Monday, May 14, 2012

"Well, let me know if 'Real Power' would like a magazine."

 Book Review Time!

 If anyone has books they would like me to review let me know! I like new book suggestions. 

 "You mustn't argue! Sure, this quest is sure to end with us all knifing each other, but you must control your tempers."

 (Sorry, rough quote)

 I feel in love with Narnia after the movie came out. My mum had read the Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe to my brothers and I but I didn't get the story, not till I saw it on the big screen. After that I read all the books and The Silver Chair reached my top favourite very fast. It had every thing I love, two kids, a quest, some swords, and a prince. Not to mention a gloomy character who liked to look on the bad side of everything. 

 Lewis' Step-son said Lewis based Puddleglum after one of his gardeners. Whenever someone would say something like, "This is such a nice day," he would reply with, "Yes, but it's likely to rain by noon."

 One of my favourite scenes in this book was when Jill was getting information from the giants. I could always picture her wandering about the castle, hands behind her back, eyes wide with wonder, rocking back and forth on her heels as she talks with the giants. Eustice and Puddleglum standing back, failing miserably at trying to look sweet and innocent and childish. 

 This is just a wonderful, magical adventure filled with marvelous characters. It is a world I will always return to, and an adventure I will never tire of. 

 *Sorry this post is a bit short. I'm taking the day off for my birthday. 8-)*




  1. First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

    Second, your title is one of my numerous favorite quotes from the Avengers! :D

    Third, I have lately come to really like Narnia! My favorites have got to be a tie -- Magician's Nephew and Horse and His Boy! :)

    Anna ;)

  2. I love the Silver Chair! My favorite Narnia book. :)

    And I love that quote from the Avengers. Probably one of Nick Fury's best (he didn't have a lot of good lines).

  3. Best book in the Narnia series!!!! I can't wait till they make it into a movie (Sadly the actor for Eustace is a little old...I wonder how they'll work that...)

    Puddleglum is the best character. An optomistic pesimist! How cool is that!


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