Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"What did you do with all the Tribbles?" "Well, it was really Spock's idea." "Yes, but Scotty used the transporter."

 I like movies. All you have to do is be around me for a few hours and you will notice this. Half the things I say are movie quotes. I have a movie quote for nearly everything. Of course, I have a Bible verse for everything *Smirk* I used to think my linking in movies was bad. After all, I was told too much TV fries your brain and since I quote a lot of movies I was worried my brain was already fried. But then I got to thinking about it more. 

 I'm not the kind of person who sits in front of the TV all day and does nothing else. I usually only watch one movie a day if that. There was the time I was sick when I watched almost 5 seasons of "Get Smart" in a month, but that isn't normal. I don't go to the movies every Friday night, though sometimes I would like to, like when "Tintin" was out. I would have gone to that every Friday...

 I once took a quiz on what kind of writing style I have and it said screen writing. I thought it was insane. ME? Write movies and plays?! Did it even know me?! I've tried to write plays and they sound bad! But then I looked closer. It said I am the writing who sees every scene I write down, like it is in a movie. And that is very true. Everything I pen has been playing in my head for awhile. The characters are real to me, I talk to them, I see them. Sounds creepy, eh?

 I do not write things I have carefully plotted out, I write things I have seen. And I think I can thank this to my long standing love of movies. Even before I wrote I loved movies. So, while I do read - as all authors should - I also watch movies. When writing certain books I have certain movies I watch. Like write now, the top on my list is "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen," "Sherlock Holmes," and "A Series of Unfortunate Events." For adventure books it is "Sahara," and "The Ghost and the Darkness." And so forth. I watch these movies and gather things from them. 

 I enjoy the movies. They are my favorites and I don't just watch them to help with my writing, I watch them for fun. But while I watch them my brain is always working. It is always thinking, "What if this had happened? What if you did something like that in your book? Why didn't your villain ever think of wearing a mask and blowing a bank up with some cool tank thing?" In fact, I got an invasion idea from "Captain America," when the bad guys cool machine rams into a castle. Have I mentioned "Captain America"? Such a cool movie, and I just LOVED Howard Stark. Best character in the movie I think. And now all those fan girls that loved Steve and his huge muscles and sweetness are going to haunt me down. I can see them now, "You liked Howard more then Steve?! How DARE you!" Imagine how mad they will be when I say I liked Thor more then Steve. *Smirks*

 But, I got off subject. Now you can see the reason behind my movie quotes on my titles. See, there is a reason behind it. I'm not as insane as you thought. And, as I see everything happening while I write, it is my hope that you - my readers - will see it all as you read. Maybe you will be pulled into the world where I live, and if you see me wave hi. I'm the one the characters are always ignoring or arguing with. Except for the extra sweet ones. 

 Now I am going to go because I have a query letter I am working on, and I said no writing until it was done. Sh! Don't tell anyone I was here. 




  1. I'd probably get the same result as you on that quiz.

    For me, though, it's less movie quotes and more TV quotes. I am pretty much obsessed with crime shows like NCIS and Castle and Psych (I guess you could count Chuck as a crime show as well, right?). I love the mystery and the action.

    I think if I were more of a logical, analytical person I would write a lot of mysteries. As it is, I'm confined to fairy tales and fantasy that don't require a lot of real-life research (my google searches usually include things like 'what's a dragon's weakest spot?').

    Also, like you, I draw a lot of inspiration for what I write directly from movies. Like, after I saw Inception I was inspired to write a tiny little novel about a man named John Smith who could only communicate with people through dreams. If I'm not careful it starts to get too meta, so I have to concentrate on NOT PLAGIARISING, but usually some of my best ideas come from some random thing I saw in a film.

    And, I also write things out as if they were scenes from a movie. It helps me with imagery and description, something I'm otherwise not very good at.

    Very cool post! I just became addicted to the little reaction bar, btw. I'll let you get back to your sneaky query letter, now...

  2. Lovely post! Very you. :) I want to watch movies with you when I come. :D I like watching movies with you. :D And now I am starting ramble like you. :D

    LOVE YOU!!!!!

    ~ Your DLS, Emma River Rose Watson


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