Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"And now he's spinning. Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile!"

 This is very late, but here it is nonetheless. And now that holidays and my birthday is past, I shall be getting back to work and reading all your lovely blogs. Oh yes, and writing and editing and cover designs and saving money and reading hunting and forgetting there is a world outside my bedroom. You know, all those author things. We are like trolls, only we don't eat as much as trolls (the whole starving artist thing.) If you pass my cave throw me a marshmellow. 

 Now, enough rambling. May I introduce to you, Mandy Brown. 

 Amanda (Mandy) Brown: 17, brown hair, brown eyes, short. American. 
 Mandy is a mysterious, sweet, wild, and very strange American agent. She is unassuming in appearance but don't threaten her friends or she is likely to lob a smoke bomb at you. She is full of secrets and surprises and is very wise for her young age. She is also searching for someone. And it is a search that is going to take her on a wild, exciting ride (in her own book.)

 Mandy is in Who Says? more then Joel, but this book isn't about her. She appeared rather suddenly, and the more I got to know her the more I realized she needed her own book. I don't know when this book will be written, but it will be. And then you can learn more about Mandy. But for now, this shall have to do. ;-D

 Now, some book updates. Editing, my backwards editing, is almost done. Then I'm doing a forwards editing. Also, there has been some debate and a lot of thought on the title. So, here is a challenge for you all. Look HERE/ CLICK HERE, and by reading the plot, see if you can think up a title. (Sorry for how choppy that sounded. I'm not really awake right now.) But, if you can come up with any kind of title ideas, I'd love to hear them! Also, if anyone is interested in reading my book early please contact me. I'm especially looking for young men who would be willing to read it, review it, and maybe throw out pointers on how it could be better. But I'd also love to have girls.

 The next character reveal is again up to you. As I said, I'm now working on two books. So, you will get to pick. CLICK HERE to find out about The Broken Blade. For this book you can pick between...

 1: Striker

 2: Ryder-Adair. 

 Or, you can CLICK HERE to learn about my pirate book. And for this book you can pick between...

 1: Will

 2: Kitty

 So, vote away!

 And now I am going to dash so I can get ready for work. 


 P. S.

 Today's title is from How to Train your Dragon. Wonderful movie. You should watch it. Even if you've seen it already, you should watch it again.



  1. Oh my goodness! I'm not the only one who fantasizes about staying in my bedroom for the rest of my life writing!
    I wonder if all authors think that....
    Another thing I always wonder is whether all authors think up their good ideas when they can't write them down. It seems like all my good ideas come to me when I'm in the shower or in the middle of the night. (Then of course I fall alseep without writing it down and forget it when I wake up).

    Mandy sounds like a fun character! Smoke bombs always add so much to stories. =D

    Sorry I can't help you with your book title.... I am SO horrible at thinking up titles for things!

    Hmmm... I would like to hear about Kitty next. Or perhaps Striker.

  2. Mandy sounds like a great character - she'll be a lot of fun to write. :)

  3. Happy late birthday! You should have told me, I would have thrown you a perty. Now I feel sad :/

    I am now very interested in this Mandy person who might get her own book. The whole concept of Who Says sounds terribly interesting and I cannot wait to read them. I'd read anything you write! Even if it were a musical about zombie Elvis :P

    I really am terrible about coming up with titles... The only halfway decent one I could think of was "Flying Free" or some other nonsense about flying. I tried to think of something unique, since the story is so unique, but like I said -- I'm hopless.


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