Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Double mastered, fifty guns. Can't you see her turning into the wind?"

 First off, I'm sorry for not putting the chapter up yesterday. I had to work, and then I got a bit side tracked, you know, what with the Tintin DVD coming out and all...However, I'm mending that today. The chapter. I've already watched the wonderful DVD. 

 I had four votes and they tied. Or three...anyhow, they tied. Two romance and two for something funny. Someone voted for two things. So, you get both. And since no one said which book or character I get to be evil and put in which book and character I want, so there. 

 Other then that, I must needs say I won't be about much as I'm trying to get my wrist healed. But keep coming back. I will be talking about my newest book soon. 


 Oh and, the chapter is on the chapter page. Clever, no?


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  1. That is a good chapter. :D I like that book lots, but I won't say anything about it on here. "Spoilers." :D Hehe!!

    ~ River Song


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