Friday, May 18, 2012

"I even sang to him last night." "Yes, he mentioned that. He thought you were crying too."

 So, I'm here to announce the winner of the Barnes and Nobles Gift Card that was mentioned HERE

 And the winner is....

 *Has the Master do the drum roll* 

 Sorry, Master. I couldn't help it.

 Anyhow, the winner is...ANNA!!!!

  So, you should click on her blog because it is very fun and cool and she is lots of fun. Now I will let her know, and get her email, and all that. 

 Thanks to everyone who entered and helped spread the word!! Now I need to go. 

 My title is again, from Doctor Who. It is from one of my favourite ones, Closing Time where the Doctor goes to say farewell to one of his friends, Craig, who is now a father. (The Doctor can talk to babies so often he and baby Alifie who likes to be called Stromengedon will carry on a conversation.) Very fun, sweet episode and everyone should watch it. 




  1. *jaw hits floor.... Like they do in cartoons...* 0.0 AWESOME! I didn't think I'd actually get it! Thanks so much! *hugs and does a sailor jig with John Paul Jones*..... Okay, that's just weird. O.o

  2. Congrats to Anna :)

    On another note - you won one of the critiques from my RAOK giveaway! If you'd like to send me either your query or your first 10 pages, I'd love to have a look at them! :)


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