Friday, February 17, 2012

"Spock was shot!" "That wouldn't have happened if they had taken Helmsman."

 So...I thought I'd post and tell you about something evil. Just because. 

 As I've said often, but will say again because this is how much I'm scared of them, I'm scared of spiders. And they know it. They have these little sensors in them and when someone who's scared of them appears they put on extra creepiness. Just trust me on this. 

 I got mobbed by spiders this summer and my only hope was to last till winter when they'd all freeze. I was so relieved when the weather dropped and all winter I've been safe, except for Halloween when they had spiders all over Walmart. But I even made it through that. And have been enjoying my spider free life. 

 Wednesday this changed. 

 I went to work Wednesday happy. The lady I work for was in a pretty good mood. She wanted me to do her laundry. I took it into the basement, put it in, and came up. Did some other things. Then went to put it into the dyer. I skipped down stairs, up to the washer, and took a flying leap backwards with arms flaying. 

 There, on the wall, was not just a small spider, but a HUGE one with long spiny legs that were arching up and down as he crept his way toward me. I think my heart jumped out of my chest and out the window. I would have fainted, or came close, but I always worry what would happen if I faint around spiders. Would I wake up with it on my face?

 I tried not to look at the creepy thing, but also didn't wish to loose site of him. I saw him head to a corner, then paced about as I waited for the washer to finish. I had to get close to that corner to get the clothes out. However, by the time it was ready he had vanished, which was worse. I hitched my skirt up, just in case, and worked quickly, then made a dash for it. Checking myself in the mirror to make sure he wasn't on me. 

 Now, this isn't right for several reasons. 

 One: It is winter. February. Spiders aren't supposed to hang out in Wyoming during these months. Didn't he get the memo?

 Two: We have SMALL spiders here, not HUGE ones. I'm telling you, this guy was bigger then a quarter. I knew no one would believe me so I took a few extra looks to be sure. 

 Three: If this HUGE spider is here, now, when we have snow on the ground and freezing nights, will we have even bigger spiders this summer? If so, I'm out of here. I don't know where I'll go. Maybe, Alaska. Yeah, where it doesn't get above thirty. 

 And, well, that is about it. My post. 

 The End. 


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  1. *hugs* I'm sorry for that. That is hard. And mean. And scary.

    I love you. When I come I will banish any big, bad spiders that you find. <3

    ~ Your DLS, Emma River Rose Watson


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