Monday, May 14, 2012

"More!" "Why did you do that?!" "I liked it, I want more." "Well, next time just ask nicely. No more smashing, deal?"

 I revealed a spoiler last week. (<- click there if you want to see it.) Unless you looked at that spoiler, this Music Monday might not make a lot of sense. But, I'm sure everyone has heard of Owl City, but if you haven't this is a song by Adam Young who is the singer of the Owl City band. My sister is a huge Owl City geek and she got me liking his music. I've always liked this song, but now it reminds me of two of my characters. Whom I won't disclose but if you look at the picture in the spoiler post I'm sure you can guess 8-D



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  1. I love this song so much. For the longest time after I first got it on my iPod it made me think of visiting you. I have no idea why. xD


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