Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Hey, who turned out the lights?"

 Owl City. Windows opened. The chance for rain. Kitty ignoring me. Indiana sore  because he is really a she and she feels insulted at my lack of knowledge in this matter. Honestly, how was I to know?!

 This is the setting in which Who Says? ended. A very nice spring setting, fitting for a spring book. 

 I've not really anything sentimental to say about it ending, not like the other books. I do like the story, it just has a faster pace then the other four. It is a lighter book, and the whole plot is romantic. I mean, that is the plot. Romance. This is going to be a book for all those hopelessly romantic girls out there. It has a tall, dark hero, a short, reckless hero, and a shoe welding heroine. And...I'm doing a rubbish job at this post. 

 I think this is the part where I start mooping and saying how much I'm going to miss the characters. Will I miss them? You bet I will. Am I sulking. Well, no... Why you ask? I've a huge list of things I need to do to get my book published and it's taken over my mind. I have short stories to write, editing to do, covers, and readers to find. Is it fun? Oh yeah. Does it take lots of time? Well, oh yeah to that too. And, I was going to say something else, but I lost it. Hm....

 But, anyways. Who Says? is done. It has some twists in it, things I'm hoping you won't expect, which means you should read it even if you are like me and not romantic. And now...

 Coming soon! 
 A deleted scene from Haphazardly Implausible for free, just for you. I won't be writing much this week. I will be finishing the short story, and sewing. Then next week I will be starting a new series. But I need you help. 

 My next project is going to be more complex. I've mentioned before The Broken Blade. This series is going to be very complex and it will need lots of time to write. Therefore, I will only  be working on a chapter a week instead of one a day. I want to go at it slower then normal, making sure I have everything right. So, though this will be considered my next series, I plan to work on another at the same time. 

 And this is where you get to help. I have three ideas, and you get to pick which is next. I won't reveal titles yet, because, I just don't do that. 8-P But I will tell you basic plot outlines and you vote on which should be my next series. 

1: Steampunk Pirates. Not air pirates but ones who have ships that sail on the sea. Cannons, British soldiers, sails. All that. Only Steampunk and some very interesting characters. 

 2: A story about a thief, a watch, and a criminal master mind. This will always be Steampunk, just in a different form. I can't tell you much about this series but just know, it is cool. 

 3: A middle ages kind of story, also Steampunk. This one is filled with knights, evil kings, and exploding rocks. Again, can't say too much, but this book has been re-written about ten times and has a very cool plot. It just needs some of the finer points ironed out. If I write it this time it will be published soon. 

 So, fire away! Cast in your votes! 





  1. Oh, goodness! You are the busiest person I've ever heard of. I can't believe you're finished! It sounds wonderful. I'm terrible at writing romance, but I love reading it, and especially if it's written by you!

    Also, how can I possibly choose just one of those three amazing choices? Exploding rocks, seriously? Criminal masterminds? Steampunk? Pirates? AUGH.

    If I reeeeeaaaaally have to pick, I say the second one. Oh, but then maybe the third one. Oh dear but then there's the first one.

    I GIVE UP. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE. (or at least a bit unlikely -- see what I did there? :) MUHAHAHA)

  2. Since I am your sister does my vote count as two? O.o I think it should, since it will I who will be reading a new chapter every night for weeks/months/however-long-it-takes you-to-finish-the-next-book.

    I don't think I'll have to say my vote, but just in case I do I'll just say MY BROTHER WANTS A BOOK! You've left him hanging for YEARS! After all your interesting, new characters have got finished books, he - who has been faithfully by your side for years - has yet to get a finished book that actually sticks. We both find this to be an injustice and are prepared to start a petition with all our old HSB friends if need be to get him a book.

    Also, my comments are starting to be like yours - really, really long.


    Doctor Emma River Rose Watson (I hope I'm remembering that correctly!)

  3. Sorry, sister dear, your vote only counts as one. But, he is thankful you are voting for him.

    Wow, since when did I have the prove your not a robot words on here? I'm off to remove them.

  4. Ooooo the first one! The first one! Pirates and British soldiers?? Sounds very cool!

  5. Nooow I see how it is! Jack gets blog readers and her sister gets kicked to the curb.

    And after all I've done for you! :-P


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