Sunday, May 27, 2012

"How do you hide an island?" "Have you ever heard of the Thousand Islands?" "Yes." "Count them next time." "You mean-" "A Thousand and One!"

  This song has inspired a lot of the scenes in The Shepherd Knight. Ever since I found one version with scenes from The Lord of the Rings. Sadly, I wasn't able to find that version for this post. Youtube wasn't being very nice. Still, it is a cool song and has lots of pictures of Josh Groban, so, I guess that works instead. 

 So, over the weekend I have been helping at a Chinese Conference. I've been doing a program for the children with some of my friends. I've made two friends, the cutest little girl on the planet and a little boy who thinks I'm the funniest thing that ever lived. He giggles at everything I say (Oh, and she has a giggle that sounds like Daffy Duck, only ten times cuter.) 

 Anyhow, I have a group of children I help with crafts and Bible verses. And they decided to, all at once, ask me if I spoke Chinese. I told them no, I didn't even know one word in Chinese. So, they took it upon themselves to teach me, by all speaking Chinese, really fast, at the same time. After that one minute lesson I should be fluent in the language!

 Needless to say, it is really tiring - we have seven leaders to seventy or so kids - but it is also a lot of fun. And the kids are the cutest things you've ever seen and rather well behaved considering they have us so drastically outnumbered. 

 Quote is taken from Get Smart, the one where he and 99 are on their honeymoon. My brothers and I love this quote and when I found salad dressing that said TWO Thousand Island I almost lost it and cracked up laughing. Anyhow, in this part of the show, Sigfried is bragging about his island, on which he is hiding his magnet. Max is assured someone will find it, but Sigfried has no such fear. After all, how many of us really do count the Thousand Islands?

 And now, that is all. 




  1. Aw, those kids sound cute! <3

    I'm glad you have fun. Being around little kids for a weekend was probably really good for you. :D

  2. If only learning Chinese really were that easy. :)

    You and I seem to have watched a lot of the same movies... I love that episode of Get Smart! "Well, either it's the biggest magnet in the world or it's the biggest horseshoe in the world. And if it's the biggest horseshoe, I'd hate to see the horse."


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