Friday, March 16, 2012

"There were Pumas in that whole! A mama puma, a papa puma, and a baby puma. 'Somebodies been sleeping in my whole!'"

 "Mom always liked you best and she never liked me."
 "Not again."
 "My mom always liked my brother best and she never liked me. They would get together and say, 'We don't like you!'"
 "Every time you get upset you say, 'Mom always liked you best.'"
 "Because she did."
 "I used to play with you."
 "You set yourself up as a super sibling."
 "A what?"
 "A super sibling."
 "What?....I was always nice to you. I gave you my Lincoln Logs when I didn't want them anymore..."
 "Yes but they had termites in them. And I called the Sterminator. And mom slapped me up side the head and said, 'What do you need the Sterminator for?!' And I said, 'My super sibling Dicky put termites in my Lincoln Logs.'"
 This is a skit from two brothers my dad and uncle used to listen to. They were the Smothers Brothers and they played old folk songs and told jokes. My cousins and brothers listen to them now and this is one of our favorite skits. I love the termite line and say it all the time. But that isn't why I'm posting this. 

 I pick on people I love. And I love my mum, so, she doesn't escape. I don't remember how this all came up, but my middle brother and I have been going at it for about a week now and now my whole family is doing it. You see, my mum calls me by both my names, so swiftly and smoothly it sounds like they are both my first name. 

 My youngest brother got my mum her birthday gift early and my middle brother and I were saying he was buttering her up so he would be the favorite. We then decided I was the least favorite, since she calls me by both my names, and my middle brother is in the middle. We then "tested" her, asking her if she even knew my youngest brother's middle name, giggling when she paused before saying it. 

 Now we go about all day doing it. My middle brother and I call her our, "Mom who doesn't like us so much." And my youngest brother we have dubbed Sweetie because that's what she calls him lots. We claim she even forgets his name. We now have a whole joke going about. She purposely will call me by both names, and sometimes my middle brother - who I will call Junior, another of my jokes - and will make a point to call my youngest brother Sweetie. 

 We're an easily amused family 8-D 

 I, however, love to say, "Hello, Sweetie," to my youngest brother, though he sadly doesn't get the Doctor Who reference. Poor soul. 

 Now I'm off to rest my hand. 




  1. I was practically laughing the whole time reading this post. hehehe! :D My Mom calls me Mollyanna, and Molly is known as Annamolly. *smirk*

    We've got some other crazy names in our family also. I mean, who doesn't? It would be sad if someone didn't have some sort of crazy name they are called by their family. It would be like depriving them of a good childhood! :D *grin*

    S.I.C. Anna ;)

  2. Hahaha!! This is why I love visiting your family - you guys are crazy!

    Sometimes I feel sorry for your littlest brother, though. You're always telling your girl friends all the silly things about him. :D Poor chap.


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