Saturday, March 03, 2012

"What? You? You eat, like, a bean, and you're done!"

 So, I was tagged, by my sister. And, I'm doing it, because she is cool and I should. It is called Eleven Things. And it has rules. Which I will explain. 

 1. Post these rules. *Didn't see that coming, did you?*
 2. Post a picture of yourself and 11 random things. *I bet you're dying to see how I'm going to get out of this one*
 3. Answer the questions for you in the original post.
 4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them. 
 5. Go to their blog/ twitter and tell them you've tagged them. 

 Mine won't be as cool as my sisters, because she has cool banner things. But, anyhow, I'm not as cool as her so what do you expect? Now, for my picture. Dun, dun, duuuuunnnnnn....

 Honestly, were you expecting any different from me? 

 11 random things about me:

 1. The first book I ever wrote was about five pages long and was about four siblings and their pet goat who went to see their grandma who lived on an old volcano. While there it started to rain and the volcano flooded - oh yeah - and they away by using her row boat. And yes, all grandma's who live on volcano's have rowboats lying about, didn't you know this?

 2. I have a form of dyslexia but you would likely never know it unless you read my rough drafts or listen to me read out loud. Words don't flip backwards on me but letters move around. And yes, I do use this to say I'm related to Percy Jackson. 

 3. I dislike editing until I start, then I very much enjoy it. 

 4. I stand up for the characters most of the world hates. Some of the characters I like most are Luke Skywalker, Maxwell Smart, Captain Kirk - though half the world hates him and the other half loves him - and yes, *HORRORS* Jar Jar Binks. I even carry on long debates with anyone willing to listen as to why they aren't as bad as everyone claims. 

 5. If I hadn't become an author I would have probably become a clock maker. I love old, wind up cloaks and pocket watches. I just love cloaks, period. I also dream of becoming a spy.

 6. I have a secret dream of acting in one movie at least sometime in my life. Preferably one with some cool actors. 

 7. My idea of cool actors are the BBC actors. David Tennant, Benedict Cumberbach, Christopher Eccleston. I would like to meet all of the above. But the actor who, I think, surpasses them all is Leonard Nimory. I follow him on twitter and he actually sounds, nice. 

 8. I like to dress up as characters, from movies and books. I have a long trench coat that I use to play Sherlock Holmes, Maxwell Smart, the tenth Doctor, or Tintin. All depends on how I wear the coat. 

 9. I cannot STAND most girl characters. They are either too whinny, romantic, or bossy for my liking. Though, I usually do end up standing up for them, like Lucy from Narnia. Well, I stand up for some of them, and like a few of them. But most girls I cannot stand. That said, I don't even like most of the girls in my own books. 

 10. I suffer from arachnophobia. I'm also not too fond of earwigs. But I love snakes. This tickles my cousins' funny bone to no end. 

 11. I am a walking encyclopedia of random facts that one will never find useful. My head is full of them, and they are usually the only things I can remember. This drives those around me insane. 

 Katie's questions to me. *Whispers* Some are romantic related so you will get to see my romantic side - the little I have. 

 1. Dream date: Something adventurous. Maybe getting kidnapped by some evil scientist and then we would have to break out, blowing things up as we went. Then we would go out to dinner at Olive Garden while looking over our shoulders to make certain we weren't followed. Then to a movie, because I like movies.

 2. Favorite book: the Bible, but next to that is Prisoners of the Sea. That is, seriously, the best book next to the Bible ever written. And, that is where I've gotten my last name. The main, wonderful, handsome, dashing, adventurous, and amazing character is named Henri Baillot. And for a Frenchman, he is, well, grand!

 3. Favorite TV show: This one is hard. I've a list. The top two are a tie between Doctor Who and Sherlock. But then there is Grimm, Terra Nova, Get Smart, The Avengers with Mrs. Peel - come to think go it, all of my favorite TV shows tie as my favorite. I don't like one more then the other. I also like the cartoon series of Iron Man, those are pretty cool.

 4. A genie pops out of your pot of tea/ coffee and offers you three wishes. What are they?
 1. To go on an adventure. Preferably two or three. With some secret agent stuff thrown in.
 2. Hm, well, that I would get an agent. Hey, why not?
 3. That I could be in a movie. *Smirk*

 5. Favorite blog: EASY!

 6. Style icon: No idea what this means but I'll take a shot in the dark. Sorry if I hit anyone. My dream style would consist of tall boots, cool Indiana Jones style hats, long trench coats or cloaks, and shortish, swirly skirts. With lots of watches. Pocket watches mostly.

 7. Favorite band: I don't know if I have one, but my favorite singer is Josh Groban.

 8. Favorite childhood memory: This is a more resent memory, but rock climbing with my brothers and cousins and almost dying. Never forget your first fall off a cliff.

 9. Your favorite blog post (on your blog): Um, I guess the post about villains. You have to like a good villain.

 10. If there was one thing from your past you could change what would it be? At the risk of sounding sentimental, I would change being a big chicken and would have done more adventurous, reckless things. And, I would have took the risk of being alone, and shown my friends what I was really like.

 11. Three things you admire in a man:
 1. Manliness and leadership
 2. A sense of humor
 3. Being able to look at the world differently then how everyone else sees it. (I  guess to fancy me a chap would need this one)

 Now MY 11 questions that the helpless people I tag shall be forced to answer.

 1. What is the one, childish dream you gave up because you were told it was impossible?

 2. If you could get into any book or movie which would you pick?

 3. If you were trapped on the queen of England's ship and knew you had to escape would you try Jack Sparrow's trick with the cannon just to see if it really works?

 4. If you weren't trapped on her ship would you do it anyways?

 5. Have you ever read or watched something that looks impossible and tried it out to see if it really works?

 6. What characteristics do you  like in a hero?

 7. If you could do something completely impossible what would it be?

 8. What is your favorite color and why?

 9. If you had to pick between camping out under the stars on a summers night, out in the wild or sleeping in a fancy hotel, which would you pick?

 10. If a stranger came up to you and told you you had been selected to join a top secret organization and save the world, would you join?

 11. And if you beat me into taking over the world what is the first change you would make?

 Now! I tag...

 My sailor friend, Anna

 The sweet and talented Molly

 Dearest, kind Abbey

 And my sweet friend Claire, when she comes back from her adventures. I will send her an email to tell her, for some reason I'm having trouble finding her blog at the moment.

 But, there you have it. And now...

 Don't forget to vote! Only about one week left!!!!!!!!



  1. I like reading your answers (even if you *did* cheat on the picture. Bad Jack. :-P). I knew most of the random things about you and answers, but then I am your best friend. :D

    I can't wait to come see you again. I miss you. You are fun. Also, I'm very, terribly excited about my birthday present for you. It's a bit odd, but I think it will work out very nicely. :D Eeeeeep! I can't wait!!!

    ~ Your dls, Emma River Rose Watson

  2. How is possible I've never even heard of Prisoners of the Sea?? I'll have to read it. I loved reading all these tidbits about you and esp. the three things you admire in a man and your dream date!!


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