Sunday, June 17, 2012

"Bring it on!" "Don't say that!"

 My family and I was watching the new Star Trek. We made it to the part where young Spock meets old Spock and my mum said, "I wonder what it would be like to meet my 100-year-old self."

 All of us went silent for a moment, then began to snicker. I lost it when my dad said, "It would be like meeting dirt." We all missed the next few lines of the movie because we were too busy laughing.
 This song was found by Clair. She said it made her think of Zeppelin's sailing the skies and I have to agree. It makes me want to sail in a Zeppelin at least. 8-D
 If all goes as planned, some friends of mine will begin the filming of my trailer tomorrow evening. I will be going up with them and will get some pictures of their work so you can see. I'll also be providing most of the costumes as well as the swords. The pistols we will be posing with I had to borrow.

 My friend who will be doing the filming is starting out in photography. He is brilliant, I think. I love his animal pictures. (I can't show you yet because he doesn't have his blog up yet. But as soon as he does I will be sure and share the link so you can see all of his pictures.)

 I will talk more about this when the actual filming is done, when his blog is up, and when I have pictures to share. So, maybe all this on Thursday.

 And don't forget to vote! At the moment Hogan is ahead. And please vote on the sidebar thing. I hate to be a pain, but if you vote in the comments I might loose your vote, which would be rubbish for the one who voted. And if you vote in the comment and on the voting thing...Well, I might end up counting a vote twice. So save my poor brain all the extra work and vote there 8-D

 Also! You still have a chance to enter the cover CONTEST!!!!! Make sure entries are emailed to me, or linked to me, by the 27th!!!
 This quote is from Grimm. In this episode, Monroe is kidnapped and is being forced to fight in some kind of Gladiator game. He is being beaten when Nick shows up to save him, and offers to take his place. Nick and he defeat their foe, but then the watchers move in to attack them.

 Nick urges them to come, yelling, "Bring it on!" And, looking at him as if he has gone insane, Monroe yells back, "Don't say that!"

 This is my favourite Episode 8-D
 Does the song make you want to sail the skies with Air Pirates? What other songs remind you of Steampunk?
 Sorry, no pictures today. I'm too sick to try and find any, so you will have to go without today. 




  1. Wow, exciting things happening, eh? Sounds fun! So is it like a "book" trailer your filming for?

    PS I think you're pretty amazing to put up pictures all the time!! I get so annoyed trying to get photos on my blog posts, sometimes I just give up! :P

  2. Hope all goes well with your trailer!
    Meeting dirt - funny.

  3. Filming a book trailer - neat! Can't wait to see it when you're finished. :D

  4. This song is very exciting. :D Makes me want to re-read all your books. :D


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