Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Eight blonds have been kidnapped from this area, what do you think of that?" "Well, either it's a conspiracy or some guys got a pretty weird hobby."

 Sometimes my life gets weird...weirder then usual. These past two days have been like that. It start Wednesday really when I went to work. I work for an older lady who is blind, or nearly. I'm always concerned for her and Wednesday my concern was well proven when I walked into her house and learned that she had set her kitchen on fire the last Friday. 

 I spent three hours on Wednesday helping her move things off her cupboards so painters could come in and paint the black walls. I told her I would come for another three hours. Big mistake. Her idea of moving things is putting them in boxes, and then putting the boxes in closests, and taking out the things that are in the closests and putting those things elsewhere. I spent two hours lugging boxes about, being pulled off one task when she called my name to help with another. Thankfully the last hour I was able to spend shopping for her. 

 Her son was there when I was, and he was annoyed with her because he just wanted to toss things in boxes and shove them out of the way. She wished to pack them all according to size and colour. (Yes, I'm serious) 
 By the end of the three hours I wanted to crawl in a hole and hide. She wished me back on Saturday but I could tell me being there, not sure what was going on, was doing more harm then good. So, I decided I would spend Saturday, today, sewing. 

 When I woke up this morning my mum asked if Junior and I would like to go to some yard sales with her. She had yard work to do, I sewing, and Junior a car engine to work on but we decided an hour or two in town wouldn't put us behind. (Sweetie was still asleep)

 Us three had a nice time. And I even made a glorious find! A grandfather clock! I love clocks, and this one was only twenty. It was lovely. And I kept thinking, "I've not room for it, and how can we get it in a trailer?" But I'm still kicking myself for passing up an old, working typewriter for fifty last summer, so I bought the clock. 

 And, I spent all afternoon re-arranging my room so it would fit in. Now it is ticking like mad because one piece was broken and now the minute hand moves like a second. But Sweetie bought me the broken piece and when it comes the clock will work beautifully! 

 Anyhow, I did sew a bit. And soon I will have pictures of my clock and clothing. Now I'm too tired to try for pictures. So, Good night and all that. 




  1. Lol!! That clock sounds so funny! I wish I could see it! That was nice of your brother to buy you the piece to fix it. :D

    I went to a garage sale today. It was nice. I like garage/yard sale-ing. It's fun. :D

  2. I haven't been to garage sales in years - my kidsliked them when they were little :)


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