Monday, April 30, 2012

"It's simple," said the Voice, "I'm an invisible man." "Tell us something I don't know."

  When I was writing the third book I slipped a CD into our car radio and this song was on it. I started to picture parts of my book fitting into the song, and before I knew it I had new ideas sparking. So, anyhow, I thought I would share it with you call - though I'm certain you've heard this song before. Who hasn't? 

 Also, on the music subject, I've finally done it. After listening to Owl City for about two weeks, I've now become a fan of Adam Young's music. I even bought one of his CDs and plan to get the others as well 8-D

 Lastly, I'm doing some work on my blog, like template work, so if it looks funky for awhile bare with me 8-D




  1. Hehe. :D This song is funny.

    You know when he says "Mr, I'll make a man out of you?" Well when Libby was little she thought it was "Mr. Ill [will] make a man out of you." :D

  2. The you-tube clip is so so funny!! Couldn't stop laughing! :)


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