Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Iron Man's a dude. He has a hole in his heart."

 So, today's character is Maddock who won two to one. Now, to make things easier...on me, I will not be posting about him here but on the book's special page. he is! MADDOCK! 

 Today is a shot post because I'm working two jobs today and have letters to answer, an email to write, blogs to read, a picture to draw, and a book to edit. Hopefully I will find time to write. Oh yes, and I MUST clean Indiana's cage...

 Okay, that said, enjoy Maddock! 

 I took the quote for today from an interview. Before The Avengers came out they did a lot of interviews, some with most of them together, but usually it was just two. This interview was with the actors who played Hawkeye and Natasha. Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner. The interviewer was asking them how it felt being the only two characters without super powers and she was talking about how all the characters had struggles we could all relate to, then Mr. Renner, very randomly said the line above. (Actually both actors were very random through the whole thing. I never would have thought Mr. Renner would be the funny short, but ever interview he was made me laugh.) Anyhow, maybe I will post some of them sometime so you all can see. And now...




  1. First of all: MADDDOOOOOOOCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!(btw! I was reading in my Chemistry book about the element 'Sulfur' and it was talking about how the slightest bit of water will make it explode. I couldn't stop giggling ridiculously and thinking of Maddock..... Okay. Sorry about that nerdiness....

    Second: Isn't he Mr. Renner funny? I saw one interview with him and Natasha and they were talking about their 'powers' and Natasha was talking about all the exercising that she had to do in order to do all her jumps, kicks, etc.....then he said with a grin: "Hey...should I just go get my bow? no really?! Can I get my bow??" *smirk*


  2. *sigh* I miss Maddock!! I think he was my favorite character of yours. I used to print out the chapters of Hemlock you sent me and devour them. Fond memories.

    And I just have to tell you that you left the 100th comment on my blog! :D


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