Tuesday, May 01, 2012

"Be careful! I don't want to loose you too!" "Me either, let's just stay good friends."

 Book Review: The Invisible Man.

 I love classics, and reading them now is preparing me for one of the series I plan to write. (Curious yet?) However, I sometimes find Classics a bit dull, especially the beginnings. This one surprised me. It starts off with someone arriving at an inn. The inn is in a small town filled with nosy people and seeing a man covered head to foot with bandages around his face, a man who won't even say his name, well that's just going to drive everyone batty. And it does. 

The man pays for a room and locks himself in. Over the next few chapters you learn that he has a quick temper, he is working on something mysterious, and he never eats if someone is watching. But other things start popping up. Weird, unexplained things that annoy the inn keepers. (They just HAVE to know the answers!) And, one thing leading to another, they discover their grumpy guest is invisible!!

 This book was much funnier then I was thinking. The first half at least. Griffin, the Invisible Man, can only remain invisible when he isn't dressed. This kind of annoys him, because to escape he has to keep loosing his clothes. One of the funniest scenes is when he tries to fix this problem. Recruiting the help of a man who was debating if he should wear a pair of boots or not, he sneaks back into the village to get his clothes and journals. 

 While in the village, he gets back into the inn, locking the pastor and doctor in a room. He talks with them awhile, then we are taken outside the room where the door soon opens and the doctor rushes out yelling, "Stop him! He has my trousers! And every sitich of the Vicar's clothes!" The pastor then jumps out the window, covering himself with a rug and paper. 

 Meanwhile, everyone is running about trying to find Griffin, who of course had to drop the clothing again. So, since he cannot be seen, he goes about tripping everyone. Men run left and right only to suddenly find themselves face down on the ground. 

 The book then takes on a more serious note and we see just how horrible Griffin can be. He plans to start a reign of terror, becoming a kind of assassin. His friend is then forced to put a stop to him. Still, even though he was selfish and tempered, there was something about him I couldn't help but like. Maybe it was the village tripping and stealing the pastor's clothing. 

 Anyhow, this is a wonderful book. Much lighter and easier to read them some other classics and well worth the time. 




  1. I read this book in junior high and unfortunately don't remember anything from so long ago - good to hear that you enjoyed and it was easier to read than many classics - and funny!

  2. Sounds great!
    *sigh* Soooo many good books I want to read. I want to read some things by H.G. Wells. My friend read "The Time Traveller" which is, I believe, by Wells. I saw the movie. It was strange....


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