Thursday, April 19, 2012

""Hold him! He's got my trousers! And every stitch of the Vicar's clothes!"

 So, my new attempt at trying to post every weekday has been working, except for today. Monday's are music, Tuesday's book reviews, Wednesday's characters, and Friday's you will see tomorrow. So, what about poor Thursday? Boring weather reports? What kinds of fruits can kill you? Who the newest spy is? (Sorry, we aren't allowed to give that away.) Or maybe just randomness, because I'm a random person.

 Now all I need is a random post before I try and finish my Steampunk jacket and hang up laundry. Hm....

 I've been working on a strange goal. I plan to, starting from last night, watch all of the Doctor Who episodes in a row. The new series, I can't find the old series. If anyone has a link to the old shows please send it my way. I've no purpose for doing this, other then the fact it is fun. Everyone needs a bit of Doctor Who now and then. More now then then.

 And, quite honestly, my randomness is a bit short today. My coat is almost done and I wish to finish it, and it will be dinner soon. So, I'm going to leave you with this.

 Who Says? should be done the first of next week. Then, well, I guess I will reveal my next project. Which should be fun and exciting and filled with cross bows.

 Publishing work is still going. I've been editing and have half done. I'm still on the hunt for a cover artist. If anyone knows of anyone, or if you are interested yourself, let me know.

 And now I'm leaving. Laundry and a coat calls.

 Cheers to anyone who knows where my title came from, blog title that is.



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    Also, I hope this will be the last time you re-write this book. *smirk*

    LOVE YOU!!


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