Monday, April 02, 2012

"Just larking about New Earth, new me."

 So, I said I had news for all of you. And, it is about time I told you. I'm a bit nervous about it, but even though it is scary I'm excited as well. 

 I've explained everything here so you can see my list of reasons for, yes, self publishing. I won't repeat the reasons here, but I will go into some detail. 

 This choice isn't rash. I've been working on it, researching, talking to other authors. I don't plan to jump into it blindly. I'm still in contact with authors who have self published. 

 However, there are some draw backs which make me a little nervous. First is, I've no marketing skills. My brain isn't wired for them. Someone says marketing and I say, "Huh?" But, I know with a ton of hard work I can master this. I plan to start reading up on it, researching it, and making a list of plans. As well as drawing more readers in. In fact, you can help and spread the word 8-D

 I'm not backing out of traditional publishing because of agent letter rejections. I can take rejections. They had little to do with my choice, though the fact that getting an agent for one book does not mean you will get the same agent for the second did help a little. Even if I was to be traditionally published, for the other books, it would mean more agent hunting. 

 However, none of this is compared to my editing troubles. I have a wonderful editor, or will. When I get going I can hire him to edit for me. I enjoy working with him. I love how he does everything. He is nice and helpful. However, for the first book there is no way I will have enough to hire anyone. But I refuse to publish something that is anything less then my best. 

 Right now I'm trying to get around this problem. I've been told reading the book backwards helps. I've been told reading over it carefully helps. But, considering the fact I've a form of dyslexia, I'm kind of, well, in trouble. I've been told that the main thing is to have someone else edit it as well, not just me - the author. Authors will miss many mistakes, and a dyslexia author is certain to miss even more. I know the other problems will be easy compared to this one. 

 So, as soon as I get it edited I will be publishing it. Therefore, my book should be out sooner then you were thinking. 

 Now, before I go, there should be a give away coming soon. And in honor of my new choice, I'm getting a new template. And it is cool. So, yes, come back so you can see it. Should be up this week. 

 Let's see, what else? Oh yes, as the books come out I will be starting a series of short stories about the not so main characters in the stories. So now you can ponder who these not so main characters are. 

 And now...



  1. Jack darling! I feel I have neglected you dreadfully! I promise I didn't mean to :(
    So many things to say, augh! You left me the sweetest comment ever on my blog that I never check up on anymore. It made my day.
    I'm going to email you soon, cross my heart, but it's late and I just needed to write you a quick note to let you know I haven't forgotten you.
    You are the best person every. May your life be filled with happiness foreverafter. God bless you, beautiful person.

  2. Hello, my dear!

    I admire your decision to self-publish your stuff! I think it is a grand idea, especially since it allows you more freedom with ebook stuff, and ebooks are taking over more and more of the world every day. Your books are page-turners, and I think they would work well in an ebook format.

    After reading this post, I have a proposition for you. You said that what you really need at this point is someone to read through your book with fresh eyes to catch any mistakes, but you don't have enough money to hire anyone. I would be happy to read through part or all of the book and give you feedback! (And you wouldn't have to pay me!) I've been feeling sad that I'm so out of touch with your books and what you're writing these days. You've always been such a wonderful friend to me, and I'd love to be able to help you out with getting published, if I could.

    Love you!! <3 :D


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