Thursday, May 03, 2012

"She said she'd like to go out with you...for texting, and scones." "You've never done this before, have you?" "No."

 This might be a long post  but I feel the need to post a long one because I've been bouncing about like a rubber ball all week. Why, you might ask? What could be so wonderful that it would have me dancing about, running about, jumping up and down, grinning like a goon? Simple....this. 

 Now you know the extent of my geekiness. I will confess though, at first I was annoyed with these Avengers because when I would say Avengers I was meaning Steed and Mrs. Peel. But now I like both, I mean, how can you not? (I mean, I can see why the guys like it. Fighting, cool battles, and cool super heroes. And the girls like all the dashing men, especially when they take their shirts off. *I saw Thor in the theature and when he walked out without his shirt the girls made some kind of gasping sound*)

 My reasons for liking it, well, has to do with the battles of course. I always like a good battle. But, I also like the characters. I like Thor, Tony...I LOVE Hawkeye. How can you not like him? He's like a modern day Robin Hood, and I love bows. Oh, and I like Colson too. I don't know why, I thought he was a bad guy in the first Iron Man. I kept hoping Pepper would hit him with her purse. Then he was helping Tony at the end and I thought he was cool. Since then he's only grown cooler - at least in my oppinon.

 So, anyhow, I was talking to my cousin - whom I will call Sheen on here for weird reasons that comes with being a part of my family. We got on the subject of the Avengers, being as he had seen Thor the night before, and somehow by the end of the conversation we decided we had to go see the Avengers together. (Sheen and I are eight or so years a part but since we both act about ten or there abouts the age difference doesn't bother us.) Now, my brothers and Sheen and his sister (Libby) and I are best friends and if Sheen and I plan a movie we have to drag the others along with us. Though, I should mentioned, they didn't do any protesting about coming.

 After much debate, and persuading our parents we just HAD to go see it on Friday, we won. Now Sweetie, Junior, and I are all headed down to my cousins tomorrow evening to go to dinner and the Avengers and hopefully spend the night at their house. (Hey, one is never too old for sleep overs.) So, I've been bouncing off the walls all week from excitement. I think I embarrass my family when we walk into Walmart and I seen The Avengers poster and jump up and down, clapping my hands. Oh well.

 However, this post isn't just a geek rant about men who run about earth fighting an evil demi-god. Though, that is its main purpose. (This isn't a post to make a lot of sense. I've been high strung all week and then I ate a VERY sugary doughnut today. Now my hands are shaking and I feel like I could write about ten things at once, while jogging. Sorry if there are more spelling mistakes in here then usual. Dyslexia and sugar aren't the best mixes in the world.)

 Now, where was I? Oh yes, book updates and all that. Well, for my next will be...PIRATES! Here is their special page. You can read about the plot there, and the title. (Title is likely to change when I come up with a better one. Characters will be revealed over time.) Pirates!

 I have a couple friends coming over this evening. They think they might be able to help with a cover. I will drag you through this process so you can see the cover slowly come to life. In fact, that will be tomorrow's post, unless you rather I do another post on the Avengers.
 I sat down today and looked up other Steampunk book covers so I will have some idea of what I want, what is popular now, and what is achievable. (That's why they're coming over, actually. To tell me if the cover I want is even possible or if I need something else.) Tomorrow I will show you the covers I found and the ones I like. (I will also have a kind of spoiler for you. No wait, it is a huge, I didn't think I had it in me to do a big spoiler. Be proud.)

 I will  be starting The Broken Blade soon. Once I have a beginning. (Those are kind of needed). The Pirates! has been started.

 My sewing is almost done, so I will have pictures of that tomorrow as well. That's a nice Friday Feature, eh? Pictures? (All I have to do to finish my sewing is put a zipper in the last skirt. So glad, I never remember how much I dislike sewing till I start it.) After the sewing is done, and I've gone to see The Avengers, then I will get back to social media work. (I needed a break before my brain burst.)

 And lastly, I had a request to tell what my quotes are from that I use in my titles, and it sounded like fun, so I decided to. Now you won't have to be as confused by the quotes. The last two were from The Avengers and Thor. I bet that surprised you.

Today's quote is from Doctor Who, The Wedding of River Song. And, because I'm feeling particularly talkative right now, I will go further. It is from a scene where the Doctor is telling Rory he should ask his boss, who is Amy in this show, on a date. (River was supposed to kill the Doctor but didn't, so time is all messed up and Rory and Amy aren't married, though they should be.) (And if you think that's confusing you should try watching the whole season. Moffat has a confusing mind.)

 And now I should go. Maybe for a run. A really fast run...


 Oh wait, P.S. I guest posted on Steamed!


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