Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"It was just a short cut." "To what?" "Mushrooms!"

  Okay, I need to apologize to everyone who voted. I really thought I could write two different styles of books at once. So, before I go further let me explain. 

 When I write a book I read books like the one I'm writing, watch movies like it. I listened to more Steampunk like music until I was dreaming about airships and battles fought with guns. Now that I am starting The Broken Blade that has to change. Now I am reading about knights, swords, rangers, archers. I'm pulling out The Lord of the Rings and Narnia to watch and read. I'm listening to Josh Groban's Awake - which always inspires me while writing about swords. And all this is fun, but it isn't getting me anywhere with my pirate book. 

 To write that one I need to set sail on the sea. I plan to visit Treasure Island, watch the first three Pirate movies, but I can't do both at once, as I thought I could. My head is too full of swords, rangers, castles, dragons. And while I do love the pirate book and the ideas I have for it, if I work on it now it or The Broken Blade will flop. And I don't wish to do that to either book. Therefore, since swords and castles have been most on my mind, it is the pirates who must suffer, sadly. So, again, I'm very sorry to everyone who voted - and I thank you for your votes - but it must be delayed or ruined. 

 Now, as I've said before, The Broken Blade is going to be slowly written, one day a week or so. Therefore, to make up for hiding the pirate book, and to give me something more to work on, I am going to reveal another series. This book has been rewritten about ten times, no joking, and has been getting worked on for about five years. It started as a game I would play with my neighbor, then was written on a blog where my sister read it and insisted I make it into a book. This will  be, I say this so often I can only hope, the last and final rewrite. It is the first in a series of three. 

 All of that said, I will now give you a chance to revote on which character you would like revealed tomorrow - and again apologize for those who voted for the pirate book and for putting up two posts in one day. I shall skip a day this week to make up for it. 

 I am still working on setting things up, but here is the site for the new book. HEMLOCK. Click there and you can find out a little about the book, and learn of its title. Now, to list the new characters you can vote for. 

 I will still keep up Striker and Ryder-Adair. But I am now adding two from the new book. And I will add another girl since Kitty is off the list. 



 So, vote away, and you have my word I won't be changing books again. 

 I won't tell you what this quote is from because you should know. And if you don't, go and watch The Lord of the Rings, NOW!




  1. OOH!! :D Either one would be great! ;) But..... Maddock?? Pretty please??? :)
    (p.s. Are you still going to have Quintin? *give Jack Halt's expression (you know the one with one eye raised higher than the other?)* If not....I shall go in a corner and start crying.) :D

  2. I totally understand about working on two things at once... I can't read more than two or three books at a time and I shudder at the thought of writing two different things at the same time! (Don't tell my NaNo novel from last year, but I've been planning this year's NaNo novel.... Shhhh).
    This other series sounds very interesting! I look forewards to reading about progress on both series.
    Hmm... As for a character... I'd still like to hear about Striker.

    AH! You used a Lord of the Rings quote! I actually just read that part in The Fellowship!


    (Just in case you didn't already know, I love Maddock. <3 <3 <3)

    Also, woohoo!!! I loooooove Hemlock!! One of your best books ever!!! (Tied with Peter's, I think. :D)


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