Thursday, May 24, 2012

"The last guy was up here for 12 years." "And then they let him go?" "No, he blew off in a wind storm. He was never seen or heard from again."

 Good verses Evil.

 I sometimes post about this. It is something I often think about. That question that will always play on my mind. What makes some books Classics we still read and love and others fade out a year after they've been printed?

 I once said it was the characters, and that is part of it. We just love the characters. Ones that are like us. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. But there is more to it then this. I think. 

 In the world we live in now, evil is being seen as good. I went to see The Grey with my family, something I'm still displeased about. We all agree we should have walked out on that movie and are ashamed we did not. But, in this movie, every other word was a swear word. The characters over and over repeated how God did nothing for them. And in the end they all die. And many people liked this movie, the hero was seen as good because he cursed God. So, yes, in our world, good is becoming bad and bad good. 

 But, I don't think it is quite there yet. Think about the Classics, things people still love. The Hobbit. Narnia. The Lord of the Rings. Which movie just out sold every movie before it? The Avengers. 

 The Hunger Games just came out as well. Everyone was talking about this and I've not read the book, but I know what the stories are about. Everyone likes the first book, few like the last. Why? Good doesn't necessarily win. 

 Now, I'm not saying in our world good always wins. It will in the end, but right now, sometimes evil wins. Sometimes people are killed. Terrible things happen. People die in sorrow. Some never get happy endings. And everyone knows it. So, with this knowledge, why is it that everyone is looking forward to The Hobbit? Why did The Avengers out sell The Hunger Games? Isn't The Hunger Games more real life? Sorrow and grief and loosing things you love? Why will Twilight fade over time but The Lord of the Rings be passed down and down probably until the world ends?

 Good vs. Evil. Humans want to believe good will win in the end. Good won in the end of The Avengers. You knew who were the good guys and who were bad - though the good guys aren't as good as in the old comics. Gray characters are fun, but in the end, we like the gray characters to turn good. We want endings to be happy, or at least to have the heroes win. The Lord of the Rings had a sad ending, but there was still a feeling of victory for us. Good had won. The enemy was defeated. 

 And I think this is what makes books last. Because deep down, every person wants a happy ending. And they all want a hero who is worthy of the title.

 Anyhow, before I go I will leave you with this which I got from the post LUCKY SEVEN. I guess it is like a tag, but it looked fun so I stole it. Therefore, I think all of you should steal it from me and do it, oh and leave a comment on my blog so I can go and read yours. Because that would be cool.

 Now, here are the rules.

 1. Go to page 7 or 77 of your current manuscript.

 2. Go to line 7

 3. Post on your blog the next 7 lines or sentences  as they are.

 4. Tag 7 people to do the same.

 I won't be tagging because, as I said, I stole it and if I have become a thief all of you should be forced to join me.

 I'm taking my seven lines from Haphazardly Implausible. I'm doing page 77 since page 7 is in the chapter I've already revealed and I'm not that evil.

 And here it all is!

 Quietly fitting it into the lock, he gripped a piece of wood in his other hand. He had found it under the trunk. It looked like one of the legs, which is why he had missed it the first time he had gone over the room. Working quickly, he shoved the key in the lock and shoved open the door, ramming the piece of wood in the guard's back before he had a chance to react. 

 "Not a sound!" he hissed in his ear. "Or you will regret it!" He was going to say, "Or you'll be dead," but he didn't feel right about lying and doubted he could kill anyone with a piece of wood. Not that he was wanting to try. 

 The guard chuckled softly but Peter didn't let it get to him. He had doubted this would work. Tony had told him once that if a person was able to find something the right shape of a pistol barrel then it would be easy to convince someone they had a pistol at their back. He hadn't believed it and now he prepared himself to be locked back up in his room. 

 "You won't kill me," the guard said and Peter did his best to keep his jaw from dropping. He had a piece of wood in Darcy's back!

 "Oh, and why won't I?" he demanded, trying to hide his surprise - and concern. 

 "Because the moment you pull the trigger the whole crew will be down on you."

 Peter had prepared for this, for once thinking ahead. "So? I'm too valuable to kill. They will just get a new guard and lock me up again. But you, it won't go as well for you."

 So, there you have it. And now that this post is extra long I will close.

 I took the quote today from The Lord of the Beans. Which is a fun movie to watch if you need a good laugh. And if you love sporks, like me.




  1. I like this post. A lot. :) and I have to tell you! The cap America joke was "acting like his own personal flying monkeys"..... It's a refference to The Wizzard of Oz!!!!!!!!!!! :D I just saw it yesturday for the second time and he said "flying" monkeys! Wow. Now it makes MUCH more sense!!! :D

    And I'll send you a link for the interview. :) so funny!

    Molly and I just keep thinking of what would happen if Maddock fell into a lake with a bunch of his rocks in his pocket! 0.0 hehe!

    Anna ;)

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  3. I was thinking about doing a blog post on this exact topic. I've been thinking about good vs. evil lately. Everyone knows that beating children is bad, yet the TV shows that pull people in and make them watch more are the ones about the parents hurting their children.
    It's so sad. We have to change this world.

    Hee hee I saw the title of this blog post and smiled inside. I love Lord of the Beans! "I lost my baby, my baby elf..."

  4. Willow says: I have finally gotten around to commenting! yay! :)

    oh, yes, yes, sanity is so dreadfully boring, I think, but sometimes insanity can be just a tad overwhelming.

    yes, yes, yes, you so should! that would be quite the hilarious situation. it was so awkwardly funny after I said that to him, but it all worked out for good! :)

    how are you doing, jack? I haven't talked to you in ageeessssssss :(

  5. I totally agree with you about The Hunger Games and The Avengers. While the Hunger Games was all about standing up against evil, the Avengers was about standing up to evil and winning. And everyone loves a happy ending...

  6. Oh yes, I think about that a lot, too. Like, sometimes I'm tempted to be more 'realistic,' but it's true that good does eventually win in the end. This discussion could probably fill a whole book -- I wouldn't be surprised if someone has already written one. Really really good post.

    And I love the quote! I love Lord of the Beans :)

  7. I think this is very true. Good needs to come out winning, no matter how squashed it gets during the story.

    I do think it needs to be realistic. The Hunger Games doesnt' have a totally "Good-Wins" ending, but it had the truth that evil is never fully defeated. And honestly, it can never be fully defeated till God defeats it.

    I liked your post! Sorry for rambling. ;)



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