Wednesday, February 08, 2012

"And you're sure he's related by blood?"

 This is not a book update, just pictures. I've been wanting to upload them for awhile but I was waiting until I got my new pet. And I did Monday. So now you can all see her!

This is my writing desk I may or may not have mentioned before. My brother helped me re-sand and stain it. I am pleased how it turned out. Now if only I could convince my kitty to quiet scratching it at night. My quill pen, ink, and letter opener - which is in the shape of a Scottish Dirk and has my real name upon it - fit nicely on top of it. 

Okay, these are two patterns I have wanted for a full year. They are very Steampunk and look like the dresses worn by two of my characters. However, they cost a lot. Monday my mum and I were about and found them for a dollar each. I was thrilled. Every time I finish a book series I take a week off. When I get the fourth book done these will be my project during my week off of writing. I cannot wait!

This is the typewriter I've been talking about. It is from the 1910's. I used to say 1020's but the year on the back says 1917, so I suppose 1910's is more correct. It doesn't quite work get, the bar on the top doesn't move, but my dad has been helping me fix it so it should soon, once we can figure out what is wrong with it. 

A closer view.

A friend found out the above one wasn't working and said she had an old one she didn't use so gave it to me. It is from either the 1940's or 50's, 50's I think. I don't like it as much as my other one but it was free and works. I've already tried it out, it is grand fun. The best part is that the ribbon still has ink on it, not much, but it will do until I can afford more. 

And finally! May I introduce you to Indy, my baby corn snake! I would have gotten a closer picture but I just feed her and cannot pick her up for two days. So until then this is the best picture I could get. I was going to get a green snake but they were out and didn't know when they would get more so I went with a corn snake. She eats mice, wherein the other would have just eaten crickets, but, oh well. She is cute and I like her already 8-D. And yes, I did name her after Indiana Jones, call it my weird sense of humor. I don't know if she really is a girl but the lady kept saying "she" so I decided to as well 8-D

 And now I will leave you because I'm in the middle of a VERY good book. All I need is the hot coco...




  1. Oh my word... that is such a cool writing desk!
    And I'm in love with your typewriters... They look like so much fun to write with.
    Awwww that's such a cute snake! Corn snakes are so pretty. I think I've always been a bit partial to them since seeing them on Zoboomafoo when I was little. The name Indy is perfect.

    Now to answer your comments on my blog...
    Khan is a pretty creepy bad guy... He's so desperate to kill Kirk. I think desperate bad guys are scarier than regular bad guys because their willing to stop at nothing to get what they want.
    Oh yes, the dreadful snuffling of the Black Riders! It's creepy in the first movie when the Hobbits are hiding beside the road and Black Rider stops and starts sniffing around for them...
    The Inklings fascinate me as well. I would love to get together with friends and share stories I'm just too busy... And my friends don't care too much for writing books.
    I did see typewriters in Tintin's flat! But I didn't see the cracked Marlinspike step... I'll have to keep my eyes pealed for it the next time I watch it! Only 40 more days until the Tintin movie comes on on DVD (I believe...). I can't wait!
    I've seen all of the episodes from the first Season of Sherlock now. Oh. My. Word. The third episode was such a cliffhanger! I can't wait to see the second series. Too bad it airs in May in my area... I might just have to stow away in a plane bound to England. Haha I love the end of the first episode to. "Look, I've got a blanket!" is probably my favorite line.
    I just re-read the Dying Detective the other day... I love when Holmes is delusional. SO funny. I also re-read the Hound of Baskervilles. I forgot how funny that one is! Dr. Motimer comes in to 221b and says to Holmes, "I must confess, I covet your skull." I nearly died laughing.
    Your books sound really cool to. =) I've never read any Steampunk before but it sounds really interesting! I have a friend who is really into the Leviathan series.
    Relating to the picture of the Star Trek characters on my blog... Yes, I do believe that is Spock in bell bottoms. =D
    Singin' in the Rain is such a good movie. "No no no." "Yes yes yes!" "No no no." "Yes yes yes!"
    I love Star Trek. My parents got me hooked on it about four years ago and it's been my favorite show ever since. My youth group at church teases me mercilessly. I've seen all of the movies and nearly all the episodes of all the shows (Original, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise). Spock and McCoy are SO funny when they're together. My favorite character is probably Captain Picard from the Next Generation, though. The new movie was so cool. I really liked the plot. Did you know that they're making a sequel to the 2009 movie? Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) is going to be the bad guy! That's nearly as hard to imagine as John Watson being Bilbo...

  2. I LOVE your second typewriter!! <3 Sooooo pretty!!!

    And Indy is adorable. I cannot wait to meet her. :D

  3. That is one cute kitty! :) I want a kitten..... my mother wouldn't allow another animal in our house. :-/ And I like Indy. :) Snakes are cool.


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