Tuesday, May 08, 2012

"He's my brother." "He's killed eighty people in two days." "He's adopted."

 This week's posts are going to be out of order. As you can see, Friday's stayed up till Monday. Music Monday will now be on Wednesday, my random Thursday one on Tuesday. And today, there won't be a book review, but a movie review instead. Maybe you won't mind when you know which movie it is. 

 Yes, I saw it. 8-D This review will hold some spoilers, (because one spoiler I have to talk about) so if you haven't seen it I will just say this.  It was amazing! The characters were wonderful. Some lines could have been very corny but they were done so well they weren't. The battles were cool. Hawkeye was better then I was hoping for (even my mum liked him, though she said it was because he was cute). Yes, if you haven't seen it, you should. And my mum and dad and aunt and uncle said it was really worth seeing it in 3D. 

 Okay, now for the spoiler bits. I will probably do this review in a series of quotes because I LOVED the lines from this movie. I will start with my least favourite characters - though I pretty much loved them all, just some more then others - and at the end will do a kind of over view of the whole movie. I will do my  best to not let my geekiness get the better of me and not make this post into a book. 

"I'm bringing the party to you." "I don't see how this is a party."

 I dislike girl characters. I know, horrid of me. But either they are too whimpy, or they try and be men, or all they do is flirt with said men. So, I can't stand most girl characters. Pepper is one who surprised me. I had little hope for the Black Widow when I saw Iron Man 2 and anyone who knows me will know I was ready to hit her if she flirted with Hawkeye. (That was one of the only things I complained about before seeing the movie. I think I drove everyone insane and they kept saying, "They're so cute together!")

 However, I now owe her an apology. Sure, she still likes Hawkeye, but really, how can she not? How can anyone dislike him?! But she really did surprise me. Aside from the tight pants, she was very lady like, I mean as lady like as an assassin/ spy/ girl who hangs out with super heroes with over sized arms can be. She didn't act like a man. She didn't flirt. She didn't stand back and scream while the men fought. She helped out, but she didn't get bossy, like "How dare YOU give ME orders?! I'm a woman!" And she didn't kiss Hawkeye. And she, "Hit him really hard," to bring him back to normal. 

 My favourite scene with her was when she was interrogating the men at the beginning, and told Colson she was going to have to put him on hold. 

"I recognize the counsel has made a decision, but given that it's a stupid decision I've elected to ignore it."

 Not many people seem to like Nick Fury. I never really did, I mean, he wasn't top of my list. Sure, he was cool, and he snapped Tony  into shape in Iron Man 2. But still, he was grumpy, never smiled, and seemed to think it was his job to annoy people. His job hasn't changed, he was a bit rotten sometimes, but I like him more now. I think it was because he called Hawkeye one of his best agents, he flew in his helicarrier, and he has an eye patch (eye patches are cool.) But I really liked when he grabbed his rocket launcher and tried to save New York by shooting down that plane. He didn't stop the bomb, sure, but he was cool and he gave Tony another chance to show off, so all is well. 

 "What's Fury want me to do? Swallow it?"; "Are you an Alien?" "No." "Well then, son, you have a condition."; "Hulk, smash."; "I am a god-" "Puny god.";
 "That's mt secret, cap, I'm always angry." 

 I disliked Halk after seeing one of the dorky movies they made. Then we went to the theatre and saw The Incredible Hulk and I liked him again. I was sad they changed actors and didn't think I would like this new actor, but he proved me wrong. I was really impressed and I do like this new actor now. Some of my favourite parts with him was when he yelled at Black Widow, then said, "Sorry, that was mean, I just wanted to see what you would do." And I LOVED the part where he and Tony are working together and Tony pokes him, then looks excitedly into his eyes, then a bit disappointed says, "You really do have this under control, don't you?" 

 All these next ones are tied. I am just putting them in random order. 

 "Is everything a joke to you?" "Funny things are.";  "Stark, we need a plan of attack!" "I have a plan: Attack!"; "I've seen everything." "Ten bucks you haven't."; "I understand that one! Sorry, I just got that saying..."

 I liked Steve in Captain America. He really should have gotten to wear a cool World War 2 uniform, but anyhow. I loved how he became friends with Howard and I was eager to see how he would react to having to work with Howard's son. (I like to insist that Howard married Steve's girlfriend so that now Steve has to be friends with the son of his best friend and girlfriend.)

