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"I always hear punch me when you speak."

  Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia Review

 I don't often complain about movies. I never watch, say, R rated movies. There are some things in movies I do see I don't like, but it is rare for me to hate one. To never want to see even the cover of it. I mean, I like The Rise of the Planet of the Apes! I like Clash of the Titans. I have a wide range of movies I like. It is hard for me to find a movie I hate (again, I don't watch movies with lots of swearing, gory scenes, or sexual stuff.)

 Also, I love brilliant writers. One of the most brilliant, I believe, is Steven Moffat. This man writes Doctor Who, he wrote Tintin, and he writes shows for the modern day, BBC Sherlock TV series. He is amazing. If you don't believe me, watch any of those three (First season of Sherlock). Look at the work he's done on Doctor Who. 

 I've never really, been disappointed by a writer before. I can kind of tell what kind of writer they are by the first book and I set my liking of them on that book. John Flanagan who writes the Ranger's Apprentice books is a good writer, but he's not one of my favourites. He can write a fun, exciting story but his style is choppy and he jumps between characters A LOT. I usually set my standards about the author on the first book. I will never expect something like a master piece from Mr. Flanagan, but since I'm not hoping for one I'm able to enjoy his work. 

 It is the same with Steven Moffat. His work is wonderful and I've come to expect nothing but wonderful things from him. I've always known that whatever he writes is bound to be good. His characters amazing and just how they should be. Look at Sherlock! The man is a geek and he did a better job at bringing Sherlock to life then anyone before him. He captured what the stories are really about. A couple of friends, trying to understand each other while getting into all kinds of weird scraps. 

 Moffat understands good story telling and characters. However, he's done something that made me want to cry. 

 The second season of Sherlock has finally reached America. I've waited over a year for this show. The first ended at an impossible cliff hanger. Sherlock and Watson were just starting to trust each other. Everything was brilliant. And I started season two with such high hopes. After all, I was in Moffat's hands. There was no way this could end badly, even with THE woman. Moffat would know. Moffat would capture Sherlock's true feelings for her (admiration that she had outsmarted him, not love.) I've never been so disappointed in a movie in my life. 

 It wasn't so much Adler herself, though she was terrible. She sleeps with men and women. She walks out to Sherlock stark naked. She says horrible things that made my stomach lurch. There was nothing of the Adler from the books in her. She was just, gross. 

 I've watched the Doctor Who's with Jack, who was much like Adler. But with Jack it was different. Most of the time it was like he was just saying things (flirting with every girl he saw) just to annoy the Doctor. His character was more believible and he got better as the series went on (Though I've heard in Torchwood he got worse) Adler was jut disturbing. 

 Another thing I disliked was how rushed the show was.My sister thinks they shoved about eighteen months in an hour and a half show. There was hardly any plot. It was impossible to keep up. I still don't know what the mysteries are. They were trying to shove too much into too short of a time. Sherlock dies this season so they had to make sure he and Watson were good friends, that Sherlock is much nicer then the first, and that he is famous. But to do that they had to shove most of that in the first show. It would have been better to move his death back a season and go at it slower. It was like watching snippets of things, not like watching the characters act out the story. 

 The hints that Sherlock loved Adler and that he and Watson were partners is soooooo....oh it was terrible. And Watson having lots of girlfriends and breaking up with them all the time. Watson wasn't like that. He was a gentleman. 

 Also, I never thought I'd say this, but the acting was bad. I've never noticed bad acting before, but this was bad. Benedict Cumberbach and Martin Freeman are brilliant actors but the show was written so badly you couldn't see any of it. They were like two men on a stage, forcing things out. Last season the WERE Sherlock and Watson. BC was the best Sherlock to ever take to the screen. By the end of the show I was ready to beg Basil Rathbone to come back. 

 Last season I couldn't wait for new shows to come out. I'm not looking forward to the next show coming out on Sunday. I can only hope it is better but if Moffat wrote this one I'm not getting my hopes up. Everything about this show was bad. (And they shoved Watson in the background to make room for Adler! He was still, somewhat, the same Watson. But he was hardly in the show. And the whole girlfriend thing ruined one of his scenes. Oh, and don't get me started on Molly). 

 There were some funny lines between Sherlock and Watson - and when Mycroft stepped on Sherlock's sheet. The fight between the two friends was funny. Them sitting on the couch in Buckingham Palace laughing because Sherlock was wearing nothing but a sheet was funny as well. But neither scene made up for the rest of the show. 

 So, anyhow. Sorry to anyone who liked this show. And if you liked season one and haven't seen season two, I'll just say, don't get your hopes up. Even them getting out of the cliff hanger was a let down.

 Now, Allons-y!

 (P.S. I did take my quote from the show. It did have some funny lines.)



  1. I completely agree. I'd love to hear what the people who liked it liked about it. If that makes any sense...

    Shall we watch the Hound on Sunday or wait for your birthday? Oh wait, you wanted to watch Tintin on your birthday, didn't you? I guess that answers that question. ;D

  2. Well, like I said weren't the only one who was horribly disappointment and hated it. :P

    I knew that Adler was going to be terrible from some stuff I had read previously, but I thought Sherlock not being in love with her would cover that...... But then he WAS in love with her! Those two Americans should have taken her out.

    Adler, herself, wasn't even like that in the book. :P I mean, it mentions past stuff briefly, but not between Sherlock and her.

    And Watson.... yes. He was not that great, either. I was so confused throughout the entire episode and I knew the password for the phone the moment I saw it. Sad, really.

    I did like when Sherlock put on his traditional hat, though! :D

  3. Oh my word I agree... I absolutely despised Adler. The more I think about her, the more I despise her.
    And I completely agree about the plotline! It was so.... everywhere! I'm glad I wasn't the only one that didn't understand it. It took me until the scene in the plane to understand what was going on. And even know I'm still a little bit in the dark. I have to watch the episode again (cringe) to understand the plot.
    However, I've heard that The Hound is the best episode in the entire series.... We'll see. It's my favorite Holmes' story and I think (from the trailers) that it will be a LOT better than Scandal. I heard Sherlock even drives a car in it. :P
    Where you are, did they play the frist episode after Scandal? They did where I live. I'm afraid I was up until 12:00 watching Sherlock.... We'll see if it happens again this Sunday.

  4. Superb post about 'A Scandal in Belgravia'.

    I have voiced similar thoughts in my review .


  5. Sorry, I am one who thought this one clever. Loved this episode. :-)


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