Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"I'm stuck!" "Call your mechanic." "I can't call him and tell him I magnetized myself to my car!"

 So, before I do a book review I will share another story from my weekend.
 I was talking to a little boy at the conference. He was asking about my last name and I told him it was a German name (My real one, not Baillot.) "Oh," he said, "what is German?"
 "Germans are from a country called Germany. So I am from Germany, like you are from China," I told him.
 "And your name is German?"
 "Oh. I'm from Kentucky. That's why my name is Chinese."

 Now for my book review. Today I am doing The Case of the Missing Marquess by Nancy Springer. It has the coolest covers so I am posting all three. 

 I LOVE this one!!!!

  This is the first in a six part series starring Sherlock Holmes' much younger sister Enola, which is backwards for alone. The story begins on Enola's fourteenth birthday, the day her mother disappears. To fix the problem of her now living alone, Enola's brothers show up and Mycroft decides she needs to be sent to a boarding school to learn how to be a lady. However, the last thing Enola wishes to do is endure the pain of corsets, so she runs away, making her way to London where she solves a mystery and wonders if her true calling in life is to be a detective like her brother. However, being the sister of Sherlock Holmes isn't easy, and she will have to watch her step carefully if she wants to avoid being found by him. 

 I didn't think I would like this book. I don't like it when someone will create a character who wasn't in the Classics - shocking considering the series I am planning on writing. However, this book was wonderfully written. Sherlock never acts out of character, and I don't think Doyle would mind him having a sister - not that Doyle cared anything about Sherlock except for the money he brought him. 

 It is very believable, the way Mrs. Springer wrote this book. I now am a firm believer that Sherlock did have a sister. Though Mrs. Springer doesn't have the same style as Doyle, she does know the stories wonderfully well and took nothing away in creating Enola. If anything, she just added to the stories, and gave us what the world needed. Another Holmes. 

 I would readily recommend this book to anyone who likes Sherlock Holmes - and the rest of the series only gets better. The first book might seem a bit dull at first, but it is well worth sticking it out. 

 This quote is from The Avengers, not the superheroes but the British ones. It is an old TV show about two spies, Steed and Mrs. Peel (aired from 64-66) I might actually do a character post about these two. 
 Anyhow, in this show, Mrs. Peel was captured and tied to a metal table with electrical wires hooked up to her so that the moment Steed saved her they would both be killed. However, being Steed, and she being Mrs. Peel, they got out of it alive. Afterward, however, Steed decided to try all the equipment out to see what he could do with it. And he managed to magnify himself to his car, which amused Mrs. Peel until she tried to pull him free and was magnetized beside him. 



  1. Sounds intriguing! I wouldn't have realized her name was alone backwards. :)

    Did you get my message about winning the crit on my blog giveaway? If you're interested, you can send either your query or the first 10 pages of your story for a crit! :)

  2. Haha I laughed at your blog title. I read it to my mom and she didn't understand... Hee hee.

    Wow! That books sounds amazing! I will ahve to see if my library has it! *adds to mental list of books - which is a mile long.* I really like the second cover.

  3. Aw! That little boy sounds adorable. <3

    And these books sound very interesting. Sometimes I miss reading, but I just don't make enough time to do it lately. It's rather sad. :(

    ~ Your DLS

  4. Oh my goodness! That little boy sounds adorable! I think I'd like to talk to him.

    And I'm off to buy the Enola Holmes books from Amazon (as soon as I get enough money, heheh). I noticed right off there was something strange about her name, and suddenly I realized that it was 'alone' backwards! I felt so proud of myself.

    Someone else mentioned these books and compared them to "The Westing Game" which is a book I absolutely love. And I love Sherlock Holmes, besides. It's so convenient that he never talks about himself to anybody, it makes it easy to invent a little sister for him!

    It said ages 9-12 in the store, but I don't even care. More good books for me!


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