Sunday, April 01, 2012

"I hope that balloon pops in the air."

 First off, I'm sorry for all the spelling mistakes in my last post. Teach me to write while half asleep again. 

 Second, my week holiday is over. I've not finished my dresses but as my hand isn't completely better yet this week of writing will be slow so I can sew as well. Then I will show you the dresses. 

 But, third is what you should be waiting for! It is time, to reveal my next book...

 *Drum roll*

 *Yawns* Oh...I thought you were gone. I was just leaving to watch Tintin, again. Okay, fine, here it is. 

 Book Title: Who Says?

 Setting: The same world as the Haphazardly Implausible Series. 

 Characters: To be revealed later. Because, well, you know by now. I'm evil. 

 Kayliegh Verne has one dream and one dream only. She is already a famous singer, but she plans on marrying her husband to be, living in the finest house money can buy, and living out her days buying new dresses and bossing around her servants. 

 Andrew (Sorry, can't recall his last name at the moment) cannot stand women. He finds them annoying who whine until they get flowers and chocolate. But this doesn't bother him because as a secret agent for the French he never runs into women. All he meets up with is bad guys who want to shoot him. 

 Their world is forever changed when Kayliegh's husband to be vanishes and men come after her. Andrew is given the mission to keep her alive, but this is a difficult task as sometimes he is the one who wants to kill her. 

 Can these two unlikely people learn to work together? And maybe learn to do more then that?

 Confession: This will be a romantic book. I don't normally do romances. I wrote one and the main character was so goggle eyed I wanted to hit him with something extremely heavy. However, my sister has requested this book and since she has put up with my other books I decided to write it. 

 And, that is all for now. I will have more to write soon. After I do some more research and confirm everything. For now, you can just sit there and wonder. 


 My quote is taken from one of the twins I watch. She was watching a move with a romantic part in it, where the couple is in a hot air balloon, and that was her suggestion. She has as much of a romantic spirit as I do. 


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  1. Oh my goodness gracious... I am so sluggardly (lazy). I haven't answered your last comment on my blog for nearly a month... Sorry!
    First off, Who Says? sounds really good! Romance mixed with adventure and murder... Just the kind of books I like.

    I agree with what you said on my blog about Tintin/Jamie Bell having typewriters. Jamie Bell having a type writer would make perfect sense why Tintin has them in his flat.

    How many times have you watched the Tintin movie since it came out? I'm sad to say that I've only seen it once... I bought it and haven't even watched my DVD yet. I watched it from a movie rental place. I feel like I've betrayed Tintin. =P I guess I'll have to watch it soon... Maybe this weekend.

    Oh my goodness... I can not wait for Sherlock season 2 to air on TV in America. It's driving me nuts! I'm not even reading any of the novels/short stories right now... I don't know how I'm surviving. Kidding. I am reading The Hobbit, though. I love that book. Tolkien is amazing.
    I love the oysters line is the Dying Detective! And when he asks Watson to pocket his money differently so he'll be more balanced.

    I want to see the next Star Trek movie because of Benedict Cumberbatch too. That's probably the only reason I will go see it in theaters... He is playing a lot of bad guys! I heard that he was playing the Master in Doctor Who as well. I also read somewhere that Matt Smith tried out for the part of Watson in Sherlock. Plus Benedict is playing Smaug and the Necromancer in The Hobbit. I think he's only in part 2 though... Which is sad because that doesn't come out until 2013ish.

    Anyway, I hope you have fun watching Tintin and writing!


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