Saturday, April 14, 2012

"I know what Sakhrine is looking for!" "What are you raving on about?"

 I've taken a clue, is that how that saying goes? From my sister Katie. She does a Music Monday post every Monday. I will be posting songs that have inspired my writing, ones I've gotten ideas from and so forth. 

 I will also be posting book reviews. I've been doing so on Goodreads, but all my favorite books I will talk about here into more detail. First up on the list is very likely to be "The Steampunk Detective," by Derril Pitt. 

 I'm working still on editors and book covers. I have contacted two people on editing, one is helping me for sure. As for book covers, I'm contacting someone right now and if she can't do it I will be asking another artist I know. 

 I'm planning to get my book out this fall. This is just an estimated time I'm aiming for, I will keep you posted the closer things get. 

 And, lastly. While writing the book there were many other scenes I wanted to add, but length and story would not allow it. They were mostly side stories, things that happened during the characters travels, memories of things past. So forth. Things not needed in the story, things that would only draw away from it. 
 However, you will get to read these stories. I am going to write them up, and then load them here so you can download them and read them on your computer, ereader, or print them off. I will explain where they fit into the story and they will give you a chance to get to know the characters before the book is released. I'm working on one now, so it may be released soon. So, keep a lookout for it. 

 And, once again, don't forget about your chance to enter my giveaway and win a $20 Barnes and Nobles Gift Card. The post about that is below this one. 



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  1. Music really is influential! I often use it for me and my own writing, and often in the classroom for my students too! :)


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