Monday, April 30, 2012

"Is that one of Starks?" "I don't know. The guy never tells me anything."

  I know, two posts in one day, but I have announcements. As you can see I did some work on my blog, as I said I would. My sister helped, because she is cool and knows how to do all that complex stuff. If you want to know what all this complex stuff is then look at the top of my blog and click on the book titles. 

 See?! Isn't that cool? 

 So, I will still be updating here, but those pages are just special, where all the book information will end up. And I will be posting other things on there, which will show some of the things in the books - eg, the airships, ships, and tank like things. I'll even show you my own drawings of all this - though I can't say they will be amazing - but at least will give you an idea of how everything looks. 

 Now, this news isn't as nice. To everyone who entered my giveaway. Would you mind terribly if I moved it back about two weeks? If you do, just let me know. My reasoning behind this is because I'm guest posting on a bigger blog and I'm hoping to mention the giveaway, and get more readers. However, I did say it would end the first, so if you protest, let me know and I will reveal the winner tomorrow 8-D

 Now, this news IS nice. I am editing the deleted scene! So, it SHOULD be up this week. But, since I'm on holiday, I can't make any promises. 

 I might have a cover, designers. Two girls from my church are going to be helping me and we are going to see what we can come up with. Who knows? I might have a cover to show you rather soon! And, if I didn't mention this before, I have an editor as well. So, the fall publication is looking better and better. I'm hoping to have a date for you all, but I don't want to put one up yet without getting a further grasp on how much more work I need to do. If you want to aid in getting it out sooner you can help by spreading the world. The more readers I have the better it will be! 

  Also, you still have a chance to vote on which series I write next. Right now the pirates have three votes, middle ages two, and thief one - well, kind of two. So, if you want something other then pirates, now is your chance to vote. And if you want pirates, well, you know. 

 And on the voting subject, there are still two characters from Who Says? to be revealed. So, would you like Mandy or Andrew?

 And if anyone is interested in being featured this Friday make sure you contact me, probably Wednesday at the latest for this week. But if you miss this week there is always next. 

 Speaking of features and interviews, in a manner of speaking, I was interviewed over at A Few Words. You can read my interview Here

 Okay, now I am really tired. So I am going to go. 




  1. Glad to help! :D I'm so excited about how much work you're putting into your blog/marketing your book!! I'm sooooooooooooo proud of you!!!! <3

    Also, that interview is very cool, and - in case you didn't already see - I commented! You should go look at it. ;D

  2. Finally a quote in your title that I know!!! It's from Thor!!! Jumping up and down with happiness. I don't usually know the quotes you use. You should mention where they are from at the end of your posts!

    I'll push the date for your giveaway back on my blog and mention it again in my next post.


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