Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Are you my mummy?"

 Time for a new character! And the winner is....

 Joel O'Reily! 

 Joel comes into Who Says? near the end of the book. Which is sad, because he is fun, but, he gets a chance to make up for it in another Haphazardly Implausible book. More on this in the future. 

 Now, I present to you, Joel. 

 Joel: 20, red hair, hazel eyes, medium build, Irish.
 Joel lives in France with his mother and father. He works at the Effle Tower and it is here that he meets Kayliegh and the others. Something of a reckless adventurer, he jumps at the chance to help them, landing him in a series of mishaps that will take him down a path he never saw coming. 

 Joel wishes to see the world, and see the bison that are famous in the Americas. I'll share a bit of a spoiler and reassure you that he does get to do this. He doesn't really hesitate to say what is on his mind, even if it might be considered rude and blunt. And he enjoys a good explosion. Which just might explain his friendship with Mandy. 

 Most of Joel's future is to be spent in looking for a missing person, and rushing into one adventure after another. 

 I can't tell too much about him, because, as I said, he's not in this book much. He kind of popped up out of the blue with the, "hi! I'm Joel! And I'm here to stay!" It will be fun to get to know him even better in his book. But for now, we are having lots of fun 8-D

 Who Says? will be done this week, but since I've still two characters to reveal, well, I will continue to do so 8-D And, once more, the vote is up to you. So, vote away!

 Andrew Langers

 Mandy Brown




  1. :( Lately you finishing books has made me very sad. I just love reading your books so much. :(

    I vote Andrew because I like him lots!!! :D :D :D

  2. Joel sounds like a fun character!
    I'd like to hear about Mandy next. But I wouldn't mind hearing about Andrew as well. I love the first name Andrew.


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