Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Then I shall be repelling!" "You most certainly are!" "Don't push it, Cutie."

 One of my readers has contacted me, asking me to read her book. She has also said I can write a review about it on here when I'm done. If anyone else would like me to read your books and review them I would simply love it. But, anyhow, today I will be reviewing another book, since I've just started hers. 

 My cousin, Sheen and Libby's sister, got me started reading this series and this book, the first, has always been my favourite. The story is set in WWII Germany and tells about Josef and his wife Mady. Josef is a pastor who is angered by the things he sees going on around him, mostly the Hitler Youth. Some of the young men in his church have joined this and he takes it upon himself to make them aware of what is right and wrong. However, things change when he becomes involved in a kind of spy unit and joins two men in trying to save children who were born with deformities and are now being starved to death. 

 This book is very well written, though it is sad in many parts. Josef is an amazing character, a man who loves his wife though she only slightly likes him - she married him because it was expected of her. Everyone is standing against Josef, telling him he needs to keep quiet about his dislike of Hitler and what he is doing to Germany but Josef never backs down. Even when it lands him in a lot of trouble. 

 If you can find this book I would highly recommend buying it, or in the least reading it. It is no longer in print, but it is well worth a search for. The other two in the series are very good as well, though I didn't like them as much - but I had personal reasons for this I won't tell you about as it will give away the ending of this book. 

 So, have any of you ever read this book? How about a book set in WWII? What did you think? Did it change your outlook of the war?

 Today's quote is from Get Smart. It is taken from the episode where Max and 99 go on their honeymoon and end up strained on an island where Sigfried and Stakker are building a giant magnet to draw in the Navy's ships. The conversation is between Sigfriend and 99. He had just told she and Max of his plan, and of how he plans to push all the ships away from the island and use them to attack other ships. Usually Sigfriend calls 99 Cookie, so Sweetie and I have always loved this line. Though I don't think Max was pleased to have his mortal enemy call his new wife Cutie. 




  1. I love books set in the world wars. I'll have to remember this one. *writes down in mental list of books I need to someday read*

    I love the new look of the blog, by the way!

  2. WWII books- especially those based off of real people's stories- tend to border on the side of amazing in my mind. It's raw, and there's certainly no lack of heroism. I'll definately be looking for this one at the discount bookstore!

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