Friday, March 09, 2012

"What do you think happens to us back home, if we die here?"

 Well, yesterday I did it. The last book was completed before noon. The ending was what I was hoping for. And, I confess, I did cry a little. I've become attached to the characters and it is sad seeing them go. I've spent the rest of the day in a tired sorrow, nursing my numb hand and trying to unstiffen the fingers. I now plan to work on editing the last two books, then taking a week off before starting up more writing. 

 I've only ever finished one series before this, and I fell into a deep moping after that. Ending the first and last books are always hardest for me. It is in the first book that you get to meet all the characters and really get to know them and take a fancy to them. And, in the last you must say farewell. 

 This series is a first for me, and it is for that reason it is even harder to end. It was like starting my very first book, or my first fantasy. This was my first Steampunk. It showed me a world I had never dreamed existed and I fell in love with it. Traveling so far and so long on a Zeppelin with the characters was one of the best adventures I've ever gone on.

 I also tried out new things in this book. I stepped away from charactistics I usually stick to. The main character isn't brilliant, he is slow and thoughtful, and almost too sweet to pass off as manily, though he still pulls off the manliness well. The other main characters are gloomy, or - more or less - a chicken. They change throughout the books, but not drastically. They stayed themselves.

 As with all books this one started with a simple idea. I was reading Leviathan one day when I thought, "I would love to fly about in a Zeppelin!" And from there, it grew until it became a complex plot filled with a cast of characters I've grown to love. They've alighted my long standing love of gears and watches, and I was able to use these loves and add to them my love of flying.

 And, as for all of you, I will work on getting these books published so that you may join me on this adventure. I can only hope you will find the characters as fun as I do.

 So, where does this leave me now? Well, pretty much where I started. I'm now editing, and once the last two books are done I will take a week off of writing, and then complete another book - which I will tell you of later. After that book, which is a stand alone title, I will start up my next series.

 This series, that I've completed, actually helped me prepare for the next. But again, more on that later. For now I plan to go off and rest my sore hand and listen to sad songs.

 My chapter reveal will be up Tuesday. If all goes as planned. You still have a chance to vote, in case you were wondering.



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  1. :( I am glad that your series is done, but it's a little sad. I shall miss Peter and Aden and Isidore and Steed and Darcy and Jack. :'( We need to read lots tonight. :D

    Your DLS, Emma River Rose Watson


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