Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Don't fight it, Mrs. Peel. We're insuperable."

 So, as promised, I am now going to reveal the characters in Who Says? You already know two of their names if you have visited my books page, but that says little about them. 

 I have decided to start with Kayliegh Verne and then allow you all the chance to vote on who is next. And, just as a reminder, the giveaway is still going, so you still have time to enter. And now, may I introduce you to Miss Kayliegh Verne. 

 Kayliegh: 24. Black hair, blue eyes, tall, elegant. French. 
 Kayliegh is a singer living in Paris France. She is engaged to be married and has everything a girl could ask for. Lots of clothing, jewels, money. An flat in one of the best apartments in Paris. More shoes then she knows what to do with. 

 Her dreams are simple. Live in a mansion, eat shrimp every night for dinner, and boss around her servants. She doesn't expect to be loved, but with all that money who needs it? And then one day her world is turned upside down when a stranger shows up and, "saves her life." Now this spoiled singer has to leave behind everything and run about Paris trying to keep alive. Something that is not at all lady like or elegant. 

 However, on learning why the Italians want her dead, Kayliegh is determined to well, not die. And maybe, just maybe, she can learn to trust the man who is trying to keep her alive. 

 The End.

 Well, what do you think? She's been fun to write with, once we came to some agreements. Agreements are always needed between characters and authors. 

 Now, who would you like to meet next week? The vote is up to you!

 Andrew Langers

 Mandy Brown

 Joel O'Reily

 And now, I will go. I've much work to do. 




  1. She sounds like a great character! She's going to undergo a huge lifestyle change by the sounds of it.

    Next? How about O'Reily - from French to Irish I'd guess? :)

  2. She sounds like a fun character! It will be interesting to see how she changes over the course of the novel.
    Hmmm... I would like to hear about O'Reily as well.

  3. I like the "well, not die" part and "that is not at all lady like or elegant". I know what you mean about having to come to an agreement with your characters.

  4. I really like K. She is cool. :D

    How about Mandy next? She's so sweet and funny!! <3

  5. Ooh, this sounds absolutely marvelous! Very different from your other book.

    How about Joel O'Reilly? He sounds like... hmmm. No-nonsense, handsome in an odd way, honest, and a little impatient.


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