Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Must we?" "It is faster then walking. Don't tell me you don't like cars, Spock?" "No, is your driving."

 In writing, you are given the chance to see humans in a whole new light. When you sit down to write you think, "What will this character be like? What will he be afraid of, enjoy, what will he do when people are mean to him?" and so forth. Usually characters are based after people you know. But in writing so often and in creating so many different characters, and in studying people, I've learned something, a rather sad something. 

 Have you heard the phrase, "When they made me they broke the mold." Well, the truth of it is, when God made you He did break the mold. You are one of a kind, wonderful and unique. However, the world doesn't fancy this. Instead, the world has their own molds and you are supposed to refit yourself into them so you will be like everyone else. 

 It is like this...and I am sure you have seen it. If a girl likes fashion she is supposed to be a certain way. She is supposed to talk about her hair, her shoes, her makeup, and just like those things. So, if a girl happens to like fashion and say, cars, she has to hide one of those likings. She has to hide part of herself so she will "fit" in. It is the same with boys. If a fellow likes decorating his house he is called gay. A fellow cannot sit about with his friends and talking about cars and how much he likes flowers because that doesn't fit, he has to hide part of himself.

 I have lately seen people saying things like, "I am bouncing about because I just got this thing, don't judge me." "I am gawking at old cars in my high heels, don't judge me." Now it is "fitting" to be as odd as possible. People go about trying to be, "themselves." But even in doing that they are trying to fit in. They go about declaring how different they are, trying to be as different as possible and bragging to everyone so people will go, "Oh! You are so different, so cool!"

 But, here is my theory. Well, for the record, I am probably one of the oddest people you would meet. I won't go into that, but I am very odd. I used to go about declaring how different I am, how odd and strange I am, but then, it no longer seemed worth it. All of the people who were drawn to one side of my oddness fled when they saw the other side. I lost my friends because they learned the hidden part of me. True friends shouldn't do this. True friends should accept you as you are, not saying if there are certain things you do - such as lying and so forth, that you shouldn't try and change that. But if you like heels and cars, this shouldn't bother a true friend. 

 I suppose my point would be this. Instead of hiding, or making a big deal of being different, I believe people should be themselves. At a fancy tea party if a girl wants to talk about cars, I think she should go for it. If a person likes old black and white movies and jumps about when they get a new season of some old TV show, well, go jump about and be excited. Be yourself, who God made you to be. Don't worry what others think because if they are true friends they won't bat an eye. Don't declare your oddness to the world to be accepted, just be odd if you are and the world will more then likely see it anyhow. You are one of a kind, so don't try and fit into molds, it never turns out well 8-)

 And there, you have a rant from me. Now I think I will go to bed. 



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  1. Well spoken, indeed! I applaud you.


    I have a sneaking suspicion that you are my best friend disguised as a person on the internet.


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