Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Be glad no harm came to him or you would not have made it out of this room alive."

 First off, to make things easier on you all, my dear sister has set up a special page for Giveaways. You still have a chance to enter this one, so don't miss it! 

 However, this post is not about the giveaway, but it is my first book review on this blog. I've read many books that would be enjoyable to do, but I've recently finished The Case-files of Sherlock Holmes so he wins. 

  I, like everyone, had heard the name of Sherlock Holmes for years, but I didn't pick up a book till I was about seventeen. Since then I've been reading all the stories and have a lovely, leather bound copy of all the books. I've also seen the two Robert Downy Jr. movies and the BBC TV show. I love the characters and the mysteries, and I always try and solve them before Sherlock. (I have also always refused to call him Holmes. Sherlock is such a cool name it always struck me as sad that no one ever called him it. On that same note, John is so typical a name I've always called him Watson.)

Sherlock and Watson as they appeared in the original stories.

  The Case-files of Sherlock Holmes are the last in the stories. And, in my opinion, they are some of the best. Sherlock is in his forties, or there abouts, in these stories. Watson, in some stories, is living with him and in others is living on his own. 

 Sherlock and Watson in the Robert Downy Jr. Movies

 Everyone knows Sherlock never shows emotion. As he says, "I'm a brain, the rest of me is mere appendix." All he seems to care about is the case, then danger, proving no problem is too big or complex for his amazing mind to solve. When Watson first meets him he is shocked, many times, and Sherlock's coldness. However, the more he gets to know him he realizes Sherlock isn't as heartless as he seems. In many books Sherlock becomes very angry when women are mistreated. Also, he is impressed by anyone as brilliant as he - Irene Adler for example. 

The modern day, BBC Sherlock and Watson

  Many times Sherlock insults Watson, however, in these final stories both the reader and Watson are shown how Sherlock really feels about his one true friend. During one of their adventures Watson is shot, the bullet grazing his leg. Sherlock, in a panic, exclaims, "Watson, you're not hurt?! Tell me you're not hurt!" And on finding his friend safe he tells the shooter, "Be glad no harm came to him or you would not have made it out of this room alive." Also, he once or twice calls Watson, "My Watson."

 The story where Watson was shot, I believe, is one of my top favourite Sherlock Holmes' stories. There is another where he endangers Watson's life, but he didn't show as much concern as this story. Very wonderful, especially if your a geek like me. 




  1. I love Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes! I've never read any of the books but it sounds like his character is even more dynamic, which is true of most books to movies.

  2. I read most of the Holmes stories when I was younger. I think my favourites were the Hounds of the Baskervilles and The Red Headed one - can't remember the name exactly :)

  3. "The Red Headed League." ;)

    I absolutely LOVE the story where Watson is shot! It's so eccentric and I love seeing a bit of Holmes's heart.
    I have to agree, Sherlock certainly is an amazing name. I vary between calling him "Sherlock" and "Holmes" and "Sherlock Holmes." Poor Watson is usually called "John" until someone interrupts me and asks, "Ummm... That's, like, Watson, right?"
    I also love the name Mycroft. Wouldn't it be funny if someone had twins and named them Sherlock and Mycroft? It would be epically cool, yet, kind of bad for the kids...

    Hmmm... My friends Jen and Jessica might be interested in joining Inklings. I could email your "Contact Jack" email; that would probably make it easier to send the information and then I could forward it to Jen and Jessica (they have blogs as well).

    I haven't gotten a blu-ray player yet, sadly. Hopefully soon! I read the Tintinology website's review on the Tintin movie and it sounds like it's great in blu-ray. It also sounds like the special features are amazing to... Who knows, maybe someone will put them on youtube sometime?

    Oh...! The Black Island would be SO cool as a movie! So would Tintin in Tibet. But neither of them really focus on Calculas or the Thom(p)sons and I read somewhere that the next movie would have more of those characters in it. Who knows, though, maybe they'll stick them in! That would be cool. =D
    I would love to see Red Rackum's Treasure in movie form. It would be so cool to see them searching for the treasure and see Tintin walking on the ocean floor and in the wreck of the Unicorn. Then there's the moon books, of course. Those two have always been my favorite. But I doubt they'll make them into movies yet. That would take a lot of work, plus it would add a whole bunch of new characters. The Shooting Star would also be cool to see in movie form... And, well, all of them! They would all be super amazing.

    That's really cool! My longest book is 60,000 words.

    Haha that's funny. Those people in England should read the books!
    Speaking of Reichenbach... First of all, have you seen it?? Second, I can't WAIT for season 3 so they can do the beginning of The Empty House! That's always been one of my favorite scenes in Sherlock Holmes.

    BBC is doing a lot better than CBS. Their Sherlock Holmes and girl Watson (Joan Watson or something...) will also be living in New York. Bleh.

    That would be cool! Benedict Cumberbatch as Beorn the bear... That would be very interesting indeed.
    Haha, I would sign the petition!
    Well let's hope Moffat holds on to his favorite doctor for awhile!
    I know, I can't find the old ones either. It's frustrating.

    I hope you got your character out of the fix!


  4. I love Sherlock and Watson together. <3 They're so sweet together - but not in an icky way.

    I'm so glad to have my own Sherlock. *smirk* :)


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