 I really liked how they worked out his slight awkwardness of being in the wrong time, his anger at Fury for making into a weapon the thing he was working so hard to destroy, and one of the best lines (I thought) in the whole movie was Steve looking so pleased with himself that he had finally understood one of their references. Oh, and Colson and he cracked me up. Colson looking like such a geek, embarrassing himself over corny lines, looking ready to faint from glee that he got to stand next to Steve, and asking him to sign his card collection.  (And his leather jacket was cool, though the really need to do something different with his hat thing.)

I did enjoy the part where he and Tony had to work together. "When I tell you(uses lots of fancy words)" "In English!" "See that red lever? When I say, pull it!" Steve really needs a friend who isn't a genus, so that he can at least have a normal conversation with him, one he can understand. 

 "I'm surprised Colson didn't faint when we found you. He has a collection of cards, has he asked you to sign them yet?"; "So, anyways, if you don't mind, I was thinking maybe you could sign them...I've collected them over the years...they're all vintage...in nice condition, a little dog eared."; "Phil, how are you?" "Phil? His first name is Agent."; "You're going to loose, it's in your nature."; "I don't know what this gun does, let's find out."; "So that's what it does."; "Colson had these in his jacket pocket, he died believing in you."; "Sir, Colson had those cards in his locker, not his jacket."

 As I've said before, I like Colson, a lot. I've liked him since the ending of the first Iron Man. And I was the only girl in the theatre during Thor who giggled insanely when he walked onto the screen (I was more excited about seeing him then seeing Thor without a shirt). And when I found out in this one that the quiet agent who had a dry sense of humor and never put up with Tony's cockiness was a huge Captain America geek my like of him went even further. Now, as an author, I should have known what was coming for Colson - I did the same thing to one of my characters. But still!!! What point was there in killing him?! So mean. But he did die in a cool way, standing up to Loki and blasting him with a large gun. Still, I wish he had listened to me and left, then he wouldn't have died.

 "How does Fury see these screens?" "He turns." "Sounds like a lot of work."; "Please tell me you are going to appeal to my humanity." "No, actually I'm going to threaten you."; "Finally! Someone who speak English!" "Is that what you're doing?"; "Let's do a head count here. We have your brother, the demi-god. A legendary super soldier who lives up to the legend. A couple of trained assassins." "I have an army," "We have a Hulk. And you've managed to make them all angry."; "Oh, and there's one more person you made mad. A guy named Phil."; "Put down the hammer!" "No! He loves his hammer!"; "So, are we done yet?"; "What just happened? Please tell me nobody kissed me." "We won." "All right! Hey! All right, good job, guys. Let's just not come in tomorrow. Let's just take a day."; "Can I get a a ride?" "Right, clench up, Legolas."

  I've always liked Tony, since the first Iron Man. When my family thought him annoying and stuck up. (Which he was, sure.) But since then he has slowly changed and though he still acts self centered and childish (poking Banner with a pointy object to see if he will turn green) he is more, willing to let others help. To admit he needs help. To take orders. He drove Steve crazy most of the time, but I think once Steve accepted the fact that it was just in Tony's nature to not be serious then he was fine with him. Also, even though Tony is a bit more humble, did you  notice who got to have the dramatic ending where everyone was just watching him? When it comes to getting attention I don't think Tony can turn it down. 

 But when he went to confront Loki alone, that was cool. And he wasn't like, "I'm going to beat you up." But, "We're going to, and you might as well leave now because you don't stand a chance." And he still manages to take something serious and make you laugh. 

 "Now, brother, listen to me-" "I'm listening."; "You are scared of lightening?" "No, it's what follows the lightening I don't like."; "You'd think you would stop falling for that by now."; "We come here like Bilchsteim." "Like what?" "You know, huge, scary, big antlers. You don't have those?" "I don't think so."; "He's my brother!" "He's killed eighty people in two days." "He's adopted." 

 Thor is like a more gentlemanly version of Tony. He even talks like a gentleman. And treats girls like ladies. And now that he isn't so arrogant he is even more of a gentleman. And I liked him TONS in Thor, so even more in this one. One of the parts my cousins, brothers and I loved best was when he and Hulk smashed into a building, beat up the bad guys, then were standing side by side and Hulk punches Thor and sends him flying.  Also, the fight in the forest was cool too, and the part where he was talking to Loki and Tony comes flying by and knocks him aside and Loki looks all smug and amused (then sits back to watch them fight.) (Sheen wants his hammer). But, I did also like how he was always trying to reason with Loki. It is nice to see someone who loves his brother enough that he always tries to talk reason into him even when he's being rotten. (Or trying to take over the world)

 (Lastly is my favourite, who is only a tiny bit higher then all the tied ones.)

