Friday, May 04, 2012

"Have you ever heard of downloads?" "Said Winston Churchill."

 Once again, I didn't get in contact with anyone for my Friday Feature. Therefore, I will feature my book cover.

 (Did I get you? Did you really think I was going to show you my cover? Well, I might have, but it isn't done yet.) However, I do have updates on it. And since I said I would share its progress, here goes. 

 I won't reveal the names of my helpers, at least not until I get permission from them - I haven't asked yet. But they are two girls from my church. One is an artist, the other a photographer who knows how to do picture designs, photoshop - I don't know the fancy terms for it. Our plan, at least for right now, is to get a model to dress up and pose out in the mountains in an area that looks somewhat like Scotland. Then the artist will draw the Zeppelin which will be photoshopped into the picture, and then we will add the title, fade the photo to make it look older, and likely add some gears. 

 Looking online, we found some pictures to use as inspiration. I will now share them with you.

 This is our Scotland inspiration. We have areas around us that look like this, only with less green. We are hoping to catch the mountains on a green day...I think we are asking for a lot. 

 Zeppelin inspiration. Only by the time the artist is done it will be cooler. 

 Cover inspiration. I'm shooting for a more brownish look, however. With more gears.

  Costume ideas. Just the pants and boots on the far right. I have the aviator's hat and goggles, the artist may have a coat, all I have to hunt down is pants that flair out and boots big enough for my model - and my model to agree to this. 

 We are now to the process where the artist is drawing the airship, and the other three of us are trying to find a day to get pictures. (Again, if my model agrees to this.) (In that case, can I even call him my model yet?) So, once again, we are back to waiting. 

 But, I have some more features for you. As promised, I have pictures of my Steampunk outfits - not on me - and of my clock. And a spoiler picture! I'm sorry the outfit pictures are bad. My camera sucked dry all my batteries and I had to rush before it drained these.

The Jacket

Aeropilot skirt

 Victorian skirt

Aeropilot jacket

 Grandmother clock

Victorian bustle

  AND! I didn't make this, but found it at the store. This is the dress I'm wearing to the Avengers, in case you were just dying to know.

 Now, this picture was drawn by my dear friend Claire. She has been encouraging me in my writing, and just being very sweet. I sent her my book to read about a month ago. And she then drew a picture. It gives away something huge in the book, BUT it also will add more mystery. So, after asking her permission, I decided to allow one spoiler. Besides, the picture is cool and made me feel all author ish.

 And, now I will stop talking. And show you.

 In case the words are too small it says Peter and Darcy. Curious yet?
 Now I have to go. Avengers and all that.

 Have a wonderful weekend!

 And, once again, my quote was taken from Doctor Who, The Wedding of River Song. 


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  1. Very cool! I love the process you're going through for your cover :)


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