this? Never once. He is not the least bit jealous of my younger brother, of his many friends, nor has he ever tried to change himself to be more liked. He is completely at ease with who he is. 

 When I was younger he was the one I went to when I needed help with anything. All I had to do was say, "I'm building something," and he would jump to my aid. It was he who helped me build my rabbit cage, fix my bike, and finish the canopy on my bed. He was never too busy and never got annoyed that I would need so much help. He is one of the hardest workers I know, not only doing very hard jobs but doing them until they are perfect. He goes above the call of duty without the slightest murmur. I've seen costumers yell at him and him stand there without a word, showing no signs of anger, then calmly fixing their car. 

 Another thing I've come to admire of him is something that happened last winter. Our roads get icy and last winter was bad. One day he was driving when he came to a stop sign. He stopped, but then went to ease out when a car came speeding down the road, saw him a little ways out, swerved and hit three parked cars. The girl got away free and my brother now has to pay for all the damage. He will be in debt for two to three years. And never once has he been angry about this or complained. He pays for an accident he didn't cause, barely making enough money to pay the minim. And when the money isn't there he says, "I don't have to worry, God will provide." 

 I've never in my life seen anyone as patient and kind as him. I've never seen anyone so unjustly treated, so often over looked and ignored and take it all without one murmur. I've never seen anyone so confident in God providing for their every need. And someday I hope to have the same patience and love for others as him. He is truly amazing. And someday I hope he finds someone who sees just how special he really is. 


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  1. This is a very sweet post, and I think you should show your OYB - if you aren't already planning to. :)


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