Friday, June 08, 2012

"Coulson Lives! Fury Lies."

 While babysitting, one of the twins came up to me and said seriously, "Can I ask you one question?" 

 "Yes," I answered. 

 Still serious she said, "When will we get a real babysitter who will be here with us by ourselves." 

 "I am your babysitter," I told her. 

 "No," she said, "you aren't big enough."

 "Big enough?" I pressed, enjoying her conversation now. "You mean, tall enough?"

 "Yes, as tall as my dad. You cannot be our babysitter until you are as tall as he is."

 "What if I'm never that tall?" I asked. 

 "Then you are our cousin."
 So, today, as promised, I reveal a character sketch done by the wonderful Clair. Again, you can find her blog HERE. In fact, I was just there and saw she had a picture up from one of her books. Really, you should go look, it is amazing and you can have some idea of what an amazing artist she is. (I really am honoured to have her doing this, there are really no words for it.)

 Now, for more pictures, then I will show the progress which lead up to the character's picture. (I'm doing pictures because I am really tired, and pictures take less brain work. And this is a long post, so you can have something to read over the weekend while I sleep.) (These are all pictures I've collected and stored on my computer. Enjoy my randomness!)

This is an inspiring picture. I have stories planned for this. 

Poor Luke, if only he had signed.

Doctor Who: The Doctor to his friend Craig's baby son (He can speak baby): "No, he's your dad! You can't just call him Not Mum!" Craig: "Not Mum?" Doctor: "That's you. Also Not Mum, that's me. And everyone else is... Peasants. That's a bit unfortunate."

This is just funny, end of story.

Did anyone else stay through all the credits to see this part? I missed it the first time, it is worth staying for, so funny and random.

More Doctor Who. (For those of you who don't know, the two on either side of him are his future mother and father-in-law. {This is something that is all Timy Whimy, so you should watch the show to get it.})

At least he won't have to feed them anymore.

Doctor Who, this episode was sad, sweet, and funny all in one. And had a cool poem, the above, in it.

This is the version my kids will learn if I have any.

No comment

(P.S. Those who own bows, don't shoot them sideways. I know you won't believe me and will go and try it now, but trust me, it hurts. {If you do feel the need to try it, wear long sleeves 8-D})

No comment again

Doctor Who, I love this line. I'm part of Hermits United you know.

Max and 99 (If you've seen the show, wonder with me. Why he is so much taller then her in this picture?)

I stole this from Josh Groban's Twitter. Isn't that the cutest dog you've ever seen?!

That moment 3D glasses became cool. (Doctor Who)

Reminds me of that pick up line.

I own this sword.

Yes, again.

Cool, creepy scene!! The best season of Sherlock

Gears are cool

Sorry, but this cracks me up

Again, no comment

More Sherlock. He has a weird sense of humor.

So long, America! Here I come, Britain!

Do you know what's up?!

My new computer background. Enough said

Coolest cover ever

Cool book series

Second coolest movie cover

  This is from the second season. It didn't really play out like this, but this made my sister and I laugh for weeks. Poor Sherlock, at least he tried. 

 So, one night my sister and I decided we would pick all the actors we wanted to be in the movie they made of my book. (It was late, we were giggling, and high strung.) So, here is what she thinks Peter looks like, (and apparently she isn't the only one. Clair, before I sent her a description, drew Peter looking like this actor 8-D So I'm thinking this is what Peter really looks like.)

 This is how I guess I've always pictured Peter, looking just like his names sake.

And now! This is the first sketch Clair sent me. This was when her scanner was broken.

And now! I present to you Peter Jones! (Who doesn't wish me to disclose his middle name until the third book when someone in the book reveals it.)

 Now, you get to vote for who will be revealed next week. 

 1: Captain Hogan

 2: Isidore Thaddeus Reichmann

 3: Captain Shamus Steed

 (Steed votes for himself.)

 If you want to learn more about the characters you can read their profiles HERE. So, cast your votes!
 So, what do you think of Peter? Is he how you imagined him? Do you know who the Doctor is? Did you stay through the end credits of The Avengers? Don't you want that puppy?
 The line today isn't really a quote, but a band of people who apparently, like me, hold to the hope that Fury lied about Coulson's death to get the Avengers to work together. This makes me happy. Maybe if enough people believe him alive someone will get the hint and bring him back in the next movie. 



  1. That was a lot of morphing! Go for Captain Hogan next.
    And losing Hobbits in the tall grass was funny.

  2. I love the pictures of Peter! And the shadow. I think shadows are awesome. (But that's just me being weird.)

  3. Nooo! I didn't see that last bit in The Avengers!(So devastated right now...)

    I vote for Isidore Thaddeus Reichmann, the detective guy. (Yes, I did my research.)

    I had to laugh at all your pictures, so very funny. Have fun sleeping your weekend away. :P Have you seen the newer Sherlock Holmes??

  4. Loved Avengers! Those pics are great, and I already anticipate the DVD. :-)

    Sherlock is awesome! I am almost done with S2 and my only complaint is that there are not MORE episodes. *sigh*

    That baby-sitting story = too cute!

    Fun post!

  5. I missed the part after the credits too!!!! NOOOO!!! (ah, I think it's still playing, an excuse to go see it again). Oh my gosh these pictures were funny! Thank you for brightening my day. Loved the google ones. Jeez, loved them all! Hobbits in tall grass! Hawkeye! Dr Who... timy whimy... and of course the best, let me guess was the particular twin mentioned Anne??? My silly girls!

  6. Jack,

    LATE! Is the hour of this reply. (See what I just did there? I semi-quoted Saureman {"Saureman" NOT "scaremonger", grammar edit-er!})

    I too like long comments! I try to pass on the greatness of them whenever possible.

    ;) Yay! Good ol' HSB. Ah, yes...I should start signing my posts as Rosie....for old time's sake. :D

    1/4 of the way through eh??? You're probably further now though. Took me forever to comment back! :-/ I would ask you if you had gotten to such-and-such a scene.....but then if you hadn't.....yeah.

    Well, truth be told, the first TSP book IS from Marguerite's point of view. :-/ Annoying, I know. But TRUST me!!! The ending is WELL worth the wait!!! :D My favorites scenes are a scene right in the middle of the book with Percy and Marguerite (<3 <3 <3) and the whole last third of the book. *sigh* So great!

    Oh goody! And have you seen the movies titled "Horatio Hornblower"? Because you should watch the first one (titled "The Duel"). The villain is Richard Armitage. Which is odd, but great! From watching Robin Hood, you should know he can act a bad-guy well (although I Guy of G. a leeeettle bit...)

    Yay!!! I shall be on the lookout for thine letter!

    I shall stop this novel now.



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