Thursday, May 10, 2012

"This is like that time in Budapest." "You and I remember Budapest very differently."

 I'm sick with the flu. Hence the random and lack of normal posts. And, since this week is nearly over and I'm still sick, I decided to do one more random one. 

 Many people think it baffling I don't like romance. Ask those who are around me most. A character I like falls in love and I protest it till they are married. I fight till the very end, refusing to believe they are in love - usually it is a he. I don't let my characters fall in love. Apparently I'm good at writing romances, but I hate it. So, I've decided to announce my reason for disliking romance in stories and for not writing it. 

 Very often I like a character before any of my friends or family do. Examples, the Doctor, Hawyeye, Sherlock, Tintin, Peter from Narnia, Rory, Max, to name a few. I will talk about how cool these characters are and everyone will go, "They are grumpy! They are terrible!" And so forth. I like to look deeper into characters. Such as Tintin and Sherlock.

 Both of these two are very dull on first glance. They have no depth, so it seems. You have to look closer to find it, you have to study them and ask a lot of whys and what ifs. "Why do they act this way? What if this is the reason?" And the more I study them the more I like them. Then I will rush and share them with people I know. 

Two, because this picture makes me laugh

 "Look at this character! Isn't he amazing?" And the usual response. "Really? You really like him?" And then, to humor me, they will watch the movie they are in. And usually - aside from Sherlock and Tintin - they will go, "He's so sweet to the girl!" Or, "They needed a girl in there." And I'm left baffled. 

 The girl? They missed everything else? All over some small part where the girl smiles at him? There is so much more to them then that. Sure, some of them do go romantic, but there is so much more then the romance. There is the mystery, the possible reasons behind their gloom, their not fitting into normal molds. Isn't that much more fascinating then them smiling at a girl? I like complex characters, and I don't like that no one else notices their complexity just because there is a girl around. Or not around.

 So, that is why I dislike it. Also, because when a character falls in love he changes. He is more "open" and always missing his girl, thinking about her. Now, in one case this didn't change was Rory. Even after he married Amy  he was still the same cool Rory. "Crying Roman with a baby, definitely cool."

 This is also why I don't write romance as well. I did write romance once. But it got so annoying. All the time the men were going about, "I love her! She doesn't love me! I have to fight this war for her! Oh! She looked at me! My heart stopped!"

 Now, I'm not against romance. Such as, I'd never slug a chap for bringing me flowers. But I will slug the girl who looks goggle eyed at the boy character I like. I also know there are exceptions to this rule. *Pepper and Tony. Amy and Rory. River and the Doctor.* Some girls don't ruin the men's coolness, but not many. I admire any girl that can. But, in my opinion they are few and far between.

 And when I like a character before everyone else, I like to talk about his characteristics with them, not hear about how much he loves a girl. 

 Anyhow, now you know my deep, dark, character and disliking romance secret. And now I'm going to bed.

 *Quote taken from the Avengers. You never would have guessed, would you?)




  1. Oh no! I passed you my sickness through the computer! Sorry!
    Anyway, good blog post. =)

  2. Ha! This is funny! (Not just because of the quote which I loved in that movie) I see exactly what you mean. Suddenly the guy becomes all about the girl and he's all about her. I think it's true of life too that a relationship can almost consume you and maybe that's why it happens in books/movies. I loved your perspective.


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