Monday, May 21, 2012

"They are his dancing monkeys." "Monkeys?" "I know! I...understood that reference."

  This song has nothing to do with the series that is now fumbling through life looking for a new title. This song is for The Broken Blade. It fits one of the characters, who you will learn about later. I've always liked this song, but it never fit any of my characters until now. 

 Also, I think this is a good time for a fast update. The cover is still on a bit of a stand still. I need to get in contact with everyone and work out days we can all meet and get pictures. Also, while we get the cover picture, I'm hoping to get some work done on the book trailer. I can't promise there will be one, but I'm working hard on getting one made. This, of course, starts with researching the most popular trailers out there. 

 If anyone likes to draw, and is board and wanting something to do over the summer, contact me, please 8-) I'm a rubbish artist and while I'm trying to improve I don't know if I will be improved enough in time. The things I want drawn are more on the simple side, and I will have rough sketches for the artist to go off. If interested and want more information please email me at

 Now I need to run off. I have chores to do, some editing, and more title searching. 

 Oh, but before I go. I set this up Good reads. You can now add my book, if you have an account. And if you have an account let me know, I'd love to add you 8-D (P.S. That is not the book's new title.)

 Today's quote is from The Avengers, which I got to see on the Imax, which everyone should do. Fury is talking to Thor, wanting to know how Loki was able to brain wash Hawkeye and that cool scientist. And Rodgers, who never gets any of the references anyone uses, almost jumps out of his chair when he gets this one. But everyone just stares at him like he is crazy and he kind of looks disappointed none of them were as pleased about it as he. 

 Now, for real. 




  1. O.O okay....I'm very slow. So thank you!!!!! :D Molly and I were SOOO confused why everybody laughed at the monkey joke with Cap. America...All we heard was something about monkeys, and we were like: "What's so funny about that??" hahahaha! I get it now! 'DANCING monkeys'! :D Like...a monkey-dancing-with-the-music-box dude! lol! Thanks for clarifying that! :D *A-bit-slow*

    (sorry for random comment that has NOTHING to do with your post....) :)


  2. The Phaaaaaaaaantom of the opera is here... inside my mind...
    Hee hee I couldn't resist. I love the music from The Phantom of the Opera! Although I have yet to see the actual play/movie.

  3. I love that song... I would love to put together a book trailer for some of my books, too, just for fun! Alas, never enough time.


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