 "How many died?" "No, I won't let you do that to yourself."; "I want to put an arrow in Loki's eye."; "This is like that time in Budapest." "You and I remember Budapest very differently."

  My sister asked me why I liked Hawkeye so much. I mean, he only had one small part in Thor. My reason behind it? His bow. My mum thinks he's cute, my friends thinks he's cute, and others don't like him as much as, say, Thor. As far as cuteness, I don't think it is safe to call a man with a bow and a deadly aim cute, just saying. However, I suppose he is handsome. 

 Anyhow, his looks aside. As I've said, I liked him the moment I saw him in Thor, when he was ordered to shoot him and instead of grabbing a gun grabbed a bow. And if that wasn't enough to win me over he finished it off by saying, "You better let me shoot this guy before I start rotting for him." And, seeing him in this movie only made me like him all the more. 

 He is much quieter then the others. (And he has a cool accent). I think he is the kind who wants to be given orders, and who wants to be left alone (Which may explain why he's an assassin.) Still, I think he is a very complex character who is hiding something, and it is going to be cool to see him in his own movie, which they should hurry up and make. Especially since he was brain washed for part of this movie, poor fellow. 

 Anyhow, now I will give a quick over view. 

 There was some language in the movie, but I don't remember a lot and I'm sort of the person who would remember if there was a lot. There were battles but it wasn't gory which I was glad for. And there were no needles, HURRY! Loki didn't turn good at the end, pity as I kept hoping he would, but I think he realized that trying to act superior around the Hulk just doesn't work out. (And trying to brain wash Tony doesn't work either. "This usually works..."). 

 As I said, some of the things in the movie would  be corny, but they were done so well they weren't. (I'm having trouble explaining this bit but if you've seen it you likely know what I mean.) It was much funnier then I thought it would be, but this doesn't take from the movie I don't think. It is still exciting, just a lot of the tense moments are lessened by Tony making a joke, or Hulk smashing someone. 

 The things I was worried about, the Black Widow and Hawkeye's bow were fixed. (His bow was much cooler then I feared.) (And the Lord of the Rings bit in it was fun. Maybe a reference to the only movie that might make better sales then this one.)

 I would recommend it, lots. But, if you plan to see it, or see it again, you really should try the Imax 3D, which I'm hoping to go to for my second time. 

 (Have you seen it? If so, what did you think?)



  1. Okay! First off, thanks for the comment! :D Second....

    Yay! I'm glad you also love Hawkeye! :D In the beginning of the movie I was like "Oh no! I hope he snaps out of it (Loki's brain-washing thing) soon because he's got some really cool moves and I don't want him to be good for only a little bit in the end!" :D

    You're the second person I know now who was also worried a lot about Black Widow. :) I love how they did her though. And in the comics her and Hawkeye do like each other to some extent. So... I was expecting them to kiss or at least be all "OOh, I love you!". :) I actually liked their relationship together in the movie. How he had to "taker her out" because she was bad, but didn't. :) (He used to be on the wrong side in the comics before he got involved with SHIELD) I also loved the scene right after Tess (as he calls Natasha) knocks him out really hard and he feels really bad.

    btw, I have done a lot of research on a lot of the characters.... that's how I know that stuff.... :D Like I know a lot about Loki and what happens in later stories to him. :) (can't tell you though, because I know some spoilers).

    Yay! You hate Captain America's helmet too! :D so weird looking. I like in the Captain America movie when he's wearing a normal WWII helmet. Much cooler.

    Oh, Coulson. *snif* RIP. His cards were never signed. That made me so, so, SO sad in the theater. :'(

    It's really funny.... I've been getting a ton of page-views on my Loki post I did last year. *smirk*

    S.I.C. Anna

  2. Wow! I didn't not realize until I looked back at my published comment how long that was! O.O

  3. This. Movie. Was. A. Mazing!!!!

    I think the Black Widow is my favorite, but Hawkeye is close, and so is Tony, and Steve, and Thor and Nick. I love Nick. "Let me know if 'real power' wants a magazine or something!" Lol!! So funny!!! I love a guy who can make me laugh. Laughter is the way to my heart. <3

  4. P.S. I didn't notice anything weird about Steve's helmet! :-P

  5. Haha! so very fun! i enjoyed reading this!!! :)

  6. Ahhhh!! I ust read your "about me" page!! Laughing so hard.... :D

  7. Loved this movie; loved this quote - plus Chris delivered it perfectly!

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