Friday, April 06, 2012

"Quiet, dad! I'm working on a dress size!"

 Being a girl is grand. I love being a girl, even if I do have a boy's nick name. Pen name. Whatever you wish to call it. Depends on who you are. But, I like being a girl. I like wearing dresses, painting my nails, all that. BUT there is one problem with being a girl. One very bad problem. Pockets.

 Now, I know boys, they don't know about this problem. They put their stuff in their wonderful pockets and don't give it another thought. It is like Rory says, "You don't know how nice something is until it is gone. My nan always said, 'You won't appreciate the water until the well is dry.' But in this case it is lights. It wouldn't be so scary if we had lights."

 So, boys will not understand this because you all have very nice, deep pockets that hold everything without loosing them AND you have pockets in all your pants. This is for us poor, suffering girls. 

 I have found the lack of pockets an ever growing problem. I have pockets in only a few of my skirts and dresses and these pockets cannot really be called such. They are so shallow everything falls out of them, constantly. I've lost pens and knives and such because my pockets don't hold them. I dare not carry my pocket watch, I'd be mortified if I lost it. 

 So, I suppose you chaps and pity us girls. And be thankful for your pockets. 

 And, as you can see from my light quote, I have been watching Doctor Who again. My sister and I are nearly done with season six, which is sad and happy. Sad because it took us this long to finish it, sad because we have to wait awhile for a new season, like all of you, and happy because...wait, is there a happy end to this? 

 Season seven is going to be rubbish - new British word I stole - because Amy and Rory are leaving, and I LOVE RORY! Sorry, that is the geek, fan girl side of me you rarely see. (I'd explain Rory to you normally but even though my readers are Americans you lot are the cool Americans who know who the Doctor is, so I won't explain). 

 Hm, what else? Let me get my mind of Rory...(this isn't easy) and tell you about my give away. Well! I finally know what it will be! But since this is a post about pockets and the amazing Rory I won't tell you here. You will have to come back tomorrow. 

 Also, like my template? My sister, River "Spoilers" made it for me. In honor of my book and it coming out, sooner then planned. 

 And now I've a date with said sister and the Doctor and Rory. SOOOO




  1. I have been feeling the exact same way about pockets. Really, it's pathetic. Besides the danger of stuff falling out, you can't put anything at all fragile or anything flat that shouldn't be bent, because it will just get squished as soon as you sit down. And then if you try to put stuff in back pockets (like I've started doing out of necessity), people can tell exactly what you put in there because you can see the outline of it through the fabric. :P

    I'm about to start watching Series 5 of Doctor Who, so I'll get to meet Amy and Rory finally! =D

  2. Oh my goodness.... I completely agree about pockets! I usually put hands in mine so things don't fall out. I just don't trust putting things in pockets... Unless said pockets have zippers to zip my precious things inside.
    "What has he got in his pocketssesss?" If pockets didn't exist, we wouldn't be able to put magic rings in them and make slimy creatures that live in dark holes guess what we have in our pockets. Good thing Bilbo was a guy.

    I didn't know C.S. Lewis answered all his fan letters! That's really cool! I hope that if I'm ever famous I can do that.... That's the reason I don't want to become famous. People all over the world will have you as a role model and when you meet them they can't believe it and then you just forget about them... Forget that they're real people just like you.

    I would love to join Inklings if you started it again! Would it be a blog like Inklings - where the blog-posting-peoples post parts (don't you love alliteration?) of their stories and discuss writing?

    I did get the blu-ray version of Tintin... But my family doesn't own a blu-ray player.... yet. Our DVD player has been acting up so I'm hoping that we can replace it with a blu-ray player soon. Even my mom seems ok with it.
    Oh my goodness....watching Tintin with non-geeks must be hard... I've been trying to get my mom to watch it since it came out in theaters but she keeps putting it off. I just know that when we finally do watch it, I'll be pointing out everything and she'll tell me to be quiet. xD
    Wow! 10+ times is a lot! But I agree, it's an amazing movie. Definitely one of my favorites as well. I was able to watch my copy of the DVD (which came with both a blu-ray version and a regular DVD player version) in the car on the way back from visiting my Grama on Sunday. I notice one new thing every time I watch Tintin. I can't wait to see which book(s) they pick for the next movie! Which book(s) would you like to be seen made into the next movie?

    I'm glad your characters decided to behave! It's so annoying when characters decide to be obstinately boring.
    If you don't mind me asking, how long are your books usually?

    Argh, I know! I think we need to talk to some British people and make them send us the 2nd season of Sherlock so we can see it! At least there's only about a month left until it airs in America....
    Speaking of Sherlock and America... Have you heard of the show "Elementary"? It's a show that the American network CBS is making.... It's a modern adaption TV show based on Sherlock Holmes... They made Watson a girl... I am super angry. We Americans have to ruin everything.

    The Hobbit will be amazing!! I'm re-reading the book right now and I keep thinking, "Wow, this part will be so amazing in the movie!" and "I wonder what they will do with this part?" I can't wait to see it! The only downfall is that it's going to be in two parts.

    Haha I can totally see Benedict Cumberbatch pulling off an evil look.
    He would make such a cool doctor!
    That's sad that Matt Smith is leaving! And Rory and Amy. I haven't even started watching Doctor Who yet but I think they should keep the same actor for a few years before switching him out.
    Have you seen the old episodes of Dr. Who or only the more recent ones?

    Oh my goodness it will be SO strange to hear Benedict's voice coming out of Smaug! That will be so weird!
    I read a story on about Watson and Sherlock turning into Bilbo and Smaug... and going about daily life. It was funny and realyl well done.

    On that note, I should probably post this super long comment....
    One last thing, though, before I go; I would love to join your giveaway but since I have neither a facebook or a twitter, I'm not able. Have fun with it though! =D

  3. The problem of pockets is universal and very troubling!!! My problem seems to be forgetting that I've put things in the few pockets I do have - keys, phones - really its a shame phones can't survive a trip through the washing machine!!! This is the third phone I've washed, now. I going to buy only cheap used phones from here on out :)